Friday, March 12, 2010

El Nino thrashes Cardiff Reef

The beach bar-b-que this weekend has been canceled.
El Nino has beat the hell out of Cardiff Reef this winter with mega-high tides and huge storm waves.
The popular surfboard racks before El Nino.
The popular surfboard racks after El Nino.

Cardiff still offers the best longboard wave in north county.
Notice anything missing from this photo?


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  2. If Cardiff offers the best longboard waves then why does Linda Benson want to have her contest at Swami's? I don't understand.

  3. This is all wrong - it is more fun to rail against the wealthy bluff top homeowners who want to protect their property.

  4. The lifeguard tower is missing.
    I miss it.

  5. Some people fear changeMarch 13, 2010 11:57 PM


    thats a stupid comment. Its like saying I miss my brain cancer.

    the natural coast line looks much better.

    Why would you miss an old crappy piece of concrete and wood? Is it because you fear change?

    Are you retarded?

  6. And I suppose you live outside with no shelter? Or is that "crappy piece of concrete and wood" ok? Just asking...

  7. Lets get aceti to fix the problem and bring in some mud from some inland sink hole. I surfed D Street this morning and the water looked like what's in the bottom of a porta-potty. That "sand" from the hole at Scripps stretches the definition.

  8. I'm Anti-Pro-AntiMarch 14, 2010 9:01 PM

    The City Counsel decided to hire a consultant to put together plans 1, 2, 3, 4, 4a, 4b and 5 to decide whether and how to replace the broken surf rack.

    A separate committee has been set up to determine the environmental impact on gas emissions from the charcoal BBQs before a decision will be made.

    The initial budget is $250,000 with built in cost increases over the next 5 years.

    A $150,000 legal contingency fund has been established to support a community reach around program.

    Currently 3 community groups have indicated that they will oppose the efforts, citing "we want things the way they were, not the way they are, or the way they could be, but the way they were before now but different than back then".

    Political candidates supported all measures yet condemned all plans.

  9. Ahhh Haa aHaa Haaa. That is so funny... OMG... you are really a comedian.


  10. Cardiff still looks better than that dirt they dumped at Moonlight.

  11. ah gee.... does this mean we need to actually clean-up and fix-up the beach area.... I'm a surfer not a giver.... duh, please don't confuse me with someone that cares about the big picture

  12. Looks better without the tower. Next scheduled El Nino improvement; remove the parking lot.

    And, the silt plume drifting down the coast over Swami's on Friday all the way down to Cardiff was/is disgusting. Anyone who knows sand knows the difference between this muck and actual sand from rivers, cliffs and creeks.

    I wonder if this silt will start killing the kelp beds?

  13. Check out the BrownFish, sick!!

  14. Take note that the cobbles did not come in from another location. They are always underneath a layer of sand.


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