Friday, January 22, 2010

Swamis Sells California

I happen to have met the people who were given the contract to market the State of California to world as a place to work and visit. The very first advertisement I found of their's was in Sunset Mag.

They used a full page image of Swamis to sell California as the good life.

We still live other people's vacations.


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  2. Hi There!

    I would like to tell you if you visit swamis area and want to try surfing in that area, prepare to get punched in the nose if you screw up somebodies wave up. And YOU DESERVE IT. Learn to surf in crappy breaks before you try and surf in good breaks. Its the law.

  3. Congratulations – the Swami’s surf contest is on hold. Another thing that Encinitas activists have stopped. We are so good at stopping things! All of you who actually like to do things – move along.

    As they say – “critics never build”.

  4. How do you know it is on hold? Who told you that?

  5. Read the SD Union today (Saturday)

  6. Doing something to Swamis makes Encinitas a worse place to live.

  7. It is on hold...

    No olympic style village! Yay!

  8. I agree. NO SURFING AT SWAMIS, unless you are a recognized local.
    I remember when they had the rabbit breaders show at Glen Park. I could not find a place to park when I went to shoot hoops. THAT IS NOT RIGHT. This is no place for. rabbit show. I go there all the time to shoot hoops, have for years. It is a sacred place for me, and other locals, to shoot hoops. Now everything is changed, because the park was used for a civic event.
    It was the end of the world, as we knew it. I don't go down there anymore. It has been spoiled.
    Please stop the rabbit shows at Glen Park and womens
    surf contests at Swamis.

  9. Encinitas does not need more professional sports competitions.

  10. 1031,

    Was the rabbit show a for profit venture that used the public property to make a profit at your expense? Was anyone else allowed to own the park for a day to make a profit, or was the rabbit show promoter a friend of Mayor Houlihan and got special treatment?

  11. why I moved to LAJanuary 23, 2010 10:37 AM

    The city is so much worse off now that we have open access to the park and now the Rabbit shows have to lease space on private property?

  12. 10:35
    Yea, those damn rabbit breaders. They were a non profit group, and some of them were professional breaders and even though they used some proceeds to help preserve Glen Park, everyone knows that those nonprofit groups are all crooks that just use that term to steal from us. And yea, it turns out that after that, the Boy Scouts started using the park. It was just the beginning. I don't know if the rabbit breaders had friends in high places, but those damn scouts sure seem to have influencial on the the council.

  13. It sounds like the rabbit convention is not a good comparison to the Swamis surf contest.

  14. Don't get too excited yet. If you read the article about the contest being on hold, Linda says she's stopped looking for sponsors until they know if they got the permit or not.

    If the permit is granted, you know this debacle will be on.

  15. Ban All

    Punch people in the nose


  16. Linda's on vacation in Mexico right now so, yeah, she's not actively seeking sponsors. The madness will resume upon her return.

  17. Breaded rabbit is deeee-licious!!

  18. 12:52-

    Shut up twerp.

  19. My buddy and I just started surfing and we plan to head out to Swamis this weekend. It might just become my spot. And I dare any of those punks to yell at me (or punch me) for screwing up their ride. (Trust me I can handle anything they throw at me -- I'm a big, mean, nasty guy). Pisses me off they think they own the ocean.

  20. California sucks. Don't even visit.

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