Friday, January 15, 2010

The Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse

A black muslim president who was really born in Kenya,

Dudes getting married,

Roundabouts in Leucadia.



  1. Obama born in hawaii - up for discussion
    Gays getting married - up for discussion
    Roundabouts in Leucadia - done deal

  2. Obama- Whatever
    Gays- Whatever
    Roundabouts in Leucadia- Good Thing!

  3. Obama in the White House- you can fool some of the people some of the time.

    Gays getting married- you can fool some of the people all of the time.

    Roundabouts in Leucadia-You can't fool all the people all the time.

    Roundabouts work for Leucadia!!

  4. Fire bad.
    Roundabouts good.

  5. Swami's event notification: I wanted to let all of you who are interested know that on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010 at 5PM at City Hall there is an opportunity for Public Comment regarding the Swami's Longboard event. Linda Benson will also be there. If you are interested in this event, please come and be heard. Thanks.

  6. All three scenarios require ASTORGLIDE.

  7. I love roundabouts

  8. Will they be able to build around the existing trees in the median on 101? Some of them look pretty good to me. Why waste them!?!

  9. of course.... 92% of the remaining trees will stay!

  10. 4A rules!

    Once we get our perfect little town installed we need to figure out what else makes leucadia "junky" and not "funky".

    I say we get rid of those disgusting trailer parks. Those trailers are a real eyesore to the community. Get rid of those trailer parks. so junky.

    strong supporter of 4A!!!!!!!!!!

    Let's blend this town in with the rest of America!

  11. My sentiments exactly - HOW DID IT COME TO THIS?

    So, apparently JP, you're a birther. Your remarks bring to mind the woman who insisted that Obama was an Arab in a town hall meeting with John McCain.

  12. JP is not a birther. That little socialist commie voted for Obama.

  13. EXPAND the trailer parks and decidedly try NOT to blend in with the homogenization that has become America

  14. OMG... get rid of the Trailer Parks!... This has to be sarcasm... right?
    ROUNDABOUTS... LOL... we don't know how to use them. I've watched poor people sit and have traffic back up behind them cuz they're afraid to enter... nah. Talk about road rage...

  15. Well I do know this....this idea is a ROUNDABOUT way to keep traffic as silly a ever in Leucadia!!!

    I have witnessed at least three different times drivers not understanding how the roundabout works!!! From stopping in the roundabout to back up, to going the wrongway around the roundabout, and lastly being behind drivers who stop before entering the roundabout.

    We will save a lot of money, hassel, and possiable prevent accidents by shutting down 101 to all cars!! LEUCADIA a walking town Paradise!

    Put on your Burkenstocks, park your car and walk through our wonderful taco stands of Leucadia!!!

  16. So.. OK... let's say 4A passes (which it sounds like it will... and yes... I'm still afraid my side street "Melrose" will be impacted)what's the next step. Are long time established businesses like the Liquor Store sign that looms over the 101 going to have to come down. (I don't drink... but, I love that sign... straight out of the 50's) More regulations? More rules? More "blending" in. Encinitas is nice... but, Leucadia is funky cuz it's free... When it loses it's freedom... it loses it's unique character... and future generations will be sad... very, very, sad. A replicated old streetlamp will be just that... replicated. So... let's make sure that even if 4A is implemented we keep Leucadia real.

  17. I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to say with this juxtaposition, but I'm 100% less likely to pay attention to your positions on the Gidget contest and 101 remodeling after it. Nice work.

    P.S. to Jan 16 12:32 anonymous: America is nothing if not a big trailer park. Prepare for more literal and metaphorical meth lab raids, pit bulls, and hate-filled tripe like you see on this blog...

  18. laugh clown, laugh.

  19. Truth about Streetscape TrafficJanuary 17, 2010 8:22 AM

    Anon 5:02


    Thanks for posting your legitimate concern.

    You, like about 80% of the redshirts, are concerned about spillover traffic into your neighborhood. I am as well.

    The sad reality is someone mislead you and others to think that Alternative 4a will make it worse.

    There are a few key points to consider in realizing there will actually be no cut through traffic in the Melrose area with Alternative 4a. In fact, 4a is much better at addressing the spill over issue to your neighborhood than doing nothing.

    1. As Fred explained, people just want to get from piont A to point B as fast as possible unless an alternate route offers more rewards (like free money or eye candy) which may also be considered in their decision.

    1. the current stress for southbound traffic causing people to want to detour right and cut down north court and El Portal through the neighborhood is caused by the all way stop at Marchetta which is the most restrictive intersection for traffic other than Leucadia Blvd. Intersection.

    2. With the roundabout installed at El Portal, the all way stop at Marchetta is removed. This roundabout along with the roundabout at La Costa should be the first built. Once installed, Leucadia Blvd. will be the biggest restriction point for south bound traffic and will still be the major congestion point along the whole corridor.

    3. Once southbound traffic is released through Leucadia blvd. there may be a few second delay at the El Portal roundabout as the glut of traffic is queued and works through the El Portal roundabout in peak traffic periods.

    4. Once southbound traffic is past El Portal, there is wide open speeding southbound until you get to Encinitas Blvd.

    5. Considering the above, I guarantee that once the roundabout is installed at El Portal and the all way stop is removed from Marchetta the El Portal, Melrose, La Vida Neighborhood will cease to receive any spill over traffic from Hwy 101.

    6. If the existing conditions remain, the spill over traffic problems will only get worse.

    7. Considering the above, El Portal, Melrose, La Vida Neighborhood should all be educated so they can understand the issue, and get behind 4a if they want to see improvement in the existing spill over traffic issue.

    Now Vulcan is a whole different story and there will be spill over traffic if nothing is done. To address this issue the following should be done.

    1. Put all way stops at Sunset/Vulcan, and either Sanford or hillcrest which will eliminate any spill over traffic from hwy101 and will help protect the neighborhood, school, and Oakcrest Park from speeding traffic.

    2. Install some Traffic calming including a raised crossway to physically slow traffic near Paul Ecke Central Elementary School to help protect our children.

    3. Install some traffic calming on Sunset similar to what is being done on Rubenstein in Cardiff.

    Neptune will not be receiving any spill over traffic from the streetscape however there should be some traffic calming regardless because, as a speaker pointed out, it serves as the largest linear park for out door enthusiast (walkers, bikes, skateboards, roller blades, dogs, etc….) then any other park.

    I feel the streetscape plan needs to be implemented holistically in order to be a success, embraced by 95% of the people and be an improvement for 99% of the people. The above suggestions will make the plan a holistic solution. Please feel free to share the above information with your neighbors through Leucadia.

    Thanks for loving Leucadia and taking ownership of your home community.


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