Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Positive Vibes from Otis the Dude

Hello there, I just want to shed some light in a positive way towards
TheWorld Womens Longboard Championships at Swamis

If you went to the City Parks and Rec meeting and Listened to Linda Benson speak, how could anyone be against the Contest?

She has tried to cover all avenues of issues and keep it low key to the locals at Swamis. Linda has dedicated an open time during the days of the events for the locals to surf. There will be a small festival at “K”st for all the spectators to enjoy. There will be a small bleacher set up on top of the parking lot for the spectators. Even a few home owners from Swamis came to the meeting in support of the contest. There will also be a telecast showing the contest from various locations. Linda said, whatever the council wants, she well try and do it. Linda Benson just wants to have this great event that everyone would be happy with. All proceeds will go back to the community, and to non-profit groups. See list.

Imagine how it will help the Women Surfers in the USA. Think of how it will benefit the local business of downtown Encinitas. This contest will help the local Surf Industry, and Women surfing around the world.

Look at how Surf Contests have helped the sport of Surfing. Take a look at all the past World Champions; Linda was one of them!

It is not the first surf contest at Swamis. There have been many. There was only one very large event in 1967, it was a “World Pro Open”. As Steve Aneer said at the meeting, “it was a big hit and everyone loved it”. There were several Swamis Surf Club members surfing in it as well.

This event is 4-days long, and not full days (finished by 4:00), again allowing for locals to surf if they desire. It is in early October, not during the peak swell time.


Why are some of our Swamis members saying things like, “it’s going to be a traffic nightmare”? Traffic? Haven't they seen the Street fair? Some say to have the event at Cardiff, or anywhere else. What does that mean, they don't care about these issues at the other venues? You just deal with it, and make other arrangements, just like she has.

Haven't they seen the crowd in and out of the water at Swamis on a large swell day? They haven't seen a World contest before? There are only 4-person heats, therefore, the environmental impact is 100's of times less!

I have surfed in contests most of my surfing life, and I have a bit of insight on how they work, and how they benefit the community.

What are most of these people taking about? It is selfishness, and they are worried about more contests at Swamis. This is the issue that everyone should be looking into, not to punish the Professional Women Surfers.

There are several “class A” surf spots that professional surfers have made famous. They have surf contests at these places, and they are controlled by the type of event, what the cause is, and the donations, non-profit and etc. These places are all limited to how many contests they can have a year as well. Malibu has Four, Trestles has three, Churches has three, Steamer Lane has three, Cardiff Reef has two, Doheny has three and the list goes on. The city can enforce the code for a limit on events, at any spot, which meets the criteria. The Noosa Australia Contest is about a week long, and is next to Noosa National Park . This spot breaks similar to Malibu, a right point break. This contest makes so much money for the city that the city council gives the Noosa Surf Club (who runs the event) $10,000! The city, the surf industry, and the local business make money, and it’s a fun good time event for all.


As Gary Baum spoke at the general club meeting and stated that the original Swamis Club was in favor of having events at Swamis (just like all other clubs do). Our club travels to other events to surf in; two Malibu events year, one at Doheny, one at Churches, Noosa, Steamer Lane, Windansea, and so on. These events have been this way for years, and it seems to be no worries!

Have you ever surfed Swamis? The answer maybe “yes”, and if it is “no”, I’m sure it’s because of what happens out in the water. There is so much screaming, yelling, and fighting, there are collisions, etc. There are people taking off all over the place, and not caring about anything but themselves! Are these some of the same people against the event? Bet you are right.

So, lets stop being Selfish, and have this great event, and enjoy it!


Fact Check: Nothing is promised for charities. Benson said that if there was any extra money it would go to charity.

Burning Question: Will Otis be working any of the Swamis contests?



  1. Otis is a menace....completely ruined the Swamis Club. A legend in his own mind

  2. I don't surf, but I walk the beach. Can I walk the beach at Swami's during the contest? Can I rent the beach area to have a walking contest? I also compete in sand sculpture contests, can I rent Swami's beach for a sand sculpture contest? I have friends who like to ride the waves on old style rubber rafts, can I rent Swami's for a rubber raft contest? I think Swami's would be great for an underwater paintball contest, using biodegradable substances of course, can I rent Swami's for that? I am an internationally known Yoga teacher with a universal following, can I rent Swami's beach to film my newest Yoga For Oldsters video -- I promise to give 10% of profit to City coffers. I also planning the wedding of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and think Swami's would be the perfect beach setting for sunset nuptials -- now that would be the biggest thing ever to happen in this sleeply little town.

  3. "I have surfed in contests most of my surfing life, and I have a bit of insight on how they work, and how they benefit the community."

    Otis is self serving otis. A pity.

    Time for blackshorts.

    I want to rent swamis for a surf contest with my friends too.

  4. Stop being selfish???

    Hello! Linda is trying to privatize the beach for a select few. They want the beach for THEMSELVES.

    How is it selfish that those opposed to contests at Swamis want it open 24/7 365 days a year so ANYONE who wants to has the ability to enjoy it?

  5. Is it true the contestants will be nude?

  6. Meathead, trus me, you don't want to see any of the contestants nude.

  7. "Look at how Surf Contests have helped the sport of Surfing. Take a look at all the past World Champions; Linda was one of them!"

    You've got to be kidding me! Contests haven't helped anyone but the promoters and maybe a few contestants. The sport of surfing has become a crowded debacle full of kooks and wannabes thanks to contests and unqualified surfers thinking they're something special because they got a trophy.

  8. Why is it that some of these old dudes wax poetic about the good old days when the surf was less crowded then turn around and blindly support ruining local surfing even more?

  9. So is the contest a go for sure???

  10. Why should anyone be able to rent public spaces, including swamis. We pay for the spaces through taxes and will be excluded for someones personal gain?

    This is a good reason we need to change government. Don't vote for an incumbent.

  11. This contest is assured if Dan has his way. He needs to be voted out of office. His term is up in 2010. Let's make this happen. He wanted to give Cotton an 11% raise in these tough times. In fact, all 3 of the men on the Council are Republicans. I thought they were the fiscally conservative party. Teresa, who I think is a Democrat, didn't want the raises. WTF? Nothing is as it seems. A little like Alice in Wonderland. In this case, though, just follow the money.

  12. How can a "low key" event include bleachers and a major road closure for a festival/booth area? SRF is not on board either.

  13. Linda is keeping very silent on many important aspects of this contest. I think she believes that she has the 3 councilmen's blessing on it and could care less about the impact on Encinitas, Swami's or the Parks and Rec Commission at all. That is my impression from watching her at the Parks and Rec Commission's hearing. When questioned, she kept dodging. When asked how many people did she expect, she said she didn't know. She was vague about the charities, stating if there was any money left over. Pretty sure there won't be. Hopefully, the City will not grant the permit, but who knows with the 3 unwise men.

  14. I Guess Some People Are More Equal Than OthersFebruary 18, 2010 8:33 AM


    Your arguments in favor of the contest are disingenuous at best and outright lies at worst. Such as "All proceeds will go back to the community and nonprofit groups" - LIE!

    You say "Look what contests have done for the surfing community"... Yeah, what exactly? Elevated the favored few through subjective judging to the spotlight? Wow, I'm impressed - NOT!

    "There have been many contest at Swamis" - umm, guess that depends on what your definition of "many" is.

    And my favorite "How could anybody be against the contest after last night's presentation"? Easy! I am against the contest because the beach and water should be open to EVERYONE - not just a handful of overrated longboarding women in an unsanctioned contest.

    How many contests are held at whatever other spots has absolutely no bearing on whether there should be a contest at Swamis. If anything, it shows that there are already TOO MANY contests to begin with!

  15. Otis, thank you for the positive vibes.
    As always, when anyone offers positive vibes, be it fund raising for good causes or noble efforts, there will be those who will slam those positive thoughts and efforts and villanize the messenger.

  16. Noble Causes, My AssFebruary 18, 2010 9:36 AM

    Using the phrases "noble efforts" and "fund raising for good causes" in regards to a contest at Swamis doesn't pass the smell test. Yeah, maybe if the "noble effort" is to line the pockets of the golden few. I guess they consider themselves a "good cause" - ridiculous!

  17. I wish Linda would answer some of the questions asked of her. I guess she is counting on her friendship with Dan. We have to vote him out.

  18. taxpayers revolt!!February 18, 2010 9:56 AM

    You can stop all this nonsense by demanding a EIR for any damage done to the beach and reef. Call the coastal commission and ask them about the permitting process, require a CC permit.

    Or you can ask Marco to get involved.
    He will be able to help you pro bono.

    Meanwhile, America goes to shit and your Enc.City Council hands out giant pay raises that YOU the taxpayer can't afford, but do you care?? NO, just as long as there isn't any surfing contest at Swampy's!!(shaking my head side to side, muttering to myself, pathetic bastards).

    Taxpayers revolt!!

  19. Truth hurts sometimes.February 18, 2010 1:56 PM

    Taxpayers are too fat and lazy to revolt. Its what happens to all complacent societies. Greece, Rome, England, and now America. We have are hay day and we are well past our peak.

    The next cycle has begun.

  20. I'm not selfish, sorry otisFebruary 18, 2010 8:18 PM

    OTIS The selfish card is a foolish one to play my friend. Remember, we all still have to live and surf together after the contest is over. You people realize that Otis is one of the biggest selfish WAVE HOGS in the water right? He is a prime example of the type of overly aggressive and selfish men in the water that the ladies complain about. POT KETTLE BLACK OTIS YOU FOOL. WHAT FOLLY.

  21. I find this comment self serving.

    "How is it selfish that those opposed to contests at Swamis want it open 24/7 365 days a year so ANYONE who wants to has the ability to enjoy it?"
    February 17, 2010 10:08 PM

    !0:08 is talking about his territorial tribe, not 'anyone'
    It IS SELFISH to fight against one contest throughout the year. Most'Anyone'is fine supporting this community event.

    Otis, thanks for the good vibes and honesty. Good luck in the line out there with the territorial knuckleheads that believe the waves and beach are their private property.

  22. The waves are currently public 365 days a year. The only one trying to privatize the waves in this thread is Otis. They will no longer be open to the public if contest permits are issued. This contest is a commercial venture. Who gets private access to the waves? Friends of the council. Fascism rises again.

  23. 7:02 -- "ANYONE" means anyone: people who want to walk down the stairs, people who want to watch the waves from the parking lot, walk on the beach, surf, eat their lunch in the park, or hula hoop on the sand.

    You're trying to make this personal. Opponents of contests at Swamis want to beach open always so everyone can use it when ever they fell like it. And we're against ANY and ALL contests at Swamis.


  24. No one called the Save Trestles crowd selfish.

  25. I have little doubt that the territorial tribe that has been sooo vocal on stopping this civic event for the entire community has NEVER offered their energies to 'protect public access' at any other time outside of this request at their Private Sacred playground.

  26. You supporters of the contest love to throw round the "territorial tribe" b.s. but the fact of the matter is many opponents to contests at Swamis DON'T EVEN SURF THERE!

  27. I bet the vast majority do

  28. Otis surfs Cardiff not Swamis. Otis is a horrible greddy wave hog and a mean person in the water. What a scam and a sham all of this is. I feel sorry for you kool aid drinkers. FAIL.


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