Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Passive Aggressive Poodles

I swear I'm not making this up and I'm not looking for trouble. This stuff really happened.

So I'm home all week and keeping my eye out for Orpheus Park activity... and there's plenty. Monday, I walk my son to school and encounter just the usual obstacle course of dog waste. Around 10 am, I see a maintenance crew doing the twice weekly clean up: blow the walkways, pick up dog poop and change the trash cans, and for the first time in a long time they raked the sand! That's it, they are out of there in 30 minutes flat.

I decide to sit and watch them do their work and read the paper. I want to see what they are really doing. While they are working, about 4 toddlers are in the sand playing, 3 dogs are running free (it is NOT off leash time), someone is throwing a ball to one. As two workers are raking the sand the dogs are running through the freshly raked sand. No control by the owners. To protect the children I tell one of the owners that it is not leash free time. She tells me to "get a life." That seems to be a common reply from the dog people. I took some photos of the activity, check it out.
I then started thinking to myself... This IS my life!

Later in the day, 2:15pm, My younger son and I walk down to pick my oldest boy from school. We always stop at the park for a break from walking up the hill. Usually we see the neighborhood boys hanging out with their moms. It's about 2:35pm and today we have a football and we're throwing it around. Seven boys, 4 to 9 years of age, 3 moms, myself and my wife who joined us at about 2:45pm. So the football rolls in to the freshly raked sand area. You'd think the sand would be a safe place to step into, right? NOT. The boy chasing the ball steps right into a giant steamer.

Right at 2:50 pm on the nose, we are invaded or swarmed by 6-7 leash-free dogs. Out of the corner of my eye I see a dog rummaging through my son's left over lunch... It's gone. Then I observe a GIANT Great Dane running down hill straight for my 5 year old. I yell to my wife to grab him. Needless to say Myles is scared. All of the moms and boys pack up and leave. The Great Dane won't leave us alone.

Later that evening around 5pm, I walk out my front gate to get my mail and find that I can't get out because it's blocked by a vehicle (AGAIN!) I have to climb around the car and walk through my bushes to get out only to find that my mailbox is blocked also. No mail today. The mailman told me yesterday he was unable to open the mailbox and unable to knock on my door to hand it to me. I leave a note on the window of the offending cars and ask of them to be respectful of the neighborhood and not block our access to our walkway and mailbox... The notes end up discarded in our flower bed.
What a day! Thank god it's night, and I don't have to worry about being bothered by dogs... Oh that's right, dogs can hang out at night til' 8 and they were barking continuously up until 8:15.

Waking this morning, Tuesday 2/2, we were running a little late and made it through the obsticle course in record time, dodging at least a dozen poops in our path. One of our neighbors was there with his dog picking up everyone else's leftover poop. Nice guy.

About 9:15, I see the maintenance crew there again... Two days in a row? That's unusual. Today they are mowing the dormant burmmuda grass that hasn't grown an inch since October. So, they're going through the motions, someone is raking leaves, one of them is weed-wacking and the other is on a ride mower. I'm with my youngest son on the back of my bike, and we are on our way to the preschool. We stop and watch as the weed wacker is moving along the sidewalk. I see a giant shit that I noticed earlier about 5 feet in from the sidewalk. He passes it, then here comes the ride mower right at it. The mower blades roll right over it atomizing it... It's gone, where it is know one knows. On my way home from preschool I find one of the workers blowdrying the dog urine.

Later in the day, I see a work crew right in front of the park. Three guys are holding shovels, one guy is working and another guy who was doing a lot of pointing. Must be the supervisor. They are moving the dog hour sign from its old location to front row and center for everyone to see. It's really really beautiful. Not as nice as the Orpheus Park Theme sign, but we are not talking about a nice neighborhood park here anyways. They also added an additional sign at the bottom of the hill near the school. Now that those new signs are there I'm sure people will follow the rules. How much did that cost the taxpayer? Chris Hazeltine's knee jerk management at work again. Remember in his report to the City Council expanding the hours was only going to cost $3000 to replace the signs at three parks. Now they added a new sign and relocated an existing one.
The remainder of the day was rather uneventful with just the usual dozens of off leash dogs running through the park. Remember, it's TUESDAY. There are no off leash hours on Tuesday, right? Just read the expensive new signs.

I saved the best for last: a big SHIT in my entry way this morning! I might be a little paranoid, but it looks like someone placed it there. Something definitely stinks here.

This is a day in the life of someone that lives near dog park.

Steve Mieche

[Edited for brevity]


  1. I think the extra poop is coming in the off hours when no one is around to patrol. During dog park hours people are like hwaks telling people their dog pooped. Having been giving an hour early 3 pm start time, people who come early should be ticketed ,as should off hour dogs. Get a formal signed printed at Omars 1 Day signs saying do not block the mailbox.There is no need for any of us to be rude.

  2. just follow the offenders home, it seems you've got some free time.
    from there its up to you

  3. Get a life. You have too much time on your hands if this is what you do all day.

  4. ABC,AnywhereButChinaFebruary 04, 2010 9:06 AM

    Ok so here is what you do... set fire to the poop!! That will bring the fire department, they enjoy responding to all calls, and after they put out the dpf (dog poop fire, first they will tell you how hot the fire was), this will draw the attention of the fire dept and then the city and then you will regain control of your park..

    Now the 2nd problem with people parking in front of your house. You will require an ice pick and some stealth. Take your extra sharp ice pick and run it through the side wall of the tire. This will ruin the tire for ever and sidewalls can not be repaired. When the offending care owner comes to get his/her car they will notice a flat tire and curse and swear. After 3-4 flat tires they will get the idea that parking in front of your home is bad for their tires.

    Education is expensive and the school of hard knock even more so.

    Either that or you can move to another home. You decide.

    Remember ABC, Anywhere But China. Make sure you buy your ice pick from somewhere other than China.

  5. This is ridiculous. When the dogs start paying taxes, they can have free run in the parks. What is the Council thinking! I don't go to parks that allow dogs for the very reasons you posted. Why should I have to pay for some City employee to ticket idiots who let their dogs poop. If you can't afford a yard for your dog to poop in then don't own one. Why should I have to put up with your stinky smelly noisy flea ladden mutts. And, I am allergic to I can't go to the park. There will be an ADA discrimination claim coming. Also, when a child gets bitten there will be a huge lawsuit against the City. Allowing off leash dogs is just plain dumb.

  6. It is wrong to have a park that allows dogs to poop and piss where children play.
    Never do you see dog owners pick up their dog's piss.
    Nor do they sanitize the grass that always has some left over feces material, particularly the moist deposits.
    Steve, I agree with you.
    Having the city sponsor the practice of allowing dogs to use areas where kids play is wrong.
    It would be inappropriate for Glen Park, too.
    I am biased, I admit. I have to pick up dog feces and piss,(very hard to pick up), at the front of my business and have seen this in front of adjacent businesses.
    When it is brought to their attention, they are often unpleasant. I wish these people would use their front door and areas in their yard where their children play for their dogs to shit and piss.

  7. It is wrong to have a park that allows dogs to poop and piss where children play.
    Never do you see dog owners pick up their dog's piss.
    Nor do they sanitize the grass that always has some left over feces material, particularly the moist deposits.
    Steve, I agree with you.
    Having the city sponsor the practice of allowing dogs to use areas where kids play is wrong.
    It would be inappropriate for Glen Park, too.
    I am biased, I admit. I have to pick up dog feces and piss,(very hard to pick up), at the front of my business and have seen this in front of adjacent businesses.
    When it is brought to their attention, they are often unpleasant. I wish these people would use their front door and areas in their yard where their children play for their dogs to shit and piss.

  8. As a responsible dog owner, I find that pepper straying the offending dog works wonders to get the non-responsible dog owner to comply with the rules and regs. My personal choice is BEAR spray!! Give it a go and see how it works for you.

  9. Steve, it might not be a bad idea to simply put some orange cones in front of your mailbox. Also, if I were you, I would stop being confrontational. There is a need for a dog-only park in Encinitas, and if you organize, and go through the system, which is a marathon, I'll admit, you would be putting your time to better use.

    Encinitas really does need a FENCED dog park that is for the dogs only.

  10. 9:38
    A sign in the park that says "Dog owners not minding their pets will be pepper sprayed". would work wonders.

  11. 9:49

    Putting a dog park in a 25 square mile city is hardly convienient. It would only be used by people within walking distance, just like underground pedestrian tunnels for the train. People find more ways to spend money on this blog than at the city's goal setting meetings.

  12. I should inform you that BEAR spray is illegal in California.

  13. Live & let LiveFebruary 04, 2010 12:05 PM

    A word of advice for you little creeps.
    If anyone were to pepper spray my dog, I would consider it an act of aggression & retaliate with a severe beat down.
    It’s called self defense & you would probably end up in the hospital.
    I really think people need to be courteous & pick up after themselves, but don’t be stupid & put your life in jeopardy.

  14. i wonder if the new sign will work as well as the "no right on red" sign at 101 and leucadia?

    i watched 4 cars in a row go right on red this morning. 2 of which were talking on there phones as they did it...

    people don't read signs.

    i know it's gross but i find smearing dog crap on the actual owner deters them breaking the rules.

  15. Since you work in L.A. Steve, why don't you move you and your family up there? I am sure there are no turds of the canine type in L.A. Maybe the one left in front of your house is for you. You know how much people love your work.

  16. this is comedy and i'm very happy for this guy. clearly, he's finally found his calling as the latest orpheus park community complainer

    he should feel blessed that these are the types of problems that fill his time and his mind as opposed to the litany of real problems most people deal with on a daily basis

    good luck to you and your pursuit of poop

  17. In California dogs are considered property. So if any of you go off half cocked and do something to a dog, you will be responsible for vet bills, and possibly a lawsuit. Work thru the system, no matter what you think of the people in the system.

  18. Live and let live- if your dogs attacks my dog(s), I WILL PEPPER spray your dog and you also if you attack me or my family...BRING IT CHUMP!!!

    How many $600 lawyers can you afford?? Mario is my lawyer. BRING IT CHUMP!!

  19. Let's pit Mario against my guy Guido and see who has the bigger cajones!

  20. Good grief get a grip people. One would think that the sky is falling. That is not happening, at least not yet. Take a few breaths and go outside and DO something with your lives. I am sick so that is the only reason I can write this today.

  21. You live in a beautiful neighborhood. You have time to walk your child to school. Your park has an ocean view. You have so much free time to write such a complaining ditty. Quit yer bitchin or friggin move.

  22. I ditto that last comment. We do live in a beautiful community that many people would love to live in. My own kids cannot afford to live here. So it is hard for me to have much sympathy for your whining and complaining. Boy, L.A. Firefighters sure have a lot of time off.

  23. Support the right to arm bears.

  24. no right on red sign at 101 and leucadia is stupid. I ignore stupid senseless signs including stop signs and freeway ramp signals.

    I treat all stop signs as yields which works great.

  25. yeah... signs are stupid.

    until you hopefully get hit by a train and then your family will bitch and moan that the city didn't do enough to protect you.

    and, yeah... bitching about the crap in the park seems minor...

    but it all washes down to the ocean where you and your family surf and play. so even if you never set foot in orpheus park you are still being subjected to lazy dog owners.

    i have lived in leucadia for several years now and... in the summertime, leucadia generally smells like a dog turd.

  26. I hope that the violent posts are from just one dumb Anon. Whatever side one wags his tail on, you have to admit Steve has valid points. Seems like the blame goes to dog owners who can't read the English signs and/or want a confrontation because their lives are so dull and using their dogs to rebel against authority gives them a thrill. Perhaps the signs should be posted with the universal symbol of a dog turd surrounded by a red circle with a line through it. Unfortunately it is the asinine crowd that ruins it for the rest of us. It used to be lawful to drink alcohol on the beach until the assess got out of control.

  27. It used to be lawful to drink alcohol on the beach until the assess got out of control.

    And isn't that what this subject is all about...asses out of control?

  28. Have your kids take a shit in the middle of the park... pay back is a bitch.

    Then tell all those psycho-bitchy-hostile irresponsible dog owners to "get a life".

    And before you commie-hippies go crazy on me... I have both kids and dogs... and yes, I am always picking up shit... so "get a life"

  29. "I have both kids and dogs... and yes, I am always picking up shit... so "get a life""

    Teach your kids to pick up after themselves. They have posable thumbs.

  30. Love Dogs/but the Owners suckFebruary 04, 2010 9:45 PM

    The wise City Councils in all nearby towns,
    decline to allow off-leash dogs;
    Encinitas, you see,
    just LOVES dog poo and pee,
    and summons with welcoming arms.

    So get on the Freeway and drive to our town,
    from Carlsbad,
    and Vista too;
    Bring all of the ‘barks’ not allowed in your Parks,
    Bring them to pee and to poo.

    Bring them at will, any time of the day;
    When ‘ere it’s convenient for you.
    Daylight or dark,
    weekends and such
    Just about any hour will do.

    A Grand Social Occasion,
    but you know what is BEST?
    you don't have to ‘dip’
    or scoop up their mess.

    Leave it smeared
    on the grass
    For all others to see,
    to step in, or sit on…..

    and THEN there’s the pee….

    all over the posts,
    the rocks and the trees
    dripping in sheets
    for pos-ter-ity

    So, come one and come all!
    We’re expanding our parks!
    We invite the whole County,
    bring all of your ‘barks’.

    Then come back in summer
    Surf/swim in the sea;
    and take home an infection
    From your dog poo and pee

  31. 9:49
    WHY should the neighborhood be relegated to putting cones in front of their mailboxes? USPS re-routed the carriers several years ago because the dog owners blocked neighborhood mailboxes.

    Dog owners don't 'give a shit' more ways than one. It's not THEIR neighborhood.

  32. 4:59-

    Signs don't protect me. I watch out for my own welfare. Man you are in a sorry state. You have a victim mentality big time.

    "Geeze- I don't know when to turn right or cross the train tracks, I need a sign or two to tell me what to do" What a dunce.

  33. Hey Steve-

    aren't you about 50? isn't it about time you start living the rest of your whole life off the tax payers of LA at your highest paying year's salary without working a stitch?

    So what does it feel like to be a big blood sucking tick buried deep beneath the fur on the ass of the tax payer?

  34. Whats with all the personal attacks towards Steve? Anonymity apparently makes people assholes, with literally every single non constructive comment coming from anonymous sources.

    It is wrong to have a park that allows dogs to poop and piss where children play. Period.

    How can you form an argument against such a logically sound statement? Guess we'll just have to resort to bitching about Steve.
    Whats this about Steve being 50? I heard hes pushing 85. Thats the truth.

  35. There is an easy answer to this. The city owns 60 acres of unused fenced land in the form of a not built park. Why can't dog owners use it? The city doesn't have to do anything except open the gate. Kids wouldn't use it because there are no swings, sand boxes, etc.

  36. Call the Sheriff's Department and ask for enforcement. Last time this happened they did enforcement and the city council rolled over on their backs to make the law breakers happy. If you don't follow the rules don't complain when you get a ticket.

  37. 11:01
    Yeah, whats with all the personal attacks?

    Are you he same person that drops the F-bomb everytime someone calls your dog poop out? or tells you it's 'off hours'?

    Class act.
    You certainly enrich this forum.
    A real problem-solver you are.

  38. Kyle: Steve is the same guy who trashed our Fire Dept. thinking he knew better. He didn't. They took every one of his arguments and squelched it. When you sign you name to a post, be willing to take the heat. If not, shut up. And if Steve is 85 as someone said, then why is he still a Los Angeles Firefighter?

  39. 9:28
    Uh....I think that's 'opposable'

    It's your DOG thats "posable"

  40. Anon 10:36. I think you got your LA firemen mixed up. But what difference does it make what city he works for, in your mind all fireman are the same... Scum bags.

    Let me guess, you failed the physical agility or froze up in the interview. The reason Steve is still working at 85 is because he's a kick ass dude.

  41. Apologies. Some of the poop is mine. I am not a dog but I have a public poop fetish that I tend to act on after eating a burrito.

  42. ANON 10:36
    and apparently your not willing to sign your own name to a post, or take the heat, so take your own advice and shut up :)

  43. Encinitas needs a fenced dog park, and off-leash dogs need to be kept out of other parks. We need to stand up to the well-organized dog group minority and take back our parks for all. I too have had run-ins and problems with the dog people, and my young son was once pushed over by a large dog in the park, which caused him to hit his head on the side of a slide. Beware, some of the dog people can be vicious. A previous vocal neighbor once had dog poop regularly deposited on her porch.
    Fining the owners seems to work, however. Maybe we should focus on that in the short term. It seems that there is a very good potential source of revenue for the City that needs to be tapped. But how do we get action?

  44. The solution is to have separate off-leash dog parks in Encinitas. This sharing stuff is irresponsible and hazardous. Orpheus Park could be so pristine and family oriented.

  45. To 1:58
    "How do we get some action?"
    email the council members

  46. Hey anonymous hater of all people who enjoy pensions...workers EARN their pensions. Too bad you didn't earn one for yourself when you had the chance. Now you are bitter and resentful and busy wasting your time flaming on this blog. Pitiful.

  47. I was walking my ON-LEASH dog on a street by one of the viewpoint parks above Moonlight beach when two OFF-LEASH dogs approached quickly from the ON-LEASH park. I had to yell at the dogs to get away to avoid a fight. When I said that their dogs should be on leash, the owners could have simply said sorry, but instead had to comment on my clothes (sweats) and yell at me.

    Most dog people are good and follow the law, WE need to police the ones who do not.

  48. I HAVE E-mailed the City Council regarding off-leash dog complaints. Most recently about the extension of off-leash hours into the night, when even if a conscientious dog owner wanted to pick up the poop it would be very difficult. I didn't get any response.

  49. About a quarter of all dog owners are sociopaths.

  50. Hey 4:07-

    No I'm just a tax payer tired of taking in the Ass by the Government slackers. I can care less if companies give pensions. Oh thats right they don't any more. Nor should the government.

    City Slackers work less and get huge pensions. Its not right and they should be in the 401k programs and Society Security system just like the rest of us. Government work should not be a free ride.

  51. dear 928...

    1. my kids are babies, so I am changing diapers which are often crammed full of beautiful (but quite smelly) shit

    2. it is opposable thumbs, not posable

    3. stop hating, it is merely a silly rant about shit in a park

    I can go on...

    It so so funny how everyone either gangs up on the fireman, starts a rant about how he should move back to LA, etc. or gets quite hostile.

    We are talking about dog shit in a park where kids play. Come on. It's kind of funny.

    This isn't the healthcare debate... or worse, a discussion about roundabouts.

    Wow! Hey, watch out for that shit landmine!

  52. Jesus dude, sitting around counting dogs in the park all day? Then speculating on which one took a shit?

    You should take up drinking or something.

  53. 6:46
    After your baby starts walking and you start going to the park, you may change your mind about the landmines (and the 'frivolity' of this debate). At this point in your life, it is NOT a big deal; that is understandable.....

    BUT it only takes ONE TIME walking or driving home wih an unrelenting dog shit smell on your kid before you get po'd about the situation.

    PROJECT the future and do something about it now.

  54. i think its funny when my kids steps in dog shit at the park we just chuck the shoes in the trash and go barefoot the rest of the visit, not so much the time when she didn't notice and stepped into the car. Not as bad as the time she found a sharpy and drew all over the interior while i was pumping gas. the apple doesn't fall far i guess.

  55. 4:37
    They have to keep up with the cat owners.

  56. Hey, don't start with the cat owners. most of us keep our cats indoors so the crazy drivers around here don't hit them.

  57. 9:39
    All well and good, however

    1) Some families cannot afford to 'chuck' the shoes.

    I'll bet you think you're 'green' as well; teach your kids to recycle and all...The part about the 'apple' is right....
    Do you 'walk the talk'? Your kids are observing your actions.

    2) What about kids walking to school? Are they supposed to go the rest of the day barefoot?

    Precious little kid-stories, but
    you may have missed the point.

  58. I took a shit int he sand at Dog Beach last weekend. Maybe one of the people there with their dogs followed me home and let their dogs shit in my favorite park.

  59. Frankly, I don't believe this story. All of it sounds plausible EXCEPT for the allegation that, TWO DAYS IN A ROW, there were four government employees all working simultaneously. None leaning on a shovel. None smoking cigarettes and talking to one another. None scratching their private parts. None sleeping in the truck.

    I would request that the cameraman, if he ever observes this unbelievable occurrence again, take a photo of the four union workers working simultaneously and post it here.

  60. Not having much to say this time, I would like everyone to know (since this thread has captured the fascination of so many) that I still have some phoney dog poop for sale left over from my joke shop days. "A laff riot" according to the ad for it. (You'd think I would have sold out). I know now you're thinking that maybe all those turds weren't real in the photos, but rest assured they are. (Except I have doubts about the one in front of the gate that looks suspiciously like a Baby Ruth).

  61. My children attend Paul Ecke and we use the park everyday. The new dog park hours are making me nervous someone is going to get bit. There are so many dogs coming to the park when the school kids are still using it. We have to leave to avoid a potential accident. It is just a matter of time. I believe the hours should go back to 4:00 on school days. By the way I have dogs, we love dog parks. I just believe there needs to be separate areas for dogs and people. Orpheus park is really getting destroyed.

  62. I'll sya it again. Open the site of the new park so dogs can run free. No kids, no confrontation, no improvements needed. Just open space for the dogs for now.

  63. Dr. Lorrie, are you around? Please solve this mess. Your a pet expert and park commissioner.

    Please speak up!!

  64. Encinitas Dog Blog- I am not a pet expert as you stated. As a psychologist I sometimes help people get over the loss of a pet. So my expertise is really about losing a pet, not living pets or animal behavior. Sorry. Can't help you out on this one. As a Parks and Rec, Commissoner I had nothing to do with the Orpheus Park decision. That was entirely done by Council. So again I am afraid I cannot help. Thank you for asking though. I certainly would chime in if I had any relevant information.

  65. Dr. Lorrie was on the sub-committee to open up two more parks to the dogs. She reminded everyone at the park meeting about the human / animal bond (she sounded like a pet expert), informed us about demographics "Encinitas is an older community b/c younger families can't afford it". She was informed of the 90+ kids within walking distance of HawkView Park. She said she does not consider these parks dog parks, it's just off leash hours (4 days week/ 8 hours a day with no enforcement = 7 days a week in Encinitas). Just add signage, get some bags and I recommend off leash at two more parks. There was minimal consideration of children. In fact another commissioner stated "we want to keep the dogs happy". To act as if she has nothing to do with this can of worms that has been opened is ridiculous. We have a Parks and Rec department and commission that do not seem too interested in children.

  66. If anyone is interested in this, please come to the City Council meeting this Weds. at 6PM. Glen Park and Hawk View Park will be on the agenda for off-leash hours. These are recommendations to Council only. It is up to Council to decide, not Parks and Rec. If you want to trash me there, please be my guest. I am pretty easy to get along with, given a chance. My information about the demographics of Encinitas comes from SANDAG. Anyone can download it to see the population stats. I didn't just make it up. Come one, come all. Let your voices be heard.

  67. I asked Dr Lorri to comment on the YouTube videos that I produced documenting the deplorable conditions at Orpheus Park. I want to hear her opinion as a Park Commissioner. I thought it was important for her as a leader in the community to speak up and possibly depolarize the situation. Didn't happen.

    For anyone that has not seen the videos check the links below.

    What is Encinitas Dog Blog?

  68. Steve- I did phone you and we did speak. I mentioned that I had nothing to do with the Orpheus Park decision so how could I comment? Please, at least be fair about this.

  69. I'm not trashing you Lorri you're probably a nice person. I just feel it was legitimate to ask your opinion. Our civic leaders in Encinitas would rather avoid than address. Addressing issues works... and, is a strong leadership trait.

  70. I am being fair. Maybe I wasn't clear. I tend to get a bit aggravated when it comes to the poor conditions of the park. What I'm asking is, what is your opinion of the videos and the conditions of Orpheus Park.
    That's all.

    My question has nothing to do with the decisions made there.

    Isn't that's fair?

  71. Lorri
    Then why all the sports fields slated for Hall? Senior leagues?
    You favored more parks and longer hours & days at the Parks meeting. Did you do your homework beyond SANDAG stats? That sounds a little half-cocked considering the Commissioners recommend to the City Council. How often does CC go against Commission recommendations?

  72. Dr. Lorrie
    I don't question your SANDAG demographics, I was questioning why the commission didn't consider the demographics near a neighborhood park. Encinitas General Plan states:
    A neighborhood park unit is designed to serve the immediate area where it is located and not attract users from outside the design service area. For this reason, restroom structures are discouraged.
    Since that is the definition it seems the neighborhood demographics should have mattered versus the city wide demographics.

  73. Dr Lorri wrote a book on peoples intimate relationships with dogs. You can buy it on the internet.

    Don't you realize that with all the dog people in Encinitas that expanding dog parks could sell more books!

    It could move it to the national best seller list.

    Remember this is Encinitas where conflict of interest, corruption and incompetence is normal business.

  74. Finger Pointer- Just to let you know, the Parks and Rec. Commisssion was not consulted on any issues related to the Hall Property, except the outside buffers plants. That was before my term, but Bob Nanninga told me this. I have no idea why we were not consulted, but that is the truth.

    Robert: Thank you for the promotion for my book: Saying Good-bye to the Pet You Love. It is a self-help book on how to get over the loss of a pet. My website is: for anyone interested in seeing what I look like, and what I do with regards to this subject. It talks about the 5 stages of loss, be it people or animals and how to get thru loss. The stages came out of the human literature on loss. I also work with people who have lost loved ones. I mostly work with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Right now working a lot with the military and PTSD. Lots of soldiers coming back and not doing so well. Affects families as well as the soldier.

    RvW- As I mentioned before, I was not a part of the Orpheus Park decision and therefore it is not right for me to comment. I live in Cardiff so I do not have daily access to that particular park.

    Steve: I think the fair thing would be to come to the Council Meeting this Weds. and air your concerns. I will be there as part of the subcommittee on off-leash hours at Glen Park and Hawk View, which were the two parks assigned to the Parks and Rec. Commisson to explore the possibility of off-leash hours at those two parks.

    Hope that answers questions.

  75. Lorri, You are a civic leader. You are very active on this blog and are opinionated on almost every subject on this blog except the dog issue. I understand that you are up for reappointment but speak up and take a stand. Your avoidance of my request will only put you in the same category as all of the other city leaders. This is an opportunity.


    Wait, I also have an additional question now that you mentioned it. You stated you lived near Glen Park. In making a recommendation as a commissioner and dog expansion committee member, would you consider it an additional conflict of interest due to the proximity of you residence?

    Simple FAIR questions

    I provided the links if you haven't seen them yet.

  76. Steve-My opinion of the videos is that they are interesting.
    As far as a conflict of interest with Glen Park , I said I live in Cardiff. I do not live within 500 feet or yards (can't remember which it is) of Glen park. Now I have answered your questions.
    BTW, I am not a civic leader. This is a blog, not the North County Times or U.T. If I have opinions on issues I post them, with my name added. The civic leaders are the City Council and people like Bob Bonde, Fred Caldwell, Peder Norby, Kevin Cummins, etc. I am not nearly as well versed on City issues as any of them.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. This is my opinion:
    Park Commissioner- Appointed member of a civic group that represents the interest of the community under the authority of the city council= LEADER

    With all due respect, I think your wrong about your role as a civic leader. Did you take and oath?

    In regards to the videos...
    That's it, for the record.

    Not repulsive, disappointing frightening, deplorable or something needs to be done about this...uh, I'm sorry the neighbors and children are exposed to this. We can do better than this, we're gonna a work on making it better.

    Just interesting.

    Wow Lorri! This was a really easy one.

    Now you know why I'm so frustrated.

  79. Steve is a great guy, plain and simple, who hasn't done a thing that is wrong. Put yourself in his place. He just requested that people who own these dogs be responsible and pick up their dog's poop and control their dogs in a family park. Why attack him?? I am so disappointed to realize I live amongst people who blame others (and put them down even!) when they totally lack responsibility--look in the mirror and accept you are the one that should be cleaning up your dog poop and following the (simple) rules. Take a minute and imagine describing your actions(and Steve's) to your mother-what would she say (if she even still talks to you)?? She would no doubt be embarrassed to have raised such an ill-manner and irresponsible child...

  80. Trust me, I'm more of an oathless civic follower here.

  81. Boy Fred. Dr. L gives you a compliment and you can't even help her out a bit? I am disappointed in you and others who are letting her hang in the wind. You want her to step up to the plate and run for Council and when she gets slammed, you all run for cover. I am amazed at the lack of support for her after all she has done for our City. Shame on you.

  82. Cardiffian, I don't think Steve was slamming her. He was lobbing her some soft balls. I mean softballs. Really, and setting her up for success too.

    She waffled and couldn't commit.

    She'll make a great Encinitas Council candidate. She's being groomed as a Council member right here on the Leucadia Blog.

    Who else is running so we can groom them too...

  83. Emotions are high, because we care so much, right?

    Dr. Lorri (by the way, I did go check out her website and anyone who helps people who are grieving is ALRIGHT with me!) gave an answer to the direct question about what she saw on the videos. Her answer was disappointing because it sends a non-committal signal. "Interesting" is what someone generally tends to say when they do not want to commit to what their actual opinion is on a subject.

    So we can take it any way we choose to take it, and therein lies the problem.

    Clearly Steve is disappointed because he had hoped for someone (anyone!) in a position of power with the city to freaking admit that the park is gross and that off leash hours (although probably well intentioned) are not working for the children/parents anyway. The dog owners from other neighborhoods are thrilled.

    I am going to believe that Dr. Lorri has a really good reason as to why she is not making public comments about this topic, even though I am also disappointed that she did not come out and just admit that it is disgusting. Throw him a bone! I don't know anyone who has seen those videos that hasn't had a change of opinion about how they view Orpheus park. Even me. I was still letting my kids play there until I saw the video. Once I really looked at what I had just gotten used to seeing I had to stop letting my kids play there. We only use the park to walk to and from school now. I never thought when I stood at the top of Orpheus park, three years ago at my mother's memorial service, pregnant and in shock that she was suddenly gone, that I wouldn't be able to let my kids even play there when they were bigger. That was the whole reason we picked the park as a place to celebrate her life. We own a house across the street. We thought, you know, we would watch the kids grow up playing there. Not the case.

    I guess that gives some of you a slice of why we are emotional about it.

    I'm going to believe that Dr. Lorri will do the right thing by us, and hope that she digests those sickening videos and maybe even comes to our park and talks with us moms after school and sees for herself what is going on with the current mixed use arrangement. The kids disappointed at having to leave, the poop and pee everywhere, the people arriving early, the hostility if we ask them to keep their dogs out of the sand, etc. Maybe she will use this experience and help us if she can.

    I think if city leaders came out and visited with us after school they might understand why Steve is so upset that he has taken on this huge undertaking to fight the city, put himself out there for attacks on this blog, spend so much time involved in this craziness. Steve is not up for election of any sort! He is not vying for any position here. He's just willing to fight to the end for what he considers our kid's future. You can't blame him for that.

    Oftentimes people in city government need to check in with themselves and review whether they are operating from a standpoint of playing safe to protect a coveted position or if they are acting on behalf of the greater good.

    Just my thoughts.

  84. Anon: 2:06-What do you expect Dr. Lorri to do? She is not responsible for this mess and no one gets that thru there head. Maybe she is on the defensive by now. Wouldn't you be? As for Fred, Dr. Lorri has talked to me to about the injustice done to your sister. She was so concerned and wondered if there was anything she could do. I told her no there wasn't. I always thought you were a stand up kind of guy, but you really have woosed out as any kind of friend to Dr. Lorri. Kind of a sad day all around.

  85. 2:06
    Maybe she's 'not responsible' for it, but shes 'contributory', because she, and the other Park Commissioners, recommended expanding mixed-use off-leash parks.....gee, "seemed like a good idea at the time'.....should they not have walked the parks before making a recommendation?

    She could have taken a bag lunch,
    flicked the dog shit and mud off the table (caused by dogs standing and laying on them) and observed the 'action' before making her recommendation. I think thats called an "informed decision".

  86. A future John Muirs MomFebruary 10, 2010 11:55 AM

    Mommy! Mommy!
    Look what I see
    A smiley-face
    on the table
    looking at me

    How curious my Dear
    It’s all crusty and brown,
    and nasty and smelly
    with paw prints all around.

    My Dear, take your lunch
    and go find a clean table.
    What’s that? You can’t find one?
    You say you’re not able?

    Take your lunch up a tree,
    be careful, don't fall;
    Bird poo’s so much better,
    its au natural

  87. You people need to get a life. It is becoming pathetic reading your posts. If you think this is going to help your cause you are so mistaken. Staff and Council read this blog and they are probably becoming very unsympathtic to your cause. I don't blame them. You are bordering on being called cyberbullies and there are consequences for that. Dr. L has done nothing to deserve this bullshit and it should have been ended a long time ago. If you have so much time on your hands, why don't you donate your time and become a Commissioner. Oh no-that won't work. Who would you bully then.Karma is an interesting thing and no this is not Lynn.

  88. Yo 1:02 - not Lynn
    Sweep your own doorstep.
    Its you that reads these posts
    In that case, it is you that is pathetic. And 'we' don't have a life?

    Cyberbullies? Gimmeeabreak. This is an effing BLOG. Did you just pick up an old issue of Wired?

    No ones picking on Dr.Lorri, shes a Commissioner and should be able to back up her vote/recommendation(s) with some sort of rationale. She does not appear to want to step up and do so.

    Why does it piss people off so much that others have the ability to go online at-will, and bring in an income at the same time? No Spyware here.

    And don't play the karma card, you've provided n-o-t-h-i-n-g constructive in your post. Just a mindless rant of pseudo indignation.

    Oh, and you write like a fourth-grader. Yeah, that was a cheap shot. Ramble, ramble, blah, blah, blah.

  89. Anon 1:02 Thanks for clearing that up

    That's what City Staff does... I knew they had to do something.


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