Saturday, March 27, 2010

sweeping leucadia

Catching up with the incoming mail:
A bit of a strange interaction this morning prompted me to send the attached street sweeping shots along to you.

I was taking a shot of the street cleaner going by... The guy stopped, got out his phone, and went though the motions of taking a picture of me, and talking to someone on the phone. Then getting out and shooting shots of the rain-washed debris on the street.

It was early for me and I had inadvertently turned off the camera rather than taking a picture. By the time I got the camera back on and shot this, he had already stopped both the rotating brushes and the vehicle. Clearly the process had missed the meat of the mess from a bag of concrete that someone had dropped in the middle of the north bound traffic lane. It SEEMED to me that he was, somehow, perturbed by my taking photographs of the procedure.


  1. I'm going to have some eggs for breakfast.

  2. Typical, when they come by my house they leave more of a mess than before they came. Poor poor service. But, Next time I see him the camera is coming out.

  3. As the president of the local chapter of the Government Employees Union, I am appalled at your negativity toward this fine public servant's level of effort. His union contract provides that, during the time you are referencing, his duties are to smoke a cigarette, read the comics and half the sports section, take a short nap, and smoke another cigarette. Instead, this loyal public servant ignored those expectations, and got out of the truck, took a picture, and talked on his phone -- I commend this as being above and beyond the level of effort that should be expected of him.

    Shame on you -- you should appreciate all these government employees do for you.


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