Monday, April 19, 2010

Encinitas to Hold Womens Surf Festival

Encinitas Surf Festival presents "The Girls Surf Game" Scholastic Team Surf Competition
April 19, 2010

Date: Sunday, April 25, 2010
Location: D Street south of Moonlight Beach, Encinitas
Time: 9AM-3:30PM
Competing High School Teams: Carlsbad High, San Diegito Academy, Torrey Pines High, & Vista High
Schedule: Game 1: 9AM (S.D 1 seed vs Vista 4 seed) Game 2: 11AM (Carlsbad 2 seed vs Torrey Pines 3 seed) Championship Round: (winner 1 vs winner 2) at 1PM

About the competition:
"The Game" a competitive surfing format developed by local retired ASP surfing tour and big wave pro rider, Brad Gerlach. "The Game" for girls will feature this team format. The scheduled teams will compete for scores judged on various maneuvers. Judges score the rides & referrees on the beach manage the time. Each team is allowed coaches to be positioned in the surf line up as well as on the beach. Play by play substitutions can be called. The format follows a three period time frame of non stop surfing action!

This surf competition will be the first time "The Game" format is run strictly for these talented young women to showcase their skills! The level of competition will feature the top four qualifying high school's & their all women surf teams from San Diego, North County area high schools. The featured teams participating are local standouts Carlsbad High School, San Dieguito High School, Torrey Pines High School and Vista High School.

Some of the featured surfers to watch for will be Maddy Lion and Hanna Vanveen (SDA), Kyla Peterson and Bryn Lutz (CHS), Lauren Humann and Siena Buccigrossi (TP) and Jaycee McNally and Kiana Coyle (Vista) just to name a few.....

Brad Gerlach will be calling the action and Fuel T.V. will be covering the event!


  1. Why not hold off until August when the young ladies can wear proper surf attire (bikinis)?

  2. JP already called for an end to segregated surfing.

  3. Sorry to go off topic, but did anyone hear any follow up on the woman killed by a Coaster train last Thursday. Was it a suicide? The news article said she was struck by a Northbound Coaster, but it would have been traveling pretty slow at F Street, with the station just 2 blocks away.

  4. Too far off topic. Bikinis were being discussed and we should resume that theme.

  5. Surf Nude. Butt only if you have a hot body. No fatties.

  6. No fatties. Amen

  7. 7:40 & 9:22

    What? Further discrimination? Women's surf events should not be limited to hard bodies alone. Lots of unfit chicks are world class surfers too ya know.

  8. Who cares Pebo?

    They should wear wetsuites to cover up their blubber. Gross.


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