Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pacific View Declared Surplus

A committee declares Pacific View surplus.

Here is the article.

Here is their report.

There is a School Board meeting tonight on the subject.


  1. Please, Please, Please attend the Encinitas School District board meeting tonight and let them know what you think of them selling off the Pacific View property to developers.
    I just don't understand how everyone in Encinitas gets all fired up about choping down trees or letting dogs run in their parks, yet NO ONE seems to care that a large area of downtown, that belongs to the people of this city, (yes, YOU!) is about to be sold off and developed.
    Come on folks, get off your butts and do something about this before it's too late.
    Bob, this city misses you.

  2. The school district needs the revenue for our kids now. It would be great if the City would buy the land and develop a park, but most Encinitas residents seem unwilling to pay for park development.

  3. Change_The_EUSD_BoardJanuary 20, 2010 12:19 AM

    Dear Anon. 2:42,

    You are simple. Or just gullible. Or both. Selling a prime piece of real estate in a market that's at a historic low is idiotic. The district (read: school board members Strich & Skiljan) want to sell PV in order to help pay for construction of a fee-for-service pre-school on their Quail Gardens Drive property. This, too, is idiotic, since well-established pre-schools in the area are having trouble filling seats (just ask the YMCA, the coolest pre-school facility around, yet less than half full). Selling the property would result in proceeds of a few million dollars, not even the equivalent of one full year's budget for the district. Yet certain board members can argue with straight faces that it's an imperative. It's almost insulting to the electorate, but luckily there's an election just ten months away. They should not be allowed to make bad financial decisions in order to enshrine their names on a pre-school wall plaque.

  4. Name calling is not necessary. Pacific View is too small for a school site. I object to the School District using my tax dollars to keep surplus property. I have been involved with this issue for many, many years and am not a simple-minded NIMBY.

  5. How can you say it is too small for a school when there was a school at the site for decades?

  6. I taught there for years. It is too small for a school site. Ten acres is necessary for a full K - 6 school that is able to meet the needs of a diverse student population. The 3 acres at Pacific View will only serve 160 students. Small can be good, but the PV site is too small .


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