Sunday, March 07, 2010

City to Build New Parking Lot

On this week's agenda is a contract to build a new 80 space parking lot in the NCTD corridor. The city will be awarding $1 million for the project. It should be completed just in time for the Pacific Station rush.


  1. Thats great for downtown Encinitas!

  2. That's great for the Roxy!

  3. That's great for the private property owner. Just like the sidewalk hastily built along Regal to join the Scripps parking shuttle lot to the sidewalk at Santa Fe so the displaced hospital workers have a safe walk to work. Resident safety and traffic calming are last on the list of priorities, our children don't even have safe walk to school, yet this 4 stooge council has agendized dog rights repeatedly. I smell something and it's not a rose.

  4. When they grade and build that parking lot, the plan is to dump all of that asphalt gravel and rock on the beach.

    It's a Win/Win

  5. This is crazy. Big projects like Pacific Station should have to put in adequate parking themselves. Why should we pay for this???

  6. We are not paying for PS parking.The parking is for downtown, which needs it. It is not for Pacific Station. Although visitors to The Station will surely utilizes the extra parking.

  7. One million is pocket change for Whole Foods. This city council is shameful.

  8. PS should be paving the lot they have been using for construction. What is with this city are they complete wonks to developers?

  9. One million? Hmmm. For two million or so they could purchase the Pacific View site from the elementary school district and charge for parking, or not. It would 3 acres of parking that would be walking distance to: D Street beach access, Moonlight Beach, all of the businesses downtown, and the train station (ok - that's a little far). Sure, the neighbors will complain, but it would be a huge benefit, like the Moonlight parking lot and the one we're talking about behind Pacific Station. Has anybody tried to find parking on 101 or 2nd St. in the middle of a weekday? It's terrible.

  10. Bonddi, haven't you learned yet that our city council will NOT pay for sidewalks? At least not on the streets widely used by residents. That sidewalk along Regal was probably paid for by Scripps. Yes, our town doggies need play areas. That's clearly a higher priority than youngsters, unless they are from out of town and in organized sports teams. And parking lots for downtown merchants..that's the highest priority of all!

    ...Yes, it stinks.God knows we need a change in our council and our city's priorities..

  11. It will be great to have more parking in downtown Encinitas. Clearly, the streetscape has helped make the area more popular, which is mostly a good thing.

    I hope that they make train riders use that parking lot, and make the lot behind La Paloma for shoppers & diners downtown.

  12. Could it be that Pacific Station does not have enough parking for the mixed use units and whole foods? I think this parking will be used by Pacific Station residents, their guests, and Whole Foods patrons more than anyone else. It is not the taxpayers job to provide parking for business. Home Depot, Target, etc. provide their own parking. Downtown business should do the same. I am sick of taxpayers subsidizing local business and developer interests.

  13. Last anonymous, the taxes generated by businesses end up paying for it over time.

  14. By that reasoning, we should be building parking lots for Target and Home Depot as well.

  15. Please do not tell me that the City will borrow $ at the TAXPAYERS expense to build this lot and not lease it to Whole Foods?

    LIttle light reading below that deals with the real world. Evil hedge funds and Goldman types are gearing up to bet big and see to it that minu bonds eat it and rates jump. Thus taking on additional debt is a bad idea right now until the revenue picture clears up. I really hope that our fine city stuck with boring debt structures (like a fixed mortgage) for their capital projects and were not suckers for toxic products like CALpers. (Read the Muni CDS article)


  16. the city should pay to fix up my neighbor's yard and a paint job. It will increase property values and ultimately pay for itself in property taxes.

  17. This parking lot has been planned for years (at least 6 years)before Pacific Station was planned.

    It would be similar to blameing the increased parking betweeen D and E behind roxy and Encintias Cafe that happened 5 years ago on Pacific Station.

    The reality is more people are using the coaster and downtown.

    Pacific Station saved the city nearly $1 million by fixing the drainage issue as part of there project.

    This has allowed lot b to be built at a lower cost because of the drainage fix done by Pacific Station.

    Your post is a red herring.

  18. Last Anonymous, - you are incorrect. Coaster ridership is not up, it is DOWN 24% just in the last year. Source: SANDAG.

  19. This post reminds me of the old Salem witch trials. Someone throws out a "theory" and the mob piles on, but nobody bothers to check facts.

    This parking lot is a good thing. It is not a "subsidy" for Pacific Station, it will help all businesses in downtown Encinitas that depend on people coming to their location.

    It will be nice when this parking lot is finished, as well as the public parking element of Pacific Station.

  20. geesh,

    It is not a "subsidy" for Pacific Station, it will help all businesses in downtown Encinitas that depend on people coming to their location.

    You make it sound like a subsidy for the downtown merchants.

  21. The dirt lot has been largely unattractive and unused for so many years, more parking will be appreciated on busy nights and downtown events.

    That said, I don't know how much more money it will bring in. People going downtown will find a place to park even if they have to walk a couple blocks, and there are a great many more important things to spend money on besides facilitating our dependence on cars.

    Let's fix Leucadia's drainage issues, improve pedestrian safety on roads, build at-grade pedestrian rail crossings that cost only $500k (vs $5 MILLION for tunnels), fund environmental programs, stop letting the geologically-impaired yet supremely wealthy build sea walls to defend their homes and then shell out taxpayer dollars replace sand that would have been replenished naturally from the bluffs, etc.

    We don't have the money for all the projects on the books so we should be trying to focus on essential expenditures in order to minimize costs and maximize benefits to our collective lives.

  22. Tony Kranz will be an outstanding candidate for City Council, and ultimately a fine member on that Council.

    I have only known Tony for a few years, but we have developed a pretty decent "cyber-friendship", and have met with each other on a couple of occasions.

    Our cyber-connection is based on blogging, commenting and bloviating in various internet portals. We kinda follow each other around to keep each other in line.

    Tony and I are distant from each other on the political philosphy spectrum, but I have been honored to debate, trade counterpoints, and be educated by this man.

    Honest, thoughtful, reasonable, and insightful are just a couple of the words I would use to describe his style and personality.

    Voters in Leucadia would be wise to take advantage of Tony's abilities to provide the kind of leadership and guidance that is otherwise lacking in most of America right now..

    Good luck Tony....Give "em Hell.

    And that's just my opinion...
    From One Time Zone Away.


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