Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another Chamber CEO Steps Away

After a tough year that's included a lawsuit and financial troubles, the chief executive officer of the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce is stepping down.
"I'm leaving at the best time for me and I think for the chamber," said Marshall Weinreb, 67, who has been at the helm of the business organization since July 2009. "I can walk out with my head up high."


  1. So that's the biggest thing to ever happen to Encinitas!

    All this time I thought it was the surf contest.

  2. What? Will Tucker and Andreen be coming back?

  3. Hey, Marshall did a great job under amazingly difficult conditions. He supported our streetscape plan and removed the bad apples. He deserves praise for his efforts.
    Thank you Marshall.

  4. I agree. Marshall made a bone head comment about the biggest thing, but otherwise he was good for Encinitas. Andreen will always be bad for Encinitas.

  5. Maggie told him what she wanted. He complied to insure that funding would remain.Eninitas First became a Maggie fest.Funding was not renewed.No reason to hang.Bye.
    avo st mafia

  6. Bring back Andreen!!! At least he has the necessary skills and talents to effectively run a business of this type.


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