Sunday, January 31, 2010

Open Space Purchase!

Good news, bad news.

Part of this bluff at the corner of Piraeus and La Costa has been purchased by SANDAG for habitat mitigation. Although there is a majority on the Council who have made campaign promises of purchasing habitat for natural resource conservation and recreation, the current city council has a weak record of open space preservation.


  1. Hope no bad vibes come off this sale. What did SANDAG offer in return? What did Encinitas offer in return?

  2. Three story along El Camino Real.... sounds like a good deal to me.

  3. I heards da undagroun hunnycomb homes be cummin...

  4. It will be "medium height" in the El Camino Real corridor. This will be 4 to 7 stories!! Three stories or less is considered "low." I had to struggled to get this information out of SANDAG when it held its open house in Encinitas.

  5. What a great resource!


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