Friday, March 05, 2010

Community Warnings

From the Sheriff's Dept

On 2-24-10 about 1430 hours, William Harris approached a five year old female victim at Dog Beach in Del Mar and rubbed his unexposed genitals in front of her. The victim and her father were playing with their dog at the beach, and did not know Harris's identity. Harris was followed by the victim's father as the suspect tried to escape off the beach. The victim's father used his I-phone to video the suspect running off the beach and to his vehicle, which was a white 1986 Volkswagon van. The victim's father was able to record the vehicle license plate and the suspect making admissions to the incident. The victim later disclosed there had been at least two instances when an unknown male adult had exposed himself or made lewd gestures to her at this same location. The incident was reported to the Sheriff's Department and was documented by Sheriff's patrol personnel.

Investigators from the Sheriff's Department Child Abuse Unit, using the video evidence were able to determine the identity of the suspect as 59 year old William Harris. Harris is a convicted felon and registered sex offender, per 290 PC. Harris lived and was registered in the City of Carlsbad.

On 3-2-10 Sheriff's Child Abuse Detectives served a search warrant on Harris's residence at 2550 Unincornio Street in Carlsbad in an attempt to locate further corroborating evidence. Harris was present at the home and was taken into custody without incident. Harris was subsequently booked into Vista Detention facility for felony 647.6©(2) PC Annoying or Molesting a Child with a prior offense.

Sheriff's Investigators are interested in determining if anyone witnessed this incident or has further information about another unreported incident involving this location. Anyone with more information, please contact Sheriff's Child Abuse Detective Chris Davis at 858-974-2310


From a L.B. reader:

This morning, my dog found a large, very strange piece of meat about 6 feet off the trail along Quail Hollow between the sidewalk and the eastern-most part of the trail that runs along the street. It appears to be a large animal tongue (probably beef) that’s been split down the middle, stuffed with pieces of broken glass and other unidentified substances, and then tied shut with a red cord and a black cord. I reported it to the Parks Department, and they recommended I contact the Sheriffs Department. I spoke with an officer on the phone, but since no dogs or people were hurt, they will not be investigating. They will make a report, however.

I have discarded the tongue-stuffed-with-glass-and-who-knows-what-else, but please watch your dogs. It appeared to be placed deliberately in thick brush so that it wouldn’t be easily noticed by a person. I’m worried it might not be the only one. Feel free to call me if you want more info or see anything similar.


D. Neuberger


  1. bleeding hearts need to take ownership recognize the damage they do and take owership of their actions. Their coddling the sickminded enable and empower them to continually strike our youth. They are a big part of the cause suffering for past and future tortured children.

    You need to realize your evil and leave Encinitas. If we strike down william, cut his privates off, tattoo his face with "child preditor" and off him forever, our children and society prospers.

  2. Haven't you figured out that this is a VERY LIBERAL BLOG that represents .0001% of the Encinitas population!

  3. Translation: I am Tea Bagger idiot who supports pedophiles and creeps.

  4. 7:07 - knuckle-dragger


  5. rather be a knuckle dragger than a flaming liberal responsible for continuing to keep child molesters and murders continuing to enjoy freedoms and pursue their misery on innocent kids and family.

    Flaming Liberals are truly sick in the head just like the fricken child molesters they support.

    All you flaming liberals have childrens blood on your soul!

  6. Did I miss something? Did anyone on this thread support that creep or the one that put glass in meat for dogs? You'd sure think someone had.

  7. if we tatooed "preditor" on his forehead would that make us look stupid?

    is this blog represented .0001% of the population there would be less than 6 people. since there are 2 of us in my office that look at it that means that we make up 30% of the readership! sweet.

    hey ignorant rightwingers (whatever that is these days)
    to say that "liberals" (also don't know what that is) support child molestation is dangerous ground.

    you spew such hate that really i feel you need to go get help. professional help.

    megans law was introduced by...
    wait for it...

    Nicole M. Parra, a California State Assemblywoman from 2002–2008. She is a Democrat, who represented the 30th Assembly District which is in California's Central Valley.

    yeah, we're all heartless monsters...

    on that note, if a man grabbed his junk in front of my 5 year old there would be video of me beating his ass to a pulp and i would become a youtube hero!

  8. The Leucadia bloggers are hardcore Ron Paul supporters.

  9. Everybody should log on to the San Diego County Sherrif site and click on Megan's law. Put in your zip code and see what comes up. It will blow your mind!!!!

    I found out that a registered sex offender lives 4 houses down the street and my kid walks by every day.

  10. I agree with JP!

    2:18- No. It would make him look stupid. He would be the one with the tatoo on his head with a misspelled work.

    for some light reading go to

    your right- I should have said idiots that think sex offenders should get 3 free meals, health care, TV and a nice bed to rest at night for the rest of their life all paid for by tax payers.

    I would propose with throw them in a cell with no furniture, give them bread and water until their day in court and if convicted put a bullet in their head. They can not be correct and the world is too populated to have so many screwed up individuals walking around ruining childrens lives.

    The folks that support and coddle ciminals are the folks that help support the high level of molestation. If we kill them, I gaurantee they will not molest any children in the future. Its that simple.

    Other ways to handle the worse ciminals would be to sell them to drug companies and other companies for safety tests. When they molest a child they forfeit all rights in my opinion.

  11. two in Leucadia

    Ward Welty
    ENCINITAS, 92024

    116 LA COSTA AVE
    Raping a minor w a foreign object- Lives at the creepy house right at La Costa and Vulcan. A true life troll.

  12. Nice blog, bookmarked!

  13. 2;39
    Yeah baby, yeah!

  14. But not just yet. For persistent inflation, you also need a rip-roaring economy and low unemployment. In an overheated economy, prices rise as demand outstrips supply. Workers demand higher wages to keep up with prices — and they can get them, because unemployment is low, and employers have to bid for talent. Eventually, the combination of easy money, low unemployment and rising prices combine to create an inflationary spiral.

  15. are David and Mike Bloomer registered sex offenders, cause those guys are trolls too?

  16. There's only one troll in town, and she's waiting for the underground train crossings to use as a hangout and latrine.

  17. I like the tatoo idea. However we haven't explored it far enough. We have other criminals in town. We could tatoo:

    S = sex offender
    G = Gang member
    B = burglar
    R = robber
    RD = round about driver (someone who around twice)
    C = city councilperson
    L = leucadia resident

    I love it.

  18. I love it

    We could tattoo Mike A= Pussy

    and Dan Dalager= DumbAss

    Jerome Stocks NI= No Integrity

  19. you talk the talk well enoughMarch 06, 2010 9:41 AM


  20. Tattoo Anonymous posters with an A on their forehead.

  21. I guess Pebo and You talk the talk get A for Anonymous!

    You two are so funny!

    I'm in put an A on all Anon posters head.

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  23. What the hell is going on around here? Seems like pervs are sprouting up everywhere.

    We don't have any kids yet, but it makes me sad that none of them can trust adults anymore, and the small-townness of coastal San Diego alcoves is apparently gone forever.

    The thing that no one seems to grasp here is that something positive did happen. A concerned citizen chased down said perv, photographed him, and had him arrested. Surely none of the people here who are using this article as an excuse to debate political orientation can argue that this is a bad thing.

    With regards to the glass beef tongue thing, hurting small animals usually indicates a predisposition to more even more disturbing things. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was the same guy.

    By the way, for concerned parents, I saw an iphone app that shows you where all the registered sex offenders live, so stop playing bejeweled and start paying attention.


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