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Most Important Blog Post You'll Ever Read

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Meat and Potatoes of Public Policy in Encinitas 2010

A vitally important municipal committee with citizen participation is about to begin at Encinitas City Hall; an update of the City of Encinitas General Plan.

What is a General Plan?
The General Plan is the City’s blueprint of adopted policies that collectively allow the City Council, City Staff and City Planners to administer growth in an organized, productive and legal way.

This General Plan Update is the first attempt at changing zoning and land-use policies since the General Plan was first adopted in 1989.

Because a majority of the homes and businesses and services that will be affected by the changes ultimately adopted and implemented as a result of this 2 year committee action are located in New Encinitas; and because 7/8ths of the folks appointed to the GP Update Advisory Group do not live or work in New Encinitas; we will be observing the weekly and monthly progress of this ad hoc committee closely; because the “advice” this committee ultimately forwards to the Encinitas City Council will become “law” or policy that will effect all of the City for another 20 years.

The first GP Update Meeting is this Monday evening at City Hall.

Primary Function of GP Update Advisory Committee is Communication
The City of Encinitas Official Agenda info states about this Monday’s meeting,”…the primary function of the group will be for Members to report back to their constituents, solicit feedback and build consensus and support…”

The Specific Issues that the 2 Year GP Update Advisory Committee will entertain are, “…sustainable communities, healthy communities, climate change, storm water cleansing, green building, walk-ability, recycling, waste reduction and traffic circulation.”

Major Land-Use Changes
“Major land changes are not proposed as part of the GP Update unless dictated by policies…” and “the Update will evaluate (3) land-use alternatives to address affordable housing and green-house gasses…”

GP Update Advisory Group Calendar

GPAC Meetings in 2010, all 6:30pm-8:30pm (Poinsettia Room)
1. January 11
(Following are all tentative dates)
2. April 14
3. May 12
4. Sept.20
5. Nov.15

Public Workshops in 2010
a) Community-Specific, all 6:00pm-8:00pm and all on weekdays in mid
to end March 2010 (tentative dates)
1. March 15 (Monday)
2. March 16 (Tuesday)
3. March 18 (Thursday)
4. March 22 (Monday)
5. March 23 (Tuesday)

b) Community-Wide, all 9:00am-1:00pm and all on Saturdays
6. May 1
7. October 16

Additional outreach efforts are planned and meetings will City
Council/Planning Commission will occur throughout this process. Note
that this is a two-year process and events are planned in 2011.

We will attend Monday evening’s Organizational Meeting and report back in the next E Blast, January 15th, 2010.


  1. Is this Mike Andreen's blog?

  2. One hopes that early on the quality of life issues named, plus resiliency and simply the public good will not always be dismissed in favor of private profit. Nationally, the corporate takeover of our democracy is frightening. We must stand up for these things in our community.

  3. It is ok to be taken over if it is in the name of a good cause.

  4. Were is all this information on the city's website?

  5. Is this Mike Andreen's blog?

  6. Several corrections needed in the the wave blog item.
    1. The Encinitas General Plan is, in effect, the constitution of the City. Remember, it is the constitution.
    2. The update isn't the first attempt at changing zoning and land-use policies. The various city councils have been doing piecemeal changes since 1989. The dates of the changes can be found on the title page of each General Plan section (element).
    3. The primary function for the advisory committee is to take what the city gives them and present the propaganda to residents. That is the build consensus and support part.
    This city/consultant/advisory committee process is one-sided.
    While the planning department may give lip service to the "want everyone involved", expect the General Plan update to be manipulated by the planning department as they have done with other plans.

  7. So, what is it that the Planning Department wants?

  8. beef with mike? take it outside.

  9. Is this Mike Andreen's blog?

  10. Yes, it is Mike's blog.

  11. Mike's blog called the WAVE.... phfff.

    It should be called backward ass marketing strategy for a pavement laden gridlocked corridor. Just the way Mike likes it. Waves implies Ocean or beach...something Mike hates.

    Don't tell any of the members of mike's new new new chamber that he opposes any kind of improvements that would help the pedestrians....

    Its obvoius Mike love to act like he lives in Wall E world. Check out the plump waste line. And I mean WASTE line.

  12. JP...time to moderate...don't take the bait!

  13. Moderate? It seems to be a given that Andreen would receive and deserve whatever abuse is being offered, considering his pointed efforts to halt our well deserved and long waited improvements.
    He has done bad and mean things.
    It is not easy to unring that bell.

  14. Boo Hoo. Get over it. You got 4A, now you can't bash the roundabout "haters" you need another target. You sound like a broken record.

  15. Your right... we have to quite bring up all the truths about Mike.

    Fat, bad for business, liar, and deceitful.... think I'm lying? ask Maggie or anyone else down at City Hall or the real chamber what she thinks about Mike.

    Mike made his bed, not its time to lay in it. I feel no pity for the fool.

  16. 8:31
    Andreen deserves a lot more abuse than he has gotten here. He is bad for Encinitas and it is fair that all should know it.
    He has cost the city a huge amount of money and frustration.
    He is bad news.

  17. Amen to 8:31. Andreen is a pain in the ass and much more. I hope the City doesn't give him money for HIS Chamber of Commerce.

  18. High speed rail on the way... Sink Leucadia Now ! Street Scape 101 in now a joke compared to how double tracks for 24/7 freight and high speed rail will impact the town. Get the Fed $$ Now !

  19. What is with global warming being at the top of seemingly every city plan - this is getting absurd.

    How about cutting spending on global issues to free up $ to do things like pave the streets and make them safe to walk on - many more lives have been harmed or lost to our 3rd world roads then will ever be taken by this greenhouse hype.

    Maybe I am alone and can see through the Goldman Sachs effort to ride this religious like GW hysteria to establish their carbon credit trading casino - but for my city to be obsessed with such folly while there are real revenue and safety issues at stake is intolerable.

    Please flame away if you are a taxpayer or property owner.



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