Monday, January 25, 2010

Narrows and Curves

Cardiff locals declare road not curved or narrow enough.

Two tools of traffic calming are narrowed lanes and shortened lines of sight.


  1. I agree, but why does the link reference the Columbia Missouri information? Why not refer Encinitas traffic calming information at

  2. Obviously a bad curve and the cars screech on the spots with repairs. Looks like a little grit and dirt washes into that curve as well.

    And, wow, how about that document from Encinitas, 102 pages. My favorite is page 14.

    Maybe the document from Missouri is simpler and more direct with only 5 pages?

    What if the city buys an old cop car and parks at the curve permanently?

    Or, make it one lane alternating with stop lights?

  3. How many accidents do you see at that location? I can't rememebr one! The curve on Manchester in front of the college is the one that people drive off of all of the time.

  4. Glad to see they put that video up on Youtube. I saw it at a city meeting. (I know, I need to get a life). Something's wrong when there's that many squeeling tires on that narrow road - and it probably is much worse when a camera isn't around. And God forbid anyone with a stroller happens to be arond that blind bend. But the other guy is right about the place in front of the college too. (If it's a guy.)
    Maybe they should put a yellow sign that pictures: "Strollers Ahead". Or just "OMG! Strollers"

  5. maybe i'm missing what this has to do with ANYTHING.
    1. tires are squealing due to the cheep-ass patches on that road... not speed.
    2. sure there are nutty drivers so i'm missing the point that this has to do with a curved road. i've been nearly driven off roads by careless drivers that are straight as a texas highway.
    3. all that filming and not a single accident? sort of disappointing, i wanted one good pile up at the end, that's what makes a good youtube video!

  6. Is there a point to this post? I am missing it.

  7. Unfortunate that all you Cardiff Hijackers of this site need to realize that your speeders are your neighbors.

  8. almost every street in Encinitas has complaints of speeders. So why is this more important, because they took a video and posted it on u-tube. This is an issue that needs to resolved city wide.

  9. Still don't understand why this is important. Most streets in Cardiff are narrow and people make due. We don't want sidewalks as that would mean the CIty would have to use eminent domain to take away property from homeowners to make the streets less narrow. Leave it as it is. The post makes no sense, unless there is a motive that i don't know about.

  10. 1. Now try cycling home from college up that hill, just around the blind turn... Protip: try it at night for extra points.
    2. Tire squeal has much more to do with tire compound than speed. Some ZR rated rubber could rip that turn at 45, and all you'd hear is turbo whine.
    3. That curve invites drifting because of it's curvature and incline. It's like Laguna Seca. May as well sell your crib and call it a day....or maybe just stop working out on that porch treadmill....yeah, I see you!


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