Saturday, March 27, 2010

State of the City

Mayor Dalager gave a state of the city address last night. Anybody go?


  1. It was long winded and boring. He was clapped off the stage, before he was finished, when the room simply could not take any more.
    The whole evening ended up being about 4 hours long!

  2. Danny Salzhandler was recognized as Citizen of the Year. Well deserved for all his volunteer work. Too bad half of the audience had all ready gone home after sitting through Dalager's stumble bumble speech.

    Dalager's wife started the sit down Dan chorus.

    What a hick and he represents Encinitas!

  3. The food was fabulous, that is the good news. They need to start at 6:pm. The buffet needs to be two sided. The MAYORS speech needs to be 15 minutes or less PERIOD.Plus let the mayor speak during dinner then those who want ot listen can.It was a terrible and boring speech. It was terrible how they did the credits before the citizen of the year. The people who are honored should have been the focus.

  4. The event was scheduled from 7-9:00, but the presentation portion didn't start until about 9:00 and we left about 10:00, while Dan was still speaking. The food was provided by El Callejon, and they even had their killer margaritas. Enjoyed the pictures of the Cardiff Kook dressed up in all his different outfits.

  5. Mayor D. showed pics of the ever-changing kook because he liked the buzz it creates in town. I do too!

  6. state of the cityMarch 28, 2010 4:38 PM

    state of absolute confusion

  7. Hugggh? What? Did someone say something? Where am I?


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