Saturday, February 06, 2010

Encinitas Dog Blog

Dogs have been a hot topic on this blog lately. Now there is a blog dedicated to sorting out dog related issues in Encinitas, the Encinitas Dog Blog.


  1. Maybe the City should hire that dog to clean up Orpheus Park. It's got to be cheaper than paying the contract landscape maintenance company to pick up the left over shit.

  2. No, they already have Steve and friends to pick it up. Why pay when they will do it for free. And they seem to have the time so it gives them something to do in their old age. Steve is 85 according to on persons post and he still is a firefighter. Amazing man I would say. Picking up poop must be easy for him. It is a lot lighter than all the equipment firefighters have to wear. Keep up the great work Steve and company.You all could start your own pick up the poop business.

  3. Sad economy with only the poop business picking up.

  4. My kids and my dogs love Orpheus Park. However, it is really getting ruined by all the urine and feces. Also there is a safety issue when you have children and dogs running around together. Someone is going to get hurt. A child or a dog.


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