Monday, May 10, 2010


UT Barth Files Complaint
Encinitas City Councilwoman Teresa Barth filed a harassment complaint with the city against Councilman Jerome Stocks late last year after he didn’t nominate her for deputy mayor and criticized her in remarks to newspaper reporters on why he didn’t choose her...

Stocks said, “These allegations demonstrate very clearly that Ms. Barth is vindictive, mean-spirited and is unhappy that she didn’t get her way.”


  1. I believe you left out the key quote from Stocks where he blatantly proclaimed they were showing her what happens when she criticizes them. Why are there question marks for a title? Bully behavior is not questionable to anyone who has attended city council meetings. The newspapers also treat this like an opinion issue - he said, she said. Barth is a whistleblower and often simply names a community person's perspective. For this she has been bullied quite openly, publicly by Stocks et al.

  2. Mr. Stock proudly stated in the newspaper, that he was "sending a message". I don't care what issue this may be about, but to make such a statement invites conflict, and is counter productive to the council's job which is, to work as a team and solve the problems our city faces. Obviously, 5 different personalities will not agree on everything 100% of the time, but Stocks is beocming the Poster Boy for bullying, and his behavior is sophomoric and quite
    unprofessional. Stock's dramatic grandstanding and waving of an envelope is almost fodder for a Saturday Night Live skit.The whole vibe of the council is further tarnished by Dan Dalagar's repetitve sexist comments to women who attend these meetings, and he even called a city employee a "bitch"-to her face!
    How Teresa can function under thse circumstances is remarkable.

    For someone who took double donations for his campaign, and then had to pay back the money, Mr. Stocks has also earned the label of "hypocrite" as well.

  3. Stocks was elected to send a message and do and act as he sees fit. Don't like it then waste your time trying to recall him and stop crying about it. Barth doesn't have a constitutional right to being on a council with people who treat her nice. Barth is the one threatening fellow elected councilmen with legal action for not caring about her feelings.

  4. Clarification...I did NOT give the reporter the "Attorney-Client Confidential Communications".

    I did give her a copy of the complaint I filed, which is mine to release.

    I also provided numerous other documents that supported my complaint.

    This is not about being passed over for Deputy Mayor this is about an escalation of bullying.

    I will not be bullied. I do not condone that type of behaviour on the school yard or anywhere at anytime.

  5. Barth seems to be acting appropriately to inappropriate actions.
    Of course it will be interesting to know the facts in the actual complaints, prior to any judgments.
    But…“Stocks said, “These allegations demonstrate very clearly that Ms. Barth is vindictive, mean-spirited and is unhappy that she didn’t get her way.” and “Stocks said it is Barth’s fault that the city has to pay those bills. Hold on there Jerome. How is it that YOUR actions to punish Barth were not “vindictive, mean-spirited”? There has always been the accepted policy of rotation on council to determine mayor and deputy mayor. Your statements to the press after your motion to pass up Barth show that your actions were retaliatory for her efforts to have a more open government for our city. A more open government, with proper reasonable notification of closed session meetings is what the public would prefer.

    “ Barth’s complaint also mentions Mayor Dan Dalager, saying he and Stocks are part of a “good old boy” culture at City Hall.”
    Well, this is true only if you look at the record and facts. Time and again, the “good old boys” vote in block against public interests and in favor of special interest.
    Barth is not the problem. Hopefully, her efforts will prevail and we will have a more open and just local government and this money will be well spent.

  6. The Stocks-Bond-Dalager trio has no scruples, especially Stocks and Dalager. It's a shame that they are so unprofessional, as it casts our city government in a very poor light.

  7. 9:44

    Grow up. This is not whining. We are stating FACTS. We are having a discussion. Stocks was re-elected to serve the citizens of Encinitas, NOT to do what he sees fit. Teresa Barth has the common right to be on a council where she is treated civily and with respect.

    BTW, don't use 5 syllable words you don't understand. This has nothing to do with The Constitution of the United States.

  8. I love a good cat fight!!!

  9. Stocks is the Fattest RINO out there. A pure embarracement to Republicans with integrity. He has morales that are bought off by the unions. Pathetic. Except more corruption from Stocks in the future. Thats his mode of operation.

  10. 120,
    There is no law that says political opponents must treat each other with respect and civility.

    Is it acceptable for Jerome to tell Barth to grow up?

    Don't bully me.

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  12. Even if you accept that Stocks is the biggest jerk in the world (which I am inclined to do), Barth comes off looking ridiculous.

    You don't file harassment claims over political insults.

    Barth comes off as a thin-skinned, litigious whackjob, and she cost the city $15,000 because of her insecurity and litigiousness.

    Grow up, both of you!

  13. Stocks just described himself, he put the V in Vindictive, small town stuff for a small town boy

  14. Yup,
    She's a meanie. And kind of a nut case for thinking that as an elected person she was had the protection that a state or city employee has. Barth used the public checkbook to try and hammer Dalager and Stockes because her feelings got hurt... Boohoo...
    She's a thin skinned mean loser who's wrong yet again, but not mature enough to say so.

  15. City Manager Phil Cotton holds the checkbook. He should be fired or publicly humiliated for wasting taxpayer money. When bullying is obvious on city videotaped meetings and from elected officials' own quotations, it is either deliberate malefesance or monumental incompetence to spend thousands of dollars on lawyers.

    And double the scorn for his sidekick, the city attorney.

  16. Where are the political cartoons with Councilman Stocks in the schoolyard bullying the kids?

  17. Barth is the Bully!
    She tried to secretly use government paid lawyers and taxpayer dollars to intimidate Dalager and Stockes when she didn't get her way.
    Stockes wasn't gonna be pushed around so he contacted the press.

    His actions show he believes in open and honest government, whereas Barf only spouts rhetoric about it but actually says in the story she wanted to keep it secret from we the people!!
    That's how I read it...

  18. 6:25

    your syntax and spelling is really you do Stand Up?

    By the way, if you are going to be a groupie for Jerome, at least learn to spell his name, rent-a-boy.

  19. His actions show he believes in open and honest government, whereas Barf only spouts rhetoric about it but actually says in the story she wanted to keep it secret from we the people!!
    That's how I read it...

    Pfffff... Haaaa , haaaa , ahhhh, ahhhhaaaa.... good one!

  20. You've got to be kidding me!!!

    Barth wasted taxpayers dollars on this!!!


    We need new councilmembers!!!

  21. If you tell me to vote for Barth and ??? I'll not vote for either because of this stupid action by Councilwoman Barth.

    Stocks and Barth both need to be replaced!

    What a waste of government time and money.

  22. What in the hell was Barth thinking???

    That money could pay for many community needs - like a dog park area.

  23. Why did they hire an LA lawyer when our town is full of money-grubbing lawyers?

  24. "Quit picking on me or I'll go tell mom what you did!"

    grow up both of you.

    Is it too much to ask as a citizen to have 5 council members that can maintain their political differences but work together for Encinitas.

  25. 1032,

    Have you sent them an email?


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