Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More Dog Parks

Comment about the Poop Patrol Video:

I was struck by in this fascinating video how empty the park was when Mister "Nimby" was "documenting" the doggie destruction.

The fact is the Park is full of life, activity and good will when people and their dogs are able to recreate at the site, which by the way still has quite limited off-leash hours. The park is used by animal lovers because there is a great need for places to take our dogs.
The dog poop IS disgusting, and we need to make a better effort to clean it up. It's also disgusting how much trash I find (and pick up) whenever I go to the beach.

By having more areas around the city where people can take their dogs locally, it will cut down on the overuse of Orpheus, so he is making a BIG mistake discouraging off-leash hours at other parks around town.

Anon Park User


  1. Dog Parks!

    Stop mixing the two and we can stop the dog wars as they are called in San Francisco.

    The park is empty because if you've got kids and want to go to a park, you'll choose more wisely than Orpheus.

    Now all the park design is to the dogs. This is not the best use of our city's funds.

    If I may ask the poster, why not petition the city for a 7 day week, properly designed dog park?

    Let's handle this with smarts Encinitas. Best practices of other cities plan for this and build dog parks.

  2. Oh really
    dog piss and dog shit should not be welcome in any public park, where non dog owners enjoy their parks.
    Of course unless the dog owners pick up the piss and All the fecal matter on all the grass blades.
    Do you let your children roll around on the ground at fenced dog areas?
    What is the difference?

  3. Then GO FOR IT dog owners...
    get thee out of mixed-use parks.
    PETITION the City for your 'own" place.

    If the 'demographics' of Encinitas is "aging" as Lorri Green says, and older residents seek solace in their pets (dogs) then WHY all the area devoted to sports fields at Hall? Why not take out all the playground equipment and put in shuffleboard courts? ....we can become a Coastal Leisure World.

    Yeah..."thats the ticket"....

  4. Only someone mentally challenged could equate a piece of trash on the beach with a park full of dog piss and shit.


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