Wednesday, May 05, 2010

General Plan Party

This weekend was the General Plan Festival. The day was nice and I ended up speaking with a ton of people about the general plan update. The lower level city staff I spoke with are clearly very eager to play a role in helping to secure a good future for Encinitas.

When the crowd was asked where they were from, the dominant majority was from Leucadia. It was enough to make people laugh. Few folks from new Encinitas were present.

Questions were not entertained during the general meeting, but I did ask the city's consultant a few questions about the process. Turns out that he admits to not having read the city's current general plan. Seems like if the purpose is to update the general plan he should become an expert in the current general plan.

One of the curious parts of the meeting was the slide show. Slides were shown to the audience and we were asked to rank our feelings toward what was in the image. Here are a few examples:

People laughed at the last one. What if everyone marks down that they didn't like the statue? I'm still having a hard time figuring out what this data will be used for.

1 comment:

  1. Jerome,

    That was a heck of a show with the self made confidential envelope.

    You promised us that you would open up that confidential envelope and share with us. That was the general plan right?

    I think it would be a fascinating read mostly about about your antics frankly.

    We're waiting........


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