Sunday, February 14, 2010

Northern California Surf Contest Goes Amuck

On Saturday a surf contest was held in Half Moon Bay, California. Things did not go well for the spectators. Watch the video on
Photos from the Associated Press
Three people were hospitalized with broken bones. I wonder if they have lawyered up yet?

In this video people on the bluff clap and cheer as small children are separated from their parents and swept into rocks and debris.


  1. some places aren't that great for spectator events.

  2. You know, with global warming and the whole 2012 end of the world thing coming I bet the same "rouge wave" will wash away everyone in the Swamis parking lot during the contest if it happens.

  3. Linda will bring big liability for the CityFebruary 14, 2010 7:23 PM

    Waite until some Barney falls down the cliff at Swamis while trying to get a better seat at Linda event.

    Talk about a law suite. You can kiss the Hall property sports complex good bye.

  4. Good timing, JP.

  5. I thought law suites were only allowed on the second story of building along the 101?

  6. A nice fence at the bluff top, maybe chain link 8 feet would keep people safe. We could make it solid and charge people that want to see the contest a slight fee, $30.00 or so (cheaper than seaworld or the zoo)to walk down the stairs.

    After all we are renting our beach. Why should anyone see this thing for free?

  7. 6:18
    It' nothing loop-hole masters can't fix.

    How about a water slide from the parking lot to the soup?

  8. Parks and Rec. Commission meeting on Lindas Swamis proposal is Tuesday evening. Should be interesting to see what they say, although it won't matter as the Council does what it wants.

  9. Good point. Since when has the council majority of Danny, Jim, and Jerome ever cared about a commissions finding. Its a total waste of time.

  10. [url=][/url]

  11. 6ft High Tide, 30ft swell... don't turn your back n the ocean.

  12. Parks and Rec Commisson this eve. There are 7 Commissioners and the vote was 5-2 for the Council to consider Linda's request for Swami's. Dr. Lori voted against it. Good for her. She is a woman or I would say she has balls.

  13. Dr. Lori is the shit. Nicely Done Dr. Lori. The others are just pansies.

    Danny and club will shoe this in way about any care about whats best for the Citizens or the future of Encinitas. Shame. Its time for Encinitas black trunks.

  14. Good goin' tonite Lorri
    I knew you had it in ya'

    Keep on keepin on


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