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A park is a great campaign promise: everyone wants a park.

Comments on: A Park for Encinitas
Vote ends nine years of obstructionism UT editorial

Every one wants a park.
According to a city funded survey, public input, SANDAG opinion, the majority of public commentary and the recommendations of the Planning Commission, most want a more passive Community Park for all.
Why would so many tax paying citizens,(“NIMBYS”), object to the current Sports Park plan? There will be no tennis, volleyball, or basketball. Pick up games of baseball, football, soccer, rugby or Frisbee with family, friends or businesses would likely not be able to reserve a field. 80% of the field area will be fenced off, leaving small areas between fields. A main entrances to the Sports Park is a narrow two lane residential street with an unmitigated 'F' grade from the EIR and 90’ field lights adjacent to established neighborhoods.

In reality, citizens sued to HAVE an environmental review on the prior greenhouse land and won. Additionally, Councilwomen Barth and Houlihan did not “vote against the park”, but voted to support the Planning Commission’s recommendations after they reviewed 1700 pages of documents, two days of public testimony and all public written comments. The Commission recommended a “reduction of one or two fields” and offered concerns of unmitigated traffic issues and more.

Details at:

Every one wants a park.

Morgan Mallory


  1. Well said Morgan. That editorial made me angry. I wonder why they bothered? We are not in San Diego.

  2. Dalager is bad for EncinitasFebruary 26, 2010 9:52 PM

    Dan Dalager caused the delays. He should have listened to all the community instead of special interests for their own private sport league profit. He could learn the art of compromise to include all interests.

    Dalager if you think its a solid plan, put it to the vote of the people.

    I am personally in favor of selling half the land to pay for the improvements to the other half.

    Unlike Dan Dalager, the Hall Regional Sports complex is not the most important thing in Encinitas. There are many other needs that need funding.

    Dalager is a mistake:

    1. Hall Regional private sports subsidies. What a huge mistake! At the public expense.

    2. Christian Parade name instead of Holiday parade excluding many during the City’s holiday parade. At the publics expense.

    3. Union sell out… approved pensions that are going to kill the City finances for years to come. At the public and our grandkids!

    4. Renting out public space for a few individuals personal profit. Giving Linda near free use of an epic public world class surf spot. Everyone in the public pays the price.

    5. Stupid comments throughout his terms. Encinitas pays the price.

    6. Supports chopping down public park trees for 10 condo owners. The public and Our kids pay the price.

    7. And the list gos on….

    Vote Dalager out if you want a better Encinitas.

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  4. You want to know why Hazletine wants baseball parks check it out, he's the Little League President!

    I've got to believe there's some sort of conflict of interest here. I met Dannyboy one day at Orpheus park to discuss the dog issue, He was sporting a new blue Little League sports jacket with his name embroidered on it. I commented on the jacket and he told me "A gift from Chris Hazeltine".

    Also, check this link out, a must read:

    Minutes from the October 22 City Council meeting. Stocks and Dalager wanted to make sure the Hall house was preserved and amended Resolution 2008-61 approving the major use permit for the Hall property.

    If there was a resolution adopted to preserve the Hall house why did Hazeltine include the Hall house in the demolition bid? Did we miss something? It should NOT have been part of the bid. It's costing us taxpayers extra and he is violating a City resolution.

    Also there were a number of protest to the bidding process that the City basically blew off saying... take us to court. The demo will be done before it's ever heard in court. Maybe he knows someone with R B Holt, the demo contractor... Maybe they're Little Leaguer's too... Wouldn't doubt it. I would love to see the contract. Think the City will disclose them? I think not, but I'll ask anyway.

    Once again just like the trees in Orpheus park and his dog park analysis for the expansion of hours, Hazletine is not doing his job and is mismanaging. He's a $150,000 a year fuck up. He does what he wants and Phil Cotton looks the other way.

    The smoking gun continues to blow smoke and Dannyboy, Lazeltine and Cottonballs are pulling the trigger. Their day is coming... At the rate they are going probably sooner than later... You watch.

  5. The way it played out is unusual.
    The challenge to contest the Planning Depapartment's recommdations came from Park and Rec. Dept., who were the ones who incerted the phrase, "...maximizes the sports fields" into the design guideline of the park. There was No direction from the public or public request from the Council to add this direction. This changed the project into a Sports Park.
    To be fair, Dallager was not alone. The, (and I love this phrase), "wall of sausage" were all linked in this.

  6. If all of this is true, how can they get away with this?
    It does not seem that this what the community wants.

  7. Great Points Steve. You are winning me over.

    How do they get away with it?

    The dumbshit encinitas voters elected them, thats how.

    When the voters wake up from their coma, things will change and the wall of sausage will be run out of town with Hazeltine and his flunkies in the parks department like Chainsaw John F. and all.

  8. "obstructionism"???
    We probably would have a park now, if the council majority and the Sports Park people would have compromised ANY to the wishes of the majority of the community.

  9. My favorite Danny quotes:
    When trying to decide whether a licence should be issued for a tatto parlor in Cardiff,"After all, god fearing people get them these days." WTF

    On the potential Leucadia redevelopement district,"It's free money.Would you rather it go to Pam Slater?"
    avo st mafia
    p.s. his wife is a real nice person.poor thang

  10. oh but there's more...during a break at a city council meeting, Dan loudly proclaims: "Boy there sure are a lot of hot chicks here tonight". Goes into the DEMA offices and refers to one of the employees as a "bitch".

  11. The UT slam says people have moved into the park neighborhood because of the park. Maybe, maybe not.
    I know two families that say they will move away from the park if a SportsPark with 90' light is built. They are scared of traffic, too. Their streets are very narrow.
    Let's get a council that listens to their public.

  12. Please let me know where they live. I know of at least two families looking to move into Encinitas. They can buy a really nice house and with lots of land, no where near any park.

  13. Good points Steve.
    And, Stocks and Bond are Rotary, who run the soccer programs. Danny, then park and rec.head, had the city buy land in a flood plain for athletic fields. Luckily, the county bailed the city out and bought the unusuable land, ( for athletic fields), for $5mil..
    After this screw up, Danny promised the Hall property to the soccer groups, while at the same time, invited the citizens to design their park. Then ignored the design the public offered. What 'solved' this dupicity was the knowledge that council could ignore public preference. This was stated by Bond when he said at a council meeting when public comments did not go along with their plans,"...the council will make the final decision."

  14. Theresa responds.


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