Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Streetscape council meeting reactions

Did you attend the big city council streetscape meeting or watch it on tv or watch the live webcast?

What is your reaction? Please post your thoughts in the comments section.

(please be respectful to people with opposing opinions)

*The NCT has already posted it's story online click to read.


  1. Why did Dan Dalagar find out TODAY that he was not able to attend this meeting? Why didn't he or staff figure that out sooner?

    I hope that the Council votes for 4A even though he is not there.

  2. I missed why Dan is not there, what happened?

  3. Danny boy lives within 500' of the proposed street scape project and is legally prohibited by state law.

  4. That actually sucks that he can't be part of something this important.

  5. I was there. It lasted way too long! It didn't get over until 1205 am. And yes the copuncil decided to go with 4a. Theresa made a motion to figure some of it out later, like what intersections really need roundabouts. And they were talking about a trail back-in parking area on second street.

  6. It definitely went way too long and for those of us that attended the prior meetings/workshops, it would have been ok to just skip to the chase.

    For the red-shirted crowed, fear was clearly their principal motivation and i don't think any of them had particularly persuasive arguments against 4a.

    i hope that the knuckleheads on the city council don't mess with 4a so much that they end up making
    the advocates of both plans unhappy.

  7. sounds like you are afraid of compromise.

  8. Reason prevailed after midnight.
    Why Danny, after knowing of the date on this decission for many months, found out he would not be involved with the process, had to back out within a hour of the meeting, smells funny. Not good, funny.
    The anti people, identifiable by red shirts and anti4a signs, were out numbered by the majority of knowledgeable crowd. That did not stop them from waveing their signs in the air after every speaker, as if that fiftyith time was going to change everyone's mind and ignore the fact that 4a was the best option. It showed that the anti group was not well aware of what the options were. After hearing the detailed
    comparissons of the plans, they were steadfast in their belief that the most efficient option would somehow cause more bypass traffic on side streets and would cause gridlock, when certainly the opposite was true.
    Thanks go out to all who aided in being informed and involved. Thanks to the city, city staff, L101, LTC, caring individuals for getting us through this process.
    We should be proud of of our efforts.
    Thank you city council.
    This is a good morning for Leucadia.

  9. So true: "bypass traffic on side streets and would cause gridlock, when certainly the opposite was true."

    The knowledgeable people know that traffic is going to be sent back to the I5 parking lot.

  10. I agree. Don't mess with the 4A. Adopt it and have a great streetscape.

  11. Once implemented Leucadia can never call ourselfs the ugly step child.

    Thanks council for moving in the right direction.

  12. Why did the anti 4A people have to be so disrespectful and disruptive? Their behavior was rude.

    Our hero today is Jerome Stocks. He voted for 4A, and if not for him the Council would have been deadlocked.

    The Goat is Jim Bond. He needs to retire - he is too old to comprehend change.

    Good Day for Leucadia.

  13. Let the tree planting begin.

    I know it will take a few months to begin, but hey, spring is around the corner.

    It's a new dawn for Leucadia.

    It is a great community because of its citizens and groups and their involvement.

    Active, diverse, intelligent, well infomed citizens.

    Praise the blog! the blow by blow coverage of the meeting deserves an emmy or pulitzer or whatever!

    The blog and all participants pro/con are making Leucadia a better place. It is our "paper' (such an old term) of record.

    ...and damn fun to read!

  14. Congratulations to not only Leucadia but for democracy working in our fine City. Just hows it can be done.

  15. Thanks Dr. Lorri.

    Maybe there is hope?

  16. I truly believe that there is always hope, or I would have given up a long time ago. Leucadians stuck to it and persevered. In the end, you won a huge victory, not just for Leucadia, but for all of this community. I, for one, thank you. I also want to thank J.P for the play by play description of what went on. I was working so I could not be there. However, you packed the hall and you made it clear what YOU wanted. Whatever you did, you did it with non-violence and integrity. What a wonderful day in Encinitas. One question-How did Maggie vote?

  17. Jim Bond hates Leucadia, always has, always will. He has never voted to anything good for Leucadia and he is the champion of the anti 4A crowd. Rest assured they are not finished f'ing with Leucadia. They will continue with their evil plans and find ways to continue to hate the community in which they live.

    I see a lawsuit on the horizon....

    PS- the highlight of the night was hearing that the Los Angeles fire department endorsed plan 4A for safety. Cut Mr. Smith balls off and stuffed them in his mouth. Mr.Smith, you got some 'spain'n to do.

  18. Boycott the pannikin!!January 14, 2010 9:14 AM

    Boycott the Pannikin, home of the anti 4A crowd.

    The Pannikin does nothing for Leucadia and gives nothing back.

    Boycott Boycott Boycott

  19. Please boycott no one,

    Accept their opinion that they hold as their truthful feelings and agree to disagree.

    If we all agreed it would be a very very boring world.

    Disagree respectfully and appricate the businesses in Leucadia for what they are and the products they sell or serve.

    4a is the right answer, but diversity and civic involvment is what got us to the right answer.

  20. Dalager finally figured it out. He wanted to excuse himself at the march 11 meeting regarding the tree issue at Orpheus Park due to his residence proximity to the park. Then jumped right into the dog park expansion at Orpheus Park by seconding the expansion motion. Now he's out again. Out-In-Out.....

    Something smells and it's not just the dog poop at Orpheus Park

  21. Congratulations Encinitas/Leucadia. It has been interesting over the past couple of years to see the fear-mongering kick in, but then genuine facts (traffic flow, safety, fire-access etc) finally thwart that.
    I have been very impressed with the way most residents (well, those involved) did not automatically get sucked into this fear-mongering, but were open minded and took the time to attend presentations and speak with experts on the various aspects. Hey, we're a smart bunch !

    I read some of the 200+ pages of correspondence, and it seems the "anti-" group are very much centered around a small area comprising Neptune and La Veta Ave.
    Question is, will they now accept that most people disagreed with them, as did pretty much everyone who has expertise on the various subjects. I believe the arguments I read were answered, and shown to be without merit (fire truck access, travel time etc).

    For the good of our community (esp financially) I hope they will accept that the people, and now the council, have spoken.


  22. When did Dalager move to the west of 101. Wasn't he living on Hermes which is to the east of 101? Hermes is within 500 feet of the 101?

  23. What a long meeting; could there have been some way to more efficiently convey the summary information that took up the first two hours? I disagree with the NC Times article that said the sides were evenly split - seemed more like 2/3's pro 4a, or even 3/4's. Virtually nothing is perfect, and no doubt there will be some issues and complaints as the streetscape progresses. But personally I am so happy that ultimately the more modern, environment changing features were embraced. As I drove down the 101 this morning I was day dreaming of how it might look a few years down the road. Kids biking, dog walkers, slow traffic, more businesses. A major cause for celebration!

  24. Will Dalager have some financial benefit from the streetscape? Is that the real reason he excused himself from voting?

  25. Don't forget that this process is like a marathon, not a sprint, with many more miles to go. Funding, engineering, details, details, details, with a ton of politics along the way. The full course will be strewn with many obstacles, so to all those who worked hard to get the results of last night, keep your shoes laced up.

  26. At the meeting last night, after everyone was plainly told that 4a was the best solution for

    * highway beautification
    * a slower speed limit
    * Bike safety
    * Pedestrian safety
    * driving efficiency
    * less pollution
    * adding more parking for businesses and residents
    * less runoff / more drainage (because of more permeable ground surface with one less lane)
    * enhancing the business district

    a man at the end of the meeting passionately said 'Don't do anything to North 101 - it's a dump! This is all being done to benefit the businesses and we'll get nothing out of it.'

    I thought the remark was an especially strange thing to say because the man's mother helped raise him with money she made from her real estate business she had here on North Hwy 101. I really can't understand the man's motivation.

  27. Fred would that mother be Joan Mote

  28. Jerome is such an idiot -- asking if the City can ignore the law and let Dannyboy vote. What was up with that?

  29. It did seem the most vehemently opposed were those close to El Portal. They must be worried that a roundabout (or anything different than today) will funnel traffic down their street.

    So, to sabotage something that is clearly good for Leucadia, they used the fear mongering tactic of saying that the Emergency Response time would go up and we will all burn up or die before the Fire Department got to west Leucadia.

    I would not wanted to have to make an anti-4A presentation after the Encinitas Fire Department made all their arguments moot!

  30. I thought the anti people acted unpleasantly.
    They, in mass, waived their little signs after every speaker, as if magically the next wave would convince everyone of the 4a folly.
    And if they were concerned with cut through traffic, why would they not champion the most efficient option, 4a.
    They never said ,"we want 5", which would cause more cut through at stop lights and stop signs.
    It seemed they were not clear on the elements of the options.

  31. one man army of awesomenessJanuary 14, 2010 5:19 PM

    Did anyone speak in favor of plan 5 or was it all for or against plan 4?

  32. For anyone who didn't attend or missed the broadcast I offer this recap of the public comment portion:

    "Hello, I own commercial property along the Coast Highway and I am here to ask you to vote for 4A."

    Just in case anyone wondered who the biggest supporters of this debacle are, it's naturally those who will profit from it. There are also those who still confuse Leucadia's unspoiled beauty with a third world country, but mostly it seemed to be the profiteer type.

  33. streetscape for everyoneJanuary 14, 2010 6:27 PM

    1000 new trees will be planted. This is good.

  34. Did anyone see the young wannabe real estate tycoon who actually said (paraphrasing) 'We've all been up and down the coast and seen places like Huntington Beach. Leucadia could be like that one day.'

    He meant it in a good way! I'm not making this up. Shockingly, the guy was pro-4A.

  35. What's wrong with Huntington Beach?

  36. I don't own commercial property along the 101, but I'm very pleased at the decision, and how widespread the support has become since the fear-mongering was revealed as just that.

    Considering the somewhat-obsessive efforts of a few ring-leaders against this plan (going door to door and saying who-knows-what to add a few more signatures to a meaningless petition), the degree of support for 4a was very pleasing.

    I fond the surveys at/after the 4th meeting quite interesting: Those who didn't hear the presentations and went (no doubt encouraged by others)to city hall to fill out a survey were split close to 50/50 between the two plans.
    However, those who did attend the presentations, and had the chance to hear people such as the traffic engineer answer peoples' genuine concerns, voted nearly 70% for plan 4a.

    BTW, there were a few "interesting" letters in the correspondence package. One felt that roundabouts were a danger to drunk drivers. Hmmmm, If so, please can I have one at each end of my street?

  37. I live east of the RR and don't own any property in the affected area.

    I strongly support 4A.

    I want a mainstreet cooridor that my family can walk to successfull local businesses and resturants.

    I think most of the people in support of 4A were home owners and residents like myself.

  38. "Streetscape" supporters definition of ghetto: any residential area not brightly lighted at night and/or not chock full of shops and restaurants that take credit cards.

  39. Now that 4A was approved, folks will need to find new things to fight about.

    Don't worry, its a target rich environment.

  40. Leucadians say goodbye to funky. I am all for 4A, but it's kind of sad to see the end of funky little Leucadia.Peter Sternberger, Leucadian since 85.

  41. Leucadia will still be funky.

    It will just be not junky.

  42. >>Leucadia will still be funky. It will just be not junky.

    LOL, .. and very true !

    Any word on at which end they'll start? Was the south end, but I heard a good argument for the North.


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