Friday, January 29, 2010

Will JP Cry Uncle?

The NCTimes reports, "The construction of a parking structure at Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas could send truckloads of sand, about 16,000 cubic yards, to Moonlight Beach next month." [emphasis added]

After JP blogged for years about Moonlight Beach getting "replenished" with "itchy and scratchy ash tray sand" the city is now dumping construction excavation material on Moonlight beach instead.

Will they dump it in the surf zone or in the sunbathing zone/volleyball zone?

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  1. Yes. I give up. Considering the hammering our beaches have taken with these last storms I'm not going to fight a sand dump (this new dirt/sand will just wash away too)
    Also, I challenged the city to dump their dirt at Moonlight as opposed to north Leucadia.
    Besides, Scripps says their brain surgery patients are going to enjoy this sand. You look like a dick trying to fight that.

  2. You are right. Moonlight beach is all but gone. One more big storm and the lifeguard tower might fall into the water.

  3. What if brain surgery patients that like to shop at Walmart or surf in a contest at Swami's?

  4. Brain surgery patients think Dalager should be reelected.

  5. Dalager was a brain transplant patient however he got up and left before they put a working brain back in. bad he's not as funny as Young Frankenstein.

  6. JP won't fight the opportunity that this presents because it makes sense, or will he?

    Why look like a dick?

  7. Hey ...Not stop all the name calling.

    Comparing Dalager to a brain surgery patient is not fair. It is insulting to the brain surgery patients since they have a chance at a full recovery. ;-)

  8. Yes, this is a great opportunity. An opportunity for the Scripps Corporation to avoid the huge expense of hauling soil out of town. Scripps would happily pay to dump their soil on the beach if we asked them to do so.

  9. I'll take their soil. I have some property on Hermes that needs alittle more soil for an ocean view.

    Say, I can make my whole subdivision Ocean view if I add enough!

    the council will let me do it. I am tight with the majority boys.

    Please give it to me!

  10. The question is: why as a resident I have to haul my dirt away, but Scripps, as a corporation, is given a red carpet to the ocean to dump their dirt. What is good for the goose is good for the gander....unless you live in Encinitas.

  11. Beacons has rocks all over the place but the surf is GREAT now. Is there a connection?

  12. 6:49

    ur durt aint got da kokain

  13. 8:15 PM:

    Yes there is. Beach breaks with lots of sand are generally fleeting and fickle waves.

    Rip all the sand off the reefs like the last few storms has done and suddenly there is structure to shape a wave.

    Fight all beach nourishment projects and we'll have better waves until the new sea walls and their backwash destroy it.


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