Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art Banners are UP!

Fred Caldwell and Danny Salzhandler hang the art banners every year. They receive no pay and Fred is scared of heights.

My favorite local artist Mary Fleener's banner this year.

My good friend Maggie Marsek is the only photographer in the banner project this year. She got some prime real estate for her banner.
When it stops raining go cruise the coast highway and enjoy all 50 101 art banners.
Watch a short video of the art banner unveiling event, click here.


  1. Fred is the true Mayor of Leucadia!

    Our family loves Fred!

    Thanks Fred for all your work to make Leucadia a bitchen place on Earth.

  2. Geesh, you and your family must be new here.
    As much as I'd like to remain silent and get first billing with most of the credit for hanging all the banners, Walter Shaffer and I helped with 18 of them; Danny S. and another guy did the other 83 banners (taking all night long); Paula Kirpalani helps a lot when she can; and some guy named Mayor Dan showed up so we made him hang the one by the Econo Lodge.
    But it's true I'm no Shaun White when it comes to heights.

  3. a good council candidate hangs lots of art banners, plays with little kids, and hugs lots of women.

  4. "When it stops raining go cruise the coast highway and enjoy all 50 art banners."

    May I suggest cruising with feet?

  5. Fifty! There are 101. Please walk the coast from Leucadia to Cardiff. You can't believe what Danny has put together!


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