Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mayor Pro Tem

Appointment of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor is officially done via a vote but had traditionally been done through taking turns. When the council skipped Houlihan over for Mayor ( ) a few years ago Houlihan spent weeks worked up about the issue.

Recently, Barth was skipped over for Deputy Mayor and Houlihan happily accepted the post instead.

Earlier this month the council reviewed their policy on appointing the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Here is the video of the discussion about the policy. You can't make this stuff up.


  1. I can't bear to sit through another council "discussion." Can't someone just post a play by play summarization of the BS and the Issue.

  2. That's what being deputy mayor is all about.

  3. Doesn't really sound like they discussed much more then a formal name change. They didn't discuss how Mayor and "Deputy Mayor" are appointed.

  4. Never ever ever vote for an incumbent!

  5. They sure love to hear themselves talk and make no results.

  6. Deputy Mayor Houlihan,

    Why should people listen to you whine when you finally get a chance to change the policy and you do nothing other than bask in the glory of sitting in the deputy mayor's chair that Barth should be sitting in?

  7. Who cares? So they spent two minutes discussing this topic. BFD. 10:34: Never vote for the incumbent? Then by definition, why vote at all because the person you vote for will soon become an incumbent that fails you. It is a stupid position. 8:10: What "results" are you seeking? Be clear. Otherwise, it sounds like you are just a chronic complainer. Politicians pretty much suck, we all know this fact. But why spend your precious time and energy complaining about egos, personalities, and other goofy shit?

  8. You are stupid. By that statement you sound like an existing council member. "Then by definition, why vote at all because the person you vote for will soon become an incumbent that fails you. It is a stupid position."

    Pssfff- Try and wrap your brain around this one. I vote for someone who hasn't been a council person, they win and are a council person for 4 years, they don't run again and I vote for someone knew. There are endless intelligent capable people willing to volunteer for a 4 year stint. Someone should only serve on our council for two terms max. one term wouldn’t be bad either.

    The problem is when dumb asses like our existing council with the exception of Teresa get the ego based power boost and believe that they are something special. Our particular crop shows how the ultra stupid seems to be able to get re-elected.

    Never vote for an incumbent or you are part of the problem.

  9. i'm stupid for reading these posts...

  10. You are just stupid like most voters. Its not your fault, right? You don't want to educate yourself.

  11. Throw the bums out. Stupid waste of time like they waste our money.

  12. I love Encinitas. I love this blog. But most of all, I love that THESE are our problems. Anybody who's been very far outside of the U.S. can attest to the fact that we have luxurious problems compared to many/most. We aren't arguing about who killed our kin or burned our town down, or whether our nutty dictator plans to get us blown up. So bitch away! But try to appreciate the option to do so.

  13. 121,

    Why don't we have those problems? God likes the USA best?

    We are headed down a dark path because of poor leadership.

    We aren't you say? Gee, why not? Arrogance got us into too many wars and the inevitable economic collapse already.

  14. 216,

    America doesn't have special immunity to bad things happening here. We've been extremely fortunate that past generations have helped keep America moving forward.

    It is our responsibility to keep it moving forward and leave our children a State and city that doesn't have tons of problems.

    Both JP and I are keenly aware of bigger issues and take action on those. We leave this blog for the local stuff, most of the time.

    From last' years post, "Bigger things to worry about"

    The Local Stuff

    There are huge challenges that dwarf our local issues and many of those issues will define our futures more than locally made decisions. The presence of bigger challenges does not excuse us from reviewing local decisions. Many of those local decisions still have significant impacts to our quality of life, even if they are in the background of more serious challenges.

    We should expect our local government to lead by example.


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