Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thanks Jim

Jim the mailman is retiring.

Jim's extraordinary service was talked about for years, on my block. He cared enough to go the extra step at some point for many of us and he watched out for us. It turns out that Leucadians got the word out along his route that he would be retiring on Tuesday. Leucadians all over the area have posted signs on their mailboxes thanking Jim for his service and wishing him well.
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I think it is pretty cool that Leucadians would take the time to publicly thank Jim for being a positive component of our daily lives.

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  1. I'm on Jim's route, and it feels like he's been here absolutely forever.

    Anybody know how long he's been delivering mail to our section of Leucadia (E. Glaucus for me personally)?

  2. I know that when my parents moved into their house in 1980 he had just started that route (so I suppose it's been 30 years). Jim is the best! He will be very missed.

  3. why have you not attacked his government pension? How is his cushy job, sucking from the public trough, different from our city employees? Kevin and JP do you have different standards for people you know and people you don't?

  4. Have JP or Kevin have ever "attacked" any government employee for accepting what YOUR elected officials are willing to give them.

    There is no special treatment or hypocrisy here. Besides, do you even know how the postal service retirement plan compares to state and city plans?

  5. When Jim started, government employees made less than the private sector. The trade-off for Jim was a secure job. Government employees now make more than the free market private sector. Who's fault is that?

    There are only a few people in this town willing to speak out from beyond the shadows about this issue. JP and Kevin are two.

    Why not post your name anon 618? Is it because you are actually a council shill?

  6. I'm gonna miss Jim. He's a great man.

  7. 618,
    There is no double standard because I've no problems with someone working for the government.

    My stance is clear. It one regarding policy. We need to change public policy regrading retirement benefits. We can't continue to use up our children's resources.

    Going after all public employees because we elected bad decision makers is unjustified and unwise.

  8. I'm glad that Jim has been my postmsn. We will miss him on our route. Kathleen

  9. anon 809 I don't see your name. Are you a government employee shill? I'll bet you suck at the government trough.

  10. 7:32
    I think you mean lap.

  11. Just another government employee killing our economy with his gold plated government pension plan, right?
    Y'all wouldn't be hypocites and diss city workers while praising this federal leach, would you???


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