Saturday, February 20, 2010

101 Art Banners today 2-5 pm

Saturday February 20th, 2010 from 2pm-5pm at Cabo Grill located at 1950 N Coast Highway 101 on the corner of La Costa Ave and Highway 101, the 101 Arts Alive Banners will be unveiled. After the unveiling the Banners will be on display on the lamp posts along Hwy 101 in Downtown Encinitas, Leucadia and the Cardiff Town Center where they will remain until May. On Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 the banners will be auctioned off at the Cardiff Town Center. more info


  1. The banners are always super cool.

    How long has Cabo Grill been empty now?

  2. What a good contribution to our community.
    Thank you has to go out to all the artists who have contributed their talents and efforts.
    And a big thanks to Danny. It would not happen without him.
    Fred and Walter of L101 will be helping Danny put up the banners in Leucadia. Thanks.


  3. Beautiful art and beautiful artists. That is what I love about our community. All of the wonderful artists, musicians, surfers, etc. Thank you all for this contribution to our City. Hopefully I can buy one and display it in my office. The only problem is, which one? They are all beautiful. What would go well in a "shrinks" office? Help on this folks! Can't make it today, as I have to work. However, those of you that go, please give me some suggestions. Got to get by bid in early:)

  4. Boycott the pannikinFebruary 20, 2010 12:38 PM

    Do they have a banner that says" boycott the pannikin, they do nothing for Leucadia"?? I'll buy that one....

  5. Do they have a banner that says,

    Boycott K___ S______?

  6. Just a completely excellent event I thought. Excellent for the owners to make the facility available, a large and energized crowd, and most notabley a stunning variety of impressive work. I know nothing much about art, but the talent level in the community knocks me out. THANK YOU TO ALL RESPONSIBLE!

  7. A suggestion for next year. Perhaps the banners could be up for two days instead of one? That way, people like me who have to work on Saturdays, would be able to see them on Sunday? Just a thought.

  8. They will be up for months on the street and can be viewed on DEMA web site.


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