Tuesday, March 09, 2010

City Council to Consider Swamis Contest

Read the North County Times coverage at http://www.nctimes.com/news/local/encinitas/article_9669e1d1-fbdc-581c-9716-918778d9f462.html

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  1. You say yes to my contest and I will wax your board anytime, big guy...

  2. And she keeps her promises too!

  3. Big contest at Rincon in a few weeks. Same parking issues, same cult status. There is even a S.U.P. division. They will survive and so will we.

  4. Calvin Tom; hero.

  5. Bad for Rincon..... Bad for Swamis.

    Thanks to Special Interest Dan, the public loses again!

  6. Jerome does the right thing and votes the right way. Maggie is on the evil side with special interest Dan and clueless Jim. Swamis in now accepting applications for private venues from now until eternity. I never thought Maggie would sell out the surfing community.

    Shame.... She is done.

    It proves saying on council for over two terms rots the brain!

  7. The deal was sealed way before it went to the Parks and Rec. Commission. Except for Lorri Greene and Steve Valois, the rest of the Commission voted YES for the contest. The subcommitee was hand picked. Lots of other interesting behind the scenes things on this one.

  8. Oh Yeahhhh- Dan gets his board waxed for the first time in 20 years

    Jim- You have lost it. Don't feel bad, we are currently paying the City Manager more then any other City Manager. plus he didn't even compete for the job. Give me a break!

    you have water on your brain. Go to sleep!

  9. The Council Candidate, Tony Krantz's comments were spot on.

    Tony will be a great councilmember!

  10. Tony Kratz's comments were spot on and educated the rest of council on some important points about City Manager compensation.

    Tony will be a great City Council member and has better local stories about Encinitas than Dan Dalager!

  11. So dod Cotton get is raise? Inquiring minds want to know.


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