Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Family Rides from Vermont to See Leucadia Roundabouts

We are on our way to Alaska
on our five person tandem bicycle!
And you are here with us!

Credit: Jim Chesseman sent us the link and photo.

Wouldn't be surprised if these guys eventually move to Leucadia.

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  1. great..another mormon family ready to shop at walmart. I hear that Encinitas Ranch has some openings

  2. 7:06 -- you need to take your anti-Grinch pill

  3. I saw this Family yesterday on Rancho Santa Fe. I wanted to snap a photo but could not get my phone out in time. Thanks for the photo.

  4. I think this is great. If more families actually did things together we probably wouldn't have so many problems with the kids today. Keep them active and together. More power to them if those kids enjoy being with their parents!

  5. Now that's a real family. Encinitas used to have a hint of this up until about 15-20 years ago, but ever since the rich fucks have started to move in, things have changed.

    For Example, going south bound on 101, one day I saw a parent in a BMW suv illegally cut through the intersection to pick up their kid at the base of Encinitas BLVD and 101, drive up the hill, again illegally stop in the center lane, block traffic and let the little brat walk over to la paloma to meet up with other little rats.

    And did I mention this fake boobed, fake blond, plastic thing behind the wheel was on a cell phone the entire time!

    I just couldn't help myself and screamed out the window,"What the fuck was that!"

    She slightly turned head in my direction still talking on the phone and proceeding to do an illegal u-turn at D and 101, almost running her kid over in the process.

    Don't know about you guys, but shit like this didn't happen when I was growing up. If I wanted a ride,it meant seeing my friends way out in Solana Beach or Carlsbad or something. Anything within Encinitas was fair game, if I wanted to get there I had a bike or a skateboard to get me there, and my parents drove a jeep cherokee (which was pretty classy shit for the time)

  6. How fake were her boobs?? I like big fake boobs.

  7. They were way too fake even by San Diego standards...


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