Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breaking News: Linda has withdrawn her request to hold a surf contest at Swamis.

Linda Benson held a press conference at the SRF grounds today
announcing she has decided not to attempt to hold a surf contest at
Word is the press conference was very classy and positive.
Let's thank Linda for doing the right thing and respecting the wishes
of SRF
Let's all move forward together.

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  1. Shhooo. I was really worried that the world would come to an end and the sky would fall and other such nonsense should she hold her surf contest.

    I feel better knowing all is well in Encinitas again.

  2. No contests at swamis is a good thing for Encinitas.

    Please I hope no one else wants to claim they have the biggest thing to ever happen to Encinitas.

    Its likely not going to be good for Encinitas.

  3. Good for Linda! Despite being a shoe-in at Council, she has taken the high road and apparently after reviewing all the issues, is the kind of person who can change her mind instead of blindly forcing her hand just because she can. This was a heated debate because people felt strongly pro and con, but it is satisfying to see that no one got stupid or violent about this. We Encinitans can agree to disagree, and those like Linda, can decide not to pursue a dream, without losing face. Kudos to you Linda!

  4. Thank you Linda. It takes class to do what you did in stepping down on the Swami's location. I admire you.

  5. Well done Linda. A surfer and surf leader with integrity. I am glad to have you in our town.

  6. Better get busy attending the general plan update codifying that no events are allowed at swamis!!!

  7. Thanks Linda, Free Hawaiian shirt for you at Caldwell's Antiques!

  8. This doesn't end the issue we have with this city council. They are like congress, "we don't care what our constituents think, we are going to do what we want". We need to change this city council.

  9. Excellent. Perhaps as a resident of Solana Beach, Linda can promote the event there.

  10. Wow! What a chess game! And the final move was Benson withdrawing her request. So this whole charade wasn't about the surf contest. It was to break and change policy on the use of non-reservable park assets. As Dalager kept repeating it is the process. The Council changed the process and changed the policy without publicly declaring their intentions. What a bunch of crummy politician, Bond, Houlihan, Stocks, and Dalager. It wasn't about the contest. it was about changing policy.

  11. No kudos for Linda Benson.

  12. 9:37- I agree with you. Now that the wise (not) Council has agreed to Linda's request, there will be others who will want to use Swamis. And, they might not be so concerned about the SRF. Watch out Swamis, here they come. Let's see who voted for and against it.
    Against- Lorri Greene -Parks and Recreation Commissioner
    Steve Valois-Parks and Recreation Commissioner
    Teresa Barth- City Council.
    The rest were for it. Don't know what they says except 3 people seemed to understand what non-reservable meant. The other 9 didn't care, or didn't know what they were doing-take your pick.

  13. Anon 6:55pm

    Stocks and Barth voted No on this one (strange combo).

    Remember it was Dan that was going around town telling everyone what a great event it was going to be.

    He loves to stir up trouble.

  14. So now we have the Encinitas Grand Prix to contend with. A bike race in downtown Encinitas that is sure to be a failure. The promoter sold the park and rec commission a bill of goods that he won't be able to pull off

  15. One of the rare times when Stocks voted the right way on a controversial issue. He rarely votes with Barth, except on 5-0 votes. It was Houlihan and Dalablabber who were working behind the scenes with Benson. Bond seemed confused about the whole thing.

  16. Bond seems confused abut everything. Maybe that's part of his appeal...?

  17. Will Cori still be starting the non-profit to save Swamis? Just wondering...


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