Saturday, February 13, 2010

Water Protest Flyer

click image for large view and to print out at home. Taxpayers group protests water fee hike


  1. Teresa Barth was on the committee that recommended this HUGH rate increase.

    She couldn't support our dogs (because the fence cost too much - give me a break), but, she'll recommend higher water rates and special golden handshakes to water employees!


  2. vote out all incumbants.

    Teresa is still a first termer. She should get one more term.

    the rest need to go!

    Especially Dalager who is bad for Encinitas's future.

  3. Don't forget that the Council gets benefits if they get elected to two terms. If Barth really did vote for Cotton's raise, let's vote her out before she gets to feed from the public trough. We definitely need to replace Dan this time and Jerome next time. My question is who would want to run?

  4. Barth did not support the raise for Cotton or for Council. It is in the staff report.

  5. Read the staff report. Barth is recommending no raise for Cotton. Stocks is suggesting a 11% increase.

    Barth didn't vote for Cotton's raise three years ago either.

  6. Never vote for Stocks for any office race. He is a union and developer shill. Nothing more. Oh yeah and an insurance salesman.


  8. Who are these people deliberately misrepresenting present and past councilmembers anyway?

  9. Live in North County my whole lifeFebruary 13, 2010 11:23 PM

    Geeze Fred. That's easy. Its Danny's beneficiaries.

    Unions and Developers.

    they will come out big against someone honest and good like Teresa Barth. Or is it really Louis lane? I personally think its Teresa who just love Encinitas and all of north county.

    Guaranteed. The dark side will spend big money to defeat Barth. Watch for a slanderous flier with money from Mr. David M. and pawns like twerps like Mike Andrean and his other evil elfs will join in. He Learned clowns don't work so he will look to do slanderous mailers.

    Guaranteed. Watch.

    To counter. Teresa should positions herself for response to the press and all regarding the antics of Danny, Jerome, and hommies like David and the brain dead James (should have retired along time ago}

    We all can see it coming.

    What I would love to see is all the good staff (which is many) of City Hall to get behind making Encinitas a much better City. I know many in City Hall who would love to work for a City that serves the community instead of serving the goals of some special interest. with Staff supported by the public this City will go off.

    Once staff get behind the movement to better Encinitas, our City will be so much better. If they are not part of the positive movement they need to go and someone with some integrity needs to be in City Hall to fire the bad apples.

    Like I said I know many staff live in Encinitas and would love Encinitas to become transparent like Solana Beach did. Lets help that happen.

    Get active in this next elections. Like Solana Beach we can take back our City to serve the best interests of Encinitas.

    People like Dr. Lorri, Fred C., Cardiff town folk, and Olivenhain Saints all need to parlae and make this happen.

    Lets take our town back from developers and unions. and I agree it will be difficult to get staff behind us while we oppose the union ownership of City Hall but it is possible. And the dead wood will be fired.

    Call to action. Let Move!

  10. Just another insurance salesmanFebruary 14, 2010 5:59 AM

    More facts said about Stocks: "Oh yeah and an insurance salesman"....

    And just what is it about being an insurance salesman which makes him unfit to serve?

    Maybe I will have to run for Council...

  11. Barth did vote to push for this rate increase.

  12. Firing any city staff is next to impossible. Much like state and federal workers and teachers, once they are on the gravy train, there's no way to get them off.

  13. then its time to bust up the union.

    First step get Dalager and Stocks out.

    The two biggest union lappies.

  14. the only thing that will save Encinitas is term limits

  15. term limits are the only wayFebruary 14, 2010 10:45 AM

    agreed. and Dr. Lorri was the only saving grace for implementing term limits.

    she was side swiped by an LA fireman and burned up all her chi on dog poo.

    the firemen and all government tit employees and retirees continue to get pay for going minimal work, and the residents are left arguing about dog poo.

    It just doesn't make sense. Things will never change in S. CA.

    We are in for a tough decade.

    I am going to go breath some ocean air, before the City figures out a way to tax that to help pay for their pensions.

  16. Fred said
    Who are these people deliberately misrepresenting present and past councilmembers anyway?

    February 13, 2010 9:17 PM


  17. 10:45- Just leaving for the Wild Animal Park when I saw your post. I have definitely not used up all of my chi on dog poo. Perhaps Meiche wishes that had been the case, but I am still very pro-term limits. In fact this whole debacle has made me into more of an activist, not less. If people want term limits, I am in. I just cannot do all of the work myself. So since Meiche managed to find my regular e-mail and pass it on to others, let me just give it to all of you. Anyone interested in getting term limits on the ballot, and it may have to wait until 2012 because of time constraints, e-mail me: There is a person that is working on the legal aspects of this and hopefully that person will e-mail me as I have lost the phone # since getting a new cell phone. You know who you are. Thanks for the support I have received from many of you over the dog issue. Ironically I don't have dogs. I do want to echo what another person said about staff. There are really some great folks at City Hall. They get frustrated too. Let's not trash them but work with them to make this City even better than it already is, which is pretty great. Thanks Encinitas for everything.

  18. According to the Registrar of order to get something on the Nov. ballot in Encinitas you would need 3,784 signatures. 5000 would be better just to be safe.

    The deadline is Aug. 6 HOWEVER, they tell people to have their petition completed by late May because they need 30 days to verify signatures plus the City Council must act on the petition.....which they could either pass or send to the Reg. of Voters for the Nov. ballot.


    Question #1
    Did Teresa Barth recommend these double digit water increases?

    Yes (refer to K.C's post)

    Question #2
    Did Teresa Barth vote against the dogs at Hawkview?

    Yes (review the council minutes)

    Question #3
    Did Teresa Barth vote for "golden" handshakes for water district employees?

    Yes (review the council minutes)


  20. What Golden Handshake did Teresa vote for?

  21. Anon 4:34

    what's your point? The vote was 5-0 for the water rate and the early retirement....Aka golden handshake.

    Even if Barth voted NO it would't matter. The boys were all for it.

  22. Teresa couldn't afford a no vote that would be used as propaganda against her in November by the boys who would twist it around. She does support an independent water district.

  23. Watta joke!
    You poser posters will twist reality until it pukes to excuse your favored one (the Barth).

    Barth did indeed vote to approve "golden handshakes" for employees and she was on the sub-committee that has recommended all the water rate increases.

    Give me a break! She's got "feet of clay" and y'all need to admit it and find some other truly worthy hero / heroine.

    Think about it, she's recommending the City manager not receive similar pay raises approved for over 200 employees, but she's recommending a water rate increase for about 30,000 residents of Encinitas served by SDWD? That's crap!

  24. I hate to say it, BUT, I have to agree with the last poster. If you can spin Teresa's vote as a strategic move - you're as dumb as they come or drinking a little too much cool-aid.

  25. Maggie votes horribly every council session yet you people give her a free pass. The 3 boys vote horribly every council session but let's pick on Barth. Have another beer.

  26. Think about it, she's recommending the City manager not receive similar pay raises approved for over 200 employees

    Good for her. Whos the dumbshit that voted to give these 200 that kind of raise? Must be some dip shit.

  27. 1:26- Just because you are on a Committee does not mean you recommended a pay increase. Stocks was the one that wanted it, not Teresa. Look at the Staff report, please. Also, read the Sign On San Diego article about the 11% increase for Cotton. Even the Mayor of San Diego doesn't make as much as he does. Dalger says they need to keep the pay high to attract good people. Cotton was an insider already and they never did an outside search after Kerry Miller left. They just appointed Cotton who was head of public works. If this goes thru it is our fault for not raising hell.


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