Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jawz: New Fish Taco place on Leucadia's 101 Corridor

Poor Auggie's House of Crab didn't survive and that location is now Jawz (with a Z). It's a fun little place decorated from artifacts from Bamboo and Tiki 2 U down the street (Leucadia loves it's funky spelling). Mindy is your host and she is super nice and has relocated to Leucadia from Maui. They have a good salsa bar.
It's a tough location so I encouraged all Leucadians to stop by and give them a try.
1468 N Coast Highway 101 (at Jupiter St)
Jawz on Yelp


  1. What are the hours??

  2. Best of Luck. I will visit.

    My prediction. Traffic is fast and dangerous along that stretch of dragway and makes frequenting that place unsafe and unenjoyable. To many negatives to offset and survive. Sorry.

    Until the streetscape happens and traffic slows, and pedestrians feel safer, businesses will continue to go under.

    I thought the city passed the streetscape plan back in January? Is there a plan and when will something happen?

  3. Liked their veggie torta. And it's never looked better in there. But what a time to open when Carlsbad has robbed 6000 cars a day from the southbound lane with their bridge closure. If they can weather that until "May 28" the summer may be good to them. And the rest of us.

  4. Is there parking in the back??

  5. There is a big parking in the back of JAWZ.
    IMO the name JAWZ is lame. But JAWZ is very successful in Maui.
    For JAWZ to succeed Royal motel needs to be remodeled. It's dumpy looking.

  6. 9:56- anyone answer your question??

  7. 9:08- No, no one answered my question.

  8. I tried Jawz for lunch yesterday. There is a big sign at the Royal Motel next door that their parking lot is also available for Jawz customers, which is convenient.

    From the Yelp.com listing I wasn't sure if it would be table service or counter service. I placed my order and paid at the counter, then my lunch was brought to my table. I sat at a table outside, which was pleasant except for the intermittent noise from passing cars just a few feet away.

    When I ordered, I had a couple of requests: I avoid wheat specifically and high starch foods in general. I went with the counter guy's suggestions. It was no problem for them to prepare a lunch for me without tortillas, rice, beans, or chips, even though nothing on the menu was exactly like that. For $6.47 I had an ono fish salad on a bed of shredded cabbage with pico de gallo on top and a side of veggies (which turned out to be green and red pepper strips and onions), plus a big cup of ice water.

    The grilled fish was a tiny bit dry, IMO, and broken up into small chunks no bigger than a pat of butter. Some of the fish chunks were on top, but some were also tossed in with the cabbage, so it was a bit hard to see how much fish was actually in the salad, but overall, it was a good lunch for me (a middle aged woman - probably not enough for a hungry young man). I didn't eat the green pepper strips, but the grilled red pepper and onions were tasty and made the salad filling enough, esp for the price (it was 2PM and I hadn't had breakfast so was very hungry).

    I tried the green salsa (tomatillo), some more pico de gallo (made with more diced tomatoes than onions), and a small amount of the mildly spicy Ranch dressing from salsa bar. All were good.

    The counter guy came out to see how I liked my lunch, and also brought a small dish of their cabbage coleslaw to sample. The mildly spiced pink dressing was a bit too sweet for my taste (with a somewhat strong mayo flavor), but I find a lot of things too sweet compared to most people.

    Overall my experience at Jawz was good and the food was a good value for the money. I'll go again.

  9. Well so far so good.. Jawz rocks, the broda mo burrito was soooo goooodd.. The counter guy (aka the little Kahuna) is so nice and cute too.. Well to answer a few questions on here; Hours of operations are Monday-Thurs 11am-9pm Fri 11am-10pm Sat 8am-10pm and sun 8am-9pm
    There breakfast burritos are bomb.
    They serve breakfast all day everyday and they are open early on sat and sun so we can enjoy those breakfast burritos. The little Kahuna said we can make breakfast burritos to breakfast plates. He is so nice. There is parking in the back of the restaurant but theres also parking at Royal motel which is right next door. They just sent out some cool coupons on clipper magazine so check it out. Even have FREE entree coupon.
    Oh by the way they have a pretty cool Happy Hour from 4-7pm Mon-Fri and Sun All day. Bottle Beers to Margaritas. Did you guys know that the kids eat free everyday (anytime)

  10. I ate at Jawz before they got their liquor license. Did they get to keep the Stone draft beer that Auggies had?

  11. BTW, Jawz is a worthy addition to the plethora of excellent fish taco joints that grace Leucadia's stretch of 101. We are truly blessed.

  12. Was Auggie's the 5th or 6th restaurant to go out of business at that location in the last 10 years?

    Why can't we get a couple simple pedestrian railroad crossings like the one at Encinitas station? Ugh.

  13. Let's join together and help keep Jawz as the final cafe at that little place! Enough changes already!
    I'm 'jawzin' it this weekend!

  14. We went there for dinner on Leucadia Nights.
    Good food- but, turn the music down a bit.
    Great, friendly, attentive people who work there!


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