Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leucadia Garden Tour: Part II

One of the biggest surprises for us was the camellia garden. A very shady garden with intriguing nooks and lush vegetation was reminiscent of a tropical forest understory, except it wasn't humid and the cool microclimate was a comfortable escape from the sun. It was a wild garden. The camellias are the real owners of the property and demanding to be recognized.

Much of the the shrubbery were camellias. Makes sense, because the owner is a noted camellia collector who is active in the camellia society (we were told).

The Treece house was another artist's home/studio/garden. Roderick Treece and Studio Zero are headquartered in the middle of a comfortable garden. Studio zero does killer art and signs.

One of our favorite yards was a musicians' (lost the name). Their front yard had an impressive collection of natives and cool art work and the backyard had a productive vegetable garden that was adjacent to working office space.

Included on the term was the Monarch Program and a local palm and cycad nursery. Both were hidden gems of Leucadia.

Christian Manion of the Monarch Program. Ready to make you happy.

Donna Loftin opened her studio and garden to the tour.

French drains are not enough in this territory. A Leucadia drain.

The Loftins offer pottery classes (couldn't find a website).

The last garden had a diversity of cool elements that tied together in fun ways. It was a precise garden. Everything was purposeful and thought out, with some clever use of space and materials.

Cobbles! (More on Leucadia Cobbles here)

Surfboards made at Moonlight glassing are the most function art created by Leucadians and worth displaying. Those boards make people happy.


  1. I'm watin for the Art Walk. Rumor has it that sumpn special is gonna happen.

  2. ...only the biggest thing to hit Leucadia!


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