Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Barth's Statement

Council voted 5-0 to daylight the attorney's review of Barth's complaint. Council went 3-2 against agendizing (Barth & Houlihan for) a discussion on how the council might set up policies/practices/procedures for council members to respond to harassment claims.

Here is Barth's statement:

I welcome the opportunity to now openly and freely discuss the full contents of my complaint of harassment and hostile work environment.

As the media and public will see, my complaint was filed as a city of Encinitas employee based on the city’s “zero tolerance” policy against harassment.

I chose to file an internal complaint because I did NOT want this to be political but rather a sincere attempt to stop the escalation of bullying and possible retaliation against myself, my family or personal property.

It is unfortunate that Councilman Stocks chose to leak the existence of the investigation to the media and made a grandstand show of waving a sealed envelope marked confidential at a recent council meeting.

With the growing epidemic of bullying in our schools and the disturbing deterioration of honest political debate at all levels of government his behavior demeans us all. In these challenging times, honest and civil discussion is what the public expects from their elected officials and it is what they deserve from us.

It was the decision of the city attorney and city manager to seek outside counsel for this investigation. It was the decision of that legal firm to hire an additional investigator, who interviewed me for approximately 2 hours on January 6, 2010.

The first item that should have been addressed was my status as an “employee”. Why it took four months to make that determination is unclear. Because it was determined that I am not an employee further investigation into some, but not all, of my complaints appears to have been unnecessary.

I join Councilman Stocks in shock at the cost of this investigation. I hope that he will join me in calling for a review of the city’s legal service policies, especially as it pertains to the use of outside counsel and to determine if there are any internal efforts at cost containment.

Let me make it clear that I am not naive as to the rough nature of politics. However, it is truly a shame that as a sitting city councilmember, there is no legal recourse within the existing structure to address harassment.

Note: If anyone has a copy or link to the complaint and report please send it to us and we will post it.


  1. What is stated in the copy of the review?

  2. My 1st grader knows by watching campaign commericals that politicians disagree with each other all the time and have unflattering remarks for each other. Have you been watching the governers race?

    To waste Taxpayer money on this silly accusation is ashame. I blame the City Manager, City Attorney and most of all Councilwoman Barth.


  3. Didn't Jim Bond get by passed for Mayor by Sheila Cameron. I don't recall a harassment claim from Councilperson Bond.

  4. Teresa, help us out here.

    Your harassment was that you weren't selected for a position and when asked; the councilperson who didn't vote for you said why he didn't select you.


    I like you, please defend youself!

    It really sounds pretty petty.

    I think the 7/11 clerk could of told you that this wasn't harassment.

  5. Let me make it clear that I am not naive as to the rough nature of politics. However, it is truly a shame that as a sitting city councilmember, there is no legal recourse within the existing structure to address harassment.

    I believe in the First Amendment, but I still want to be able to sue when people say things I don't like.

  6. Barth may just have shown that she is out of her league. Not getting your way and having hurt feelings is not harassment - that's life!

    Politicians are way too used to spending other people's money.

  7. The Wall of Sausage strikes again.

  8. This is pure whitewashMay 13, 2010 6:47 AM

    All this chatter over nothing. Man you can really tell most of you must be on retirement or don't really work for a living.

    Focus on the problem. We have folks like Dalager, Stocks and Houlihan that are bankrupting our City by increasing pensions 40%.

    Who gives a shit about this minisucle issue? Stocks? Its a way for people not to talk about what a tool he is for claiming he is a red country republican and then sucks the behind of the union every chance he gets.

    Stocks and Dalager need to be run out of town.

    At least Houlihan admits shes a flaming liberal with know knowledge of public financing and financial common sense.

    Come on folks. Save this City and make the Council address the pension issue. This should be a huge issue for the forthcoming election. My vote depends on it

  9. Sounds like you will vote for Barth and Krantz.

  10. Politicians make me sick. Throw'em all out. Running for the lawyers when someone bullies you? Sheeesh, grow some.

  11. Dr. Lorri in a very bad moodMay 13, 2010 7:53 AM

    One of the major problems is our City Attorney, Glenn Sabine. I have kept copies of how much we, as a City, have paid him for his services over the last few years. I began this because he and Bill Weedman threatened to sue me if I presented some pictures regarding the tattoo parlor in Cardiff at a Council meeting. Much of the time Glenn "jobs" out litigation and still gets paid a huge sum of money from us. One year he was paid over a million dollars, plus car allowance and continuing education, which he has to do anyway to keep his license. He has been known to job out the litigation to his own firm. I just offered all of this info to Teresa, since Jim Bond was not interested in it at the time I shared it with him. She is not the only one who has been threatened, intimidated, etc. by Stocks and Dalgher. Many women at the City are afraid to lose their jobs if they say something. It is well known that Dan uses sexist comments to City employees and to others, such as me. I am older so it does not offend me as much, I guess. I was the first woman Squibb Pharmaceuticals ever hired and I became used to comments like "Hey Lorri, how about a good lay?" from many of my male colleagues. In those days, if I had complained, I would have been fired. One time my own boss threw me down on a hotel bed we were having a meeting in, and laid on top of me. They all thought it was funny. So you gentlemen who think that Teresa is thin skinned have no idea how humiliating it can be for woman. I could give many examples of both Dan and Jerome's sexist, homophobic, and elitist comments to me, but what would be the point. It is obviously still a "good ole boy" network at the City. A perfect example of this is hiring Phil Cotton as City Manger, without even going outside to look for someone with experience. He went from Public Works to City Manager in one fell swoop. And only recently he said he would not turn down an 11% proposed increase in salary, which Jerome thought was fair and reasonable in this economy. And, his increase was a lot more than what it cost the City to investigate Teresa's allegations. Glenn should have been able to handle it anyway. That is what we pay him to do, or so I thought. These days I am not sure what we pay him for at all.The City of La Mesa repeatedly gets poor advice from him as well. So, I think it is a bit ridiculous for Jerome to to be playing the "oh my gosh, look at how much she cost us?' card. I applaud Teresa and her efforts for all of us. Too bad she has been made out to be the "evil one". I doubt very much if this would have happened to any of the sitting males on the Council. Of course, they would not have passed over one of their own to begin with. Remember, Dan once said he would NEVER pass the gavel over to Teresa.

  12. By filing such a trivial complaint, the complainant undermines the credibility of real victims who seek nothing more than a work environment free of harassment and discrimination. What a complete farce.

  13. Um, guys? It sounds like Barth fears for her personal safety and personal property. If this happened to a right winger he/she would be waving a weapon in the air and screaming DON'T TREAD ON ME. This is the only reasonable way for Barth to handle it. Open your eyes and see what is happening here. Read between the lines. This aggression will not stand.

  14. The farce is that all the anti-Barth vitrol is all signed anonymous.Read Teresa's statement carefully,then examine the good'ole boys club's orchestrated response.In my opinion, it is obvious that the bill was jacked for the specific purpose of embarassing Teresa.All the principles in this kabuki(sans Teresa) have a history of being in bed with each other.
    If you are going to engage in character assasination, then sign your name.If you don't you are just another troll.
    Paul Therrio

  15. 8:48-Guys is the operative word. The City is run buy good ole boys and God forbid any woman trying to stand in their way. Even Maggie capitulates to them when something is important. Why else did she not say she would not be deputy mayor and suggest Teresa take her rightful turn?

  16. A fish rots from the head down.

    Throw ALL of them out of office. The citizens of this town should have taken over the council chambers last night and thrown ALL the bums out of office!!!

  17. For we commenters, the only question worth asking is how willing any of us are to secure the rights for some of us at the expense of the rights for the rest. Because we are in this thing together. We are natural allies. We must be fierce together.

    Only if one entitled does he believe he can't be marginalized, ganged up on, ignored, harassed or bullied. What is being done is in violation of the Brown Act if these three knowing work together to disallow any dissent.

  18. Of course it sounds petty and silly in the news. That's the point of releasing (generating) this crap deliberately without the benefit of facts. Stocks knew what he was doing.

    Most of what the boys club stenographers (newspapers) 'reporting' miss the plot entirely. This was mishandled by the city manager and the city attorney who make a half million between them. And Dalanger failed utterly as mayor to reprimand Stocks for his politicizing, grandstanding during that recent council meeting that made this public. Publicly blaming Teresa Barth for the taxpayer expense that his behavior elicited and that the city attorney misappropriated. That's some projection shit there.

    I don't believe Teresa Barth is hurt, I suspect she is contemptuous. I know I am.

  19. Starting with Marjorie Gaines, this city has a tarnished history of targeting women. In the 80s',a certain Rev. Marintez wanted to turn the Holiday Inn into a place for illegal immigrants to live. When Marjorie expressed her negative reaction to this, she was called a racist and the press had a field day besmirching her, and not one city council person came to her defense. Oh yeah, Marjorie was also not a fan of hyper development, either, and that made her mighty unpopular, so she was set up.

    So now we have a simliar scenario with Teresa Barth, and I must applaud whomever orchestrated this
    attempt at character assasination. Oh yes, I'm giving you a big fat compliment. The parties that be are showing an excellent example of predatory intelligence.

    Teresa Barth was doing what she felt she had to do, and she got bitch slapped by our own city manager, and city attorney. You boys have once again shown your true colors. Thank you!

    Mary "not afraid to sign my name" Fleener

  20. Herb PattersonMay 13, 2010 9:25 AM

    Last night Dalager, Stocks, and Bond decided without a vote to not investigate Barth's charges. Only a head motion was necessary, according to Dalager. I would agree with him, since bullying, sexist comments, harassment and intimadation are a normal part of the "good ol' boys" rule. As Bond pointed out in open council, you don't have to be right, you just need three votes. Apparently, the Encinitas voters don't care since they return these "boys" to office. If the citizens don't care, why should you ?
    This would just be a minor tiff in Council if it wasn't so representative of the "boys" behavior. Remember when Houlihan had issues with a neighbor regarding his land use under our zoning policies ? The neighbor presented testimony regarding his use which later proved to be fraudulant - the Council approved the land use anyway as a slap to Houlihan. Why didn't she mention that last night ?
    Remember when a women came before Council to receive a small grant for her organization and Dalager told her it was worth the money just to see her ? The reaction of those present was not positive - these obviously sexist remarks offended those present. Was this the first time Dalager made sexist or demeaning comments about women? No, it was one of many as Dr. Lorri pointed out in her previous post. I have heard comments from other women regarding Dalager's conduct, so I tend to believe Dr. Lorri. Given his public and private sexist behavior, was it surprising Dalager "sensed" the mood of the Council ? No, it was necessary to protect his political life.
    For too long Encinitas has ignored Dalager's behavior. Who wants to say they were harrassed or hit on ? Who wants to come forward to the public like Dr. Lorri did ?
    We should not tolerate Dalager's behavior unless we want the world to believe we just don't care. I would appreciate any women who has had problems with Dalager to send me an email at with a short summary, a phone number, and if they are willing to have their complaint made public.
    As a last thought on this matter, I said earlier that this would just be a tiff among the Council in most cases, but in this case, finally, some one stood up to the "good ol" boys" and said enough! Barth is to be commended on taking a long overdue action [ even if not appropriate due to the fact she was not a City employee ]. Don't be fooled by the legal costs being blamed on Barth - this was a ploy by the "boys" to set Barth up and make her seem at fault. Sound familiar ?

  21. will someone call Coastal Law group and sue the shit out of someone else!!! that way we can move on from this nonsense and elect serious individuals to council not a bunch of children.

    as long as the children of encinitas elect more children to run the city, this crap will continue.

    so lets sue somebody and get it all over with once and for all

  22. Thank you, Dr. Lorri, for sharing.

    The sexist and homophobic comments from the boys (all three of them) are unacceptable. There is a difference between harrassment and politics. Harrassment occurs when bullying comments are made based on a protected status (gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, etc.). They boys are of a generation that simply does not understand. They believe this is their right. CA law many not include elected employees as "employees". However, the boys do the same kind of bullying to women and gay staff, and others.

  23. I, for one, would take a greater interest in politics if all the councilwomen went topless during meetings.

  24. Encinitas Citizens are in a comaMay 13, 2010 4:02 PM







  25. 4:02 BRAVO!! Someone gets it!! Finally!!

  26. The boys just drove the nail into their collective coffin. They voted to not etablish policies and procedures to handle harassment complaints. Are they stupid or what! With that vote they have affirmatively sanctioned sexual harassment. As an attorney who represents sexual harassment victims, I have to say, this action was the absolute most idiotic move from a liability point of view.

  27. Do we really need a bunch of new laws? Seriously, if you can't handle a good ole' fashioned, "hey baby, I gotta snake in my pants" then you shouldn't participate in modern society.

  28. Shimmee-Unbelievable comment. Modern society does not tolerate such harrassment. So, if I run into you and you say anything like that to me, I will definitely file a lawsuit that will make you wish you kept your dick in your pants!

  29. Lawsuits for verbal "bullying" are as bad as the ambulance chasing lawyers that perpetuate them. Our world is being destroyed by their pettiness. The only thing worse than the lawyers is the WHINERS like you who go crying to them when somebody says something to hurt your delicate feelings. I can say whatever I want to whomever will listen. It's called "freedom of speech." Modern society hasn't changed that (yet!). Dare I say, grow some balls.

  30. sounds to me like Andreen bad breath in the house or his pocket pal Jerome Stocks! What a fag!

    Address the fucking Pensions problem Fag!

  31. fag? you must be old cuz that's no longer an insult.

  32. Shimee: Try yelling Fire in a movie theater when there is no fire and see how far your First Amendment Rights get you in a court of law. Did you just come out of a cave after 30 years of hibernation? I hope that is your excuse, because if it isn't you are really stupid. There are certain things the First Amendment does not allow you to say, and for good reason. If you say you are going to blow up the Coaster, you will be arrested. Of course, since you don't post your name, no one would know it was you. If you are so sure of yourself why don't you post your real name? Have some balls! Stop hiding behind some dumb ass name.

  33. Cardiffian, you're confused.

    You can't compare tactlessly asking a woman for sex to yelling fire in a movie theater thus risking the lives of others from the stampede. Asking a politician to show me her nipples is not dangerous to anyone (at least not physically dangerous). It is insulting. Insulting people is not illegal so long as it doesn't cause other people to stampede. If she showed me her nipples, then we might have a problem.

    Anyway, this lawsuit is BS. Verbal bullying is BS. It cost the city $15k. They didn't even hire a local lawyer. Women shouldn't be in leadership roles if they're going to be whiners. Oh, and my real name and address is:

    Dirk Diggler
    1150 Hermes Ave., #662
    Encinitas, CA 92024

    Are you hot?

  34. Dirk,

    You sure the address is not
    1150 Herpes ???

  35. troll, baby, troll

  36. I'll be voting for one person - Theresa

  37. I'll be voting for one person. Teresa.

    I am a life long republican 66 years Republican and totally embarrassed by Jerome Stocks.

    He is a total joke!!!

    What a suck ass. He will never get beyond City Council member because he has no integrity. Bottom Line

    Once Jerome and Danny Dalager are gone, Encinitas can become her greatness.

    God bless Encinitas. Repel these terrible people like Dan Dalager and Jerome Stocks. They are the devil with David Meyers and Mick Patterson on their side.

    It’s time to take to take our town back.

  38. Bottom line is this blog doesn't really matter.

    If you want to make a difference don't vote vote Danny.

    Vote for fresh pure new brains. Tony Kranzs.

    He is the the man!

  39. I agree, adding: Barth and Krantz .

  40. I just want a hug

  41. A hug is just another form of a grope. I'll sue you if you try that crap on me.

  42. 8:35
    And it only applies to loud ass Harley Davidson gangs.

  43. Shimmee- you are a fag of human souls. Worthless. You are the devil of Encinitas.

  44. Well, I see where politics has degraded to in the past year and a half...


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