Tuesday, March 02, 2010

RPV Sends their Love

Let's Compare:

I. U.S. Government
A. Salary for Member of Congress or U.S. Senate = $174,000.00

B. Population of Average Congressional District: 646,952

II. Governors
A. Salary of California Governor = $206,500

B. Salary of New York Governor = $179,000

C. Population of California = 36,553,215

D. Population of New York = 19,297,729

III. City of Rancho Palos Verdes
A. Salary of Carolyn Lehr = ~$190,000.

Source: Your last PVP Watch newsletter.

B. Population of Rancho Palos Verdes = 41,145

IV. Comparisons
RPV's City Manager gets paid more than 9 percent more than Members of
Congress and she is responsible for approximately 6 percent of the population.

RPV's City Manager is paid 6 percent more than the Governor of New York
and she is responsible for 0.2 percent of the population.

RPV's City Manager is paid 8 percent less than the Governor of
California and she is responsible for 0.1 percent of the population.

I would say, by that comparison, she is WAY overpaid. One ought to be
able to find a competent city manager for less money.


Jerome Stocks has proposed giving Encinitas City Manager Cotton a 10% raise.

The 10 percent increase was proposed by City Manager Phil Cotton. The last pay adjustment for the part-time council positions was in 2008.

The council also will consider giving Cotton an 11 percent raise, which would bring his compensation, including wages and deferred compensation, to $242,640. His last raise was in May 2007.

Stocks also gave SANDAG exdirector a nice raise too.

From the UT: Gary Gallegos, executive director of the San Diego Association of Governments, would see his $240,000 annual base salary grow by $50,000 over five years under a recommendation due to reach the agency’s board of directors tomorrow.


  1. The Vice-President of the United States makes $240,000 a year. Is Cotton really worth the same as the V.P., whether you like Biden or not?

  2. i've been busting my ass at my work and haven't seen a raise in 2.5 years because my company "just doesn't have the money"

    when an average raise is 3% how do they justify a 10% raise, let alone a raise at all?

    wake up encinitas, you're getting fleeced.

  3. Some people are grateful to have work at all. In Encinitas they are talking about giving themselves and Phil Cotton a raise. I would be embarrassed to take it. Taxpayers need to revolt.

  4. Encinitas Tax Payers are dumb as shitMarch 02, 2010 5:42 PM

    Revolt is Right. RINO Stocks is a f()*&cking communist in RINO cloths. That bastard would sell out anyone for the unions. Pathetic. All of them

  5. They don't even try to hide it anymore. Being a state employee in California is now about screwing the rest of us. Outrageous pay and outrageous pensions.

    We now have government by the government and for the government.

  6. Council watcherMarch 02, 2010 7:03 PM

    The council voted 3-2 NOT to raise their salary....Dalager & Houlihan supported the raise.

    Cotton's raise will be on the March10 agenda.

  7. Council loves a good circle jerk.March 02, 2010 7:56 PM

    Dalager and Houlihan are in the clouds and need to be removed pronto. Bond is heading towards brain dead and Stock has sold out big time.

    Stocks's logic is so twisted but obvious. "Since I gave everyone in the fire union a huge raise, I need to give the City Manager a huge raise." "Since I gave the City Manager a huge raise, the City Manager will suggest that the City give the Council Members a huge raise."

    "Every body get into the circle....here we go..... awhhhh doesn't that feel good......Lets keep it going.... oh boy, did someone just poop on the tax payer?"

  8. Let's be really clear here regarding this BS pay increase:

    1. Failing performance - In spite of record bubble era tax receipts my roads are total crap - they are worse than those of East Germany, North Carolina, Fontana, Ventura and just about on par with the paved sections of Nicaragua. How many more skaters, bikers, and beach goers need to be literally killed or maimed before the public says fire him and demands the City Council do their primary jobs.
    2. No special skills required - He has very remedial skills compared to many highly trained people out of work. Job posting: Come to Encinitas and kick back and make $150K working 4 days a week at the beach making sure payroll is balanced with the revenue that comes in like the tide (no share holders, risk, R&D, or selling involved) and pave the roads. 401K defined CONTRIBUTION of $30K/year. We would save $millions and you would get flood of better qualified applicants in a heart beat.
    3. His retirement payout is way greater than his lifetime earnings. Assuming he gets anywhere near $242K/year you would have had to put over $100K per year into your 401K for 30 years to get that kind of defined payout!
    4. I have asked everyone I know to guess what our City Manger makes and the answer range is $60 - 120K - no one can believe this $242K crap.
    5. No private sector equivalent - I also asked a senior officer (top 7 employee out of 6,500 employees) at a profitable public multinational pharmaceutical company what his pension payout was at 55 and it was around $100K - well less than Cootton's payout. And this guy has an MD, with 3 sub-specialities (2 surgical), ran a division of the NIH, is a world leader in his field, got 10+ drugs FDA approved, and has published numerous text books and peer reviewed publications.
    6. Myth #1 - we will lose him: Please do not tell me we will lose him. I know many bankers who made 7 figs back in the bubble days that are willing to take a 70 -90% pay cut.
    7. Save us the pension costs: We could cut his pay and pension by half and I would bet he could not find a better gig.


    PS The very fact that they pay him this much and are considering a raise is a very big RED flag regarding how this city is managing its finances in other areas.

  9. It can't be that out of balance, I only witness 3 people speak against his raise at the last agendized meeting...

  10. Charlie knows his shit and truely cares about the future generationsMarch 02, 2010 9:35 PM

    Charlie knows his shit. Maybe Charlie should be City Manager, or at least a council member. I wish more people would think of the shaft our politicians are putting on our kids future. Councils financial mismanagement is disgusting and it should be criminal.

  11. Why are Encinitas Voters so lame?March 03, 2010 6:47 AM

    We now have government by the government and for the government.

    Says it best.

    When will the public wake up?

  12. People are sick of going to council meetings where the controversial issues are put last on a long agenda ending up getting it at 10:00p.m. Speaking to the council is a waste of breath as they (the 3 boys) work out how the vote is going to go beforehand. After you make your pitch, the 3 boys twist your words but you can't jump up and tell them that is not what you said. And, you have to watch Stocks giving you that arrogant smirk, listen to his platitudes and then watch him vote opposite of how he was talking. The whole experience is so revolting it makes me physically sick.

  13. I sort of agree with bbondi. Jerome's smirk is enough to make my blood boil. Term limits are the only way. Let's get that going.

  14. I agree with Bonddi and the last post.

  15. There's an instability in Jerome's personality, which he sometimes can't control. It manifests itself as a smirk, a biting comment, or as arrogance. It's really a deep insecurity. He cant' get through a council meeting without letting his guard slip.

    He's also prone to nasty, late-night postings on blogs. He's often the first to post on NCT and U-T articles about Encinitas. Insomnia? Substance abuse? Not sure, but under pressure he loses it. So let's keep the pressure up.

  16. Our council lives in fantasy land. Folks are bing laid off (our 26 year daughter, a first year Jr. High teacher, just got her pink slip. Our son, a mechanic, has been told by his boss that the business may not survive the year) or have their wages frozen (Husband, a PhD chemist with 30+ years of experience, has had his salary frozen for 2 years. By the way, he makes nowhere near what Mr. Cotton makes in annual income and he works at least five days a week).

    No, Mr Cotton should not get a 10% raise. I don't care what the overpaid firemen got for their raises. This has to stop. Mr Cotton can be easily replaced at a lower cost to us if he's unhappy about not getting a raise.

  17. Hopefully Phil will do he right thing and not accept this raise if it is offered. That would be a class act, IMHO. No one has to take a pay raise, so please Phil, show us that you are a caring, compassionate, man. Thank you.

  18. I'm writing the City Council right now urging them to NOT give Cotton a raise.

    Is anyone else going to write? Come on people speak up. This blog is great for blowing off steam and frustration but will not document the individual taxpayers feelings on this issue.

    If a few hundred angry citizen flood the Councils emails with letters urging them to NOT give Cotton a raise. We, the people are taking action.

    Spend a few moments and bang out an email to Stocks, Bond, Dalawager, and Houlihan. C.C. Cotton just to let him know how you feel. I'm sure Teresa is on board for a NO vote.

    Come on people do it!

    Writing on this Blog and complaining about issues anonymously does nothing. Stand up to our elected representatives don't stand down.


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