Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Giant Metal Thingies

Infrastructure work on the north coast highway 101 Leucadia.


  1. Thanks for ditching the baby seal thingy.

  2. I live the baby seal thingy. It an example of how many stupid things Dalager continues to do and doesn't get thrown out by the public.

    The Encinitas public is the most ignorant humans on Earth.

  3. Mick surfaces from BKFebruary 23, 2010 7:25 AM

    Rep. Bob Filner, D-Chula Vista, was one of several speakers to address several dozen protesters who marched from Horton Plaza to the Bank of America building on B Street. Filner spoke of pressing for financial reform legislation, which many banks are resisting.

    Mick Pattinson, a builder who lost all his projects to banks, founded the Building Industry Coalition for Economic Recovery, which now counts more than 200 builder members. Pattinson said the event was designed to remind the public that banks receiving bailout funds ought to be lending more to help the economy recover.

    “The bottom line is these hypocrites who run these banks want it both ways,” Pattinson said after the event. “They want to play by the regulations and rules when it suits them, and when it doesn’t they want to crawl off to Congress” for relief.

    This is so funny, our own Mick Pattinson is now aligned with bleeding heart liberals. He is as pathetic as Jerome Stocks. Both are worthless Americans. Clearly mice not men.

  4. The baby seal post was hilarious in it's time but I'm interested in moving forward. It is still relevant because Dan continues to say and do outrageous things without consequences. Dalager is going to be an Encinitas city councilman for the rest of his and our lives. He will never be defeated so we better figure out a way to live with him.

  5. Dr. Lorri Good. Dan Dalager BadFebruary 23, 2010 10:40 AM

    I don't agree. Thats like saying that America is sunk and will only become a communistic country.

    With free speach and the willingness of educated encinitas residents willing to fund the education of the uneducated residents, a candidate should be able to focus on all the bad things Dan has done and all the good things they will do. The list of bad things is very easy to start.

    the Citizens need to fund these good candidates that go up against the dork Dan. Unfortunately, Encinitas is saddled with a large block of New Encinitas residents that don't think about much more than Costco, Dancing with the Stars, and American idiol.

    Its these folks we need to educate to vote against Dan.

    The best thing to happen for Encinitas would be term limits.

    Thanks Dr. Lorri for trying to focus on the most important issue that would be positive for this City.

  6. The banks are not doing what is needed to help our economy. Not only are commercial and residential builders being stalmated, but individuals. It is horrible the way banks are making people with good credit and equity have to walk away from their homes.
    If every existing loan were re worked to 4.65%, we would be well on our way to a more speedy recovery.
    The banks suck and are hurting our country.

  7. Anon 7:02 - No, "True Believers" are

  8. Good point Eric.

  9. The GI Joe's squirel kill pic was hilarious. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Danny has never set foot outside of the boundaries of Encnitas, let alone taken his T-ball bat to seal country.

  10. Danny has a masters in chemistry.
    So he isn't as stupid as some make him out to be.

  11. Going to a prestigious school or earning a degree is not grounds for being smart. Clinton went to Yale, Bush and Obama went to Harvard and look where we are now.
    The end of the Republic...

  12. 7:09 is right on the money!

  13. Masters? Hadn't heard that before. thought that Danny just squeaked a chem b.s.

  14. I would love to see that Masters in Chemistry document. Danny lies about a lot of things. He admits to playing with 60s chemistry while in his early adulthood. He inhaled frequently.

  15. I agree with 7:09.
    Why would I want a bunch of elitists running our country?
    Ivy league grads, Rhodes scholars and scientists can't relate to Joe the plumber.
    Do I want someone just like me to run the country?
    You betcha!

  16. If you want Joe the Plumber vote for Doug Long. he is a plumber. Personally I would rather have a person that is a bit more intelligent. Doesn't mean that they have to have gone to college, just more intelligent will do nicely for me. And, no I don't want Joe the Plumber for my president.

  17. I don't want Dalager for a council member.

  18. Dong and Dan are high school buddies. I expect they will run together. Encinitas city council meetings will seem even more juvenile.

    Plumbers and blade sharpeners typically don't have good retirement and health care options (as city workers have, for example. City Council is a great place for them to hang out with their buddies.


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