Friday, March 05, 2010



  1. Keep Leucadia FunkyMarch 05, 2010 11:29 PM

    What a Junky Town. Oh I meant funky!

  2. And you wonder why the homeless are flocking to Leucadia? Free seats in the shade, nice trailer parks, free food from the liberal restaurants. Gee where would I live?

  3. Homeless are flocking to Leucadia? You mean all 3 of them?

    The scorched earth policy of the NCTD does not reflect the Funky mantra.

  4. I know who that is! That is a unionized member of our local government hard at work earning your tax dollars. I think he was recently given a 10% raise and a 40% increase in his pension benefits.

    Maybe he is doing some research on the effect of the train traffic.

  5. I heard they're laying off a lot of ditch diggers in Encinitas. The Japanese developed a shovel that leans on itself.

  6. Isn't that just a guy waiting for the bus? A while there was a close-up shot of that chair next to the bus stop sign. It looks like he moved it to the shade.


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