Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pedestrian At-Grade Crossings

San Clemente
San Marcos

Here is an excerpt from a UT article on the San Marcos at-grade ped crossing:

When schoolchildren and adults approach the 100-foot passageway, they will see signs in English and Spanish that tell them to look both directions.

When trains approach, warning bells and flashing lights will go off, and wooden rail gates will descend and close off the crossing.


  1. Encinitas Elected OfficialMarch 20, 2010 7:29 PM

    Too simple... too inexpensive... empowers citizens to use common sense...

  2. We must spend massive amounts of money so tweakers will have a place to piss and safely rape little kids.

  3. It is amazing we would consider paying $20 million dollars to complicate this easy solution. Is somebody in on the take at the city level or something?

  4. To much common sense it will never happen again at the government level.

  5. Anyone who doesn't think tunnels will flood needs to take a look at the standing puddle across the street from the Leucadia Post Office. If it's there much longer someone is bound to deem it a "vernal pool" full of supposedly endangered species.

    Sometimes the best idea is the simplest. Build at grade crossings and save millions of dollars.

  6. We need better stewards of our tax dollars. The current city council needs to take a look at this and explain why we need three tunnels. For the same amount of money we could have 10 at grade crossings. Let us all remember this November.


    The crossings are fine. Maybe landscape with cactus plants if you have to do something.

    Spend the money on schools. Higher test scores = higher real estate values. It will improve society for decades to come.

  8. Maybe they should be renamed doggie crossings and then we could get council support for them ;)

    Build the at-grade train track crossings and use the savings to improve the safety of pedestrian freeway crossings (Birmingham, Encinitas Blvd, Santa Fe Dr, for example)

  9. To No Tax Lady and others from Kathleen
    The current council is aware of at grade crossings. Rachelle Collier, president of the Leucadia Town Council has spoken before the council on more than one occasion over the last year regarding at grade crossings and each time has presented signatures requesting said crossings. To date she has presented over 800 signatures.
    Last fall after Jerome Stocks said "We people better get our facts straight, that at grade crossings cost one million dollars" , I spoke to Mr. Dayani regarding the breakdown of their costs and reported those costs and reasons for those higher than normal costs (two tracks not at grade with each other) back to council. The actual check written to NCTD was 679,000. The remainder costs were the city's cost for paving, landscaping and reconfiguration of the signal at Mission. At that same meeting Teresa Barth requested that council direct staff to actively work with San Clemente and other cities that are pursuing at grade crossings and quiet zones. At that time Councilman Dalager publicly stated that he didn't want to cooperatively work with anyone. So please remember that in November when you go to the poles.
    Also, be sure to attend a General Plan update meeting. There is one tomorrow, March 22, at Paul Ecke Central School, 185 Union St. and one on Tuesday, March 23 at the Encinitas Library, 540 Cornish Drive. Both start at 6:00 p.m.

  10. "Spend the money on schools. Higher test scores = higher real estate values. It will improve society for decades to come."

    You don't throw money at the lazier students to make them smarter.

  11. The local politicos in SC and SM apparently have more confidence in the level of intelligence of their constituents.

    So I guess we shouldn't drool so much at Council meetings. And don't breathe thru your mouths either.


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