Sunday, March 21, 2010

General Plan Update

From the LTC:

Please be at PE Central School at 185 Union Street & Vulcan

Monday, March 22nd from 6 pm to 8 pm for Leucadia

This General Plan workshop is focused on Leucadia, please bring
your ideas and be part of the process.

We live in a historic area, let's help plan our future!

The Wave blog reported on earlier workshops and explains what to expect tomorrow.


  1. We Will Follow Obama/Pelosi's Lead...March 22, 2010 7:25 PM

    Who cares about the General Plan, here's what we will do...


    We will trade favors to get our agenda through, we will ignore due process and appropriate procedures, trash our opponents and then cram down our plan despite claims of lack of transparency or fairness...secret meetings and all.

    Take a look back and see that is how it works around here (and in Washington).

  2. thats why there is no posts. Everyone knows this council could give a shit about public input.

    It will do what its special interests tell it to do. Our politicians are owned by developers and unions, so expect them to gain the most from the GP updates. Existing Residents lose again.

    Never vote for an incumbent!

  3. "We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate"

    Thomas Jefferson

  4. The difference is our founding fathers wrote and understood the constitution. Our current politicians treat government like it’s an elite class and the lobbyists have gained control of their actions.

    Never vote for incumbents.

  5. This process is supposedly a review and update of the General Plan. Not even in the least is that happening.

    The consultant and city planning should have given out information on what is in the general plan. Nooooo. That didn't happen. The city isn't informing residents what we currently have governing the city in the General Plan.

    Instead, the city is using a "clean slate" position asking residents at these pseudo roundtable discussions, well, actually trying to point them, in a different direction that the current General Plan.

    At the community meetings, city staff gives out a six page questionnaire for comments.

    When one high level city staffer was asked for extra copies to give to neighbors who couldn't attend the meetings, the answer was no. The reason? The city wanted to control who gets the questionnaire.

  6. 11:00- The General Plan is online for all to read. This is a no brainer. Read it. As far as giving one to a person that has not attended, how does the City know that you are just filling out 2? This is not another conspiracy. If you want to participate please do so. If you don't, then shut up.

  7. anon 12:14

    Touchy, touchy. Don't want people to know how the "process" is being manipulated by the city? Go attack the ones in charge at the city. Or are you one in charge?

  8. The city is doing a good job on these workshops. They are collecting all the inputs, which will be documented and used by the consultant. There is an advisory committee of residents to review the plan. The process seems to be working so far.

    That said, people's cynicism is understandable, given the current coucil and the cosy relationship with developers and unions.

    At the point the best we can do is have our inputs recorded and used by the consultants. If those that care, alinate ourselves fromt the process, we certainly won't be heard.

  9. 3:53,

    How is any of that different from the Cardiff Specific plan Process? How did that turn out?

  10. So I couldn't make it last night because of work. Can still get a questionnaire and provide input?

  11. "pseudo roundtable discussions?" There was nothing fake about our table's discussion last night.

  12. Here is an amazing reality. The state doesn't have enough water for the current number of residents. The freeways are over capacity by a huge amount. Some people need to leave. It pure common sense-The most stupid thing Encinitas could do is increase landuse densities which would increase traffic and water use.

    Yet I guarantee, the City will greatly increase land use densities. Why the developers will profit from it. When the units are built, more city fees and taxes to support City Employee pensions. The losers, residents who sit in traffic on the roads, are asked to reduce their water use by 40% and sit on a beach more crowded then Mission Beach on fourth of July!

    Sounds Great Right?!!!! Watch what happens. Higher Landuse Densities.

    Vote out all incumbents.

  13. 5:39 - Excellent question. It appears the city has learned a lot from the Cardiff plan process. In that process there was no advisory committee, which led to the consultants putting together a crazy plan, which was rejected and fixed by a citizen's committe. Presumably, the city is hoping the steering committee will prevent a Cardiff-like fiasco from occuring this time by having citizen review at all critical points.


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