Saturday, May 01, 2010

Leucadia Nights!

Leucadia Nights is tonight, Saturday May 1st 6-9 pm. Come check out the new dealy at the old grotto.


  1. Will be there. I hear the wine and cheese will be top shelf. Hope there is room for all of us!!!

  2. Great addition to our community, SURFY SURF. You will do well. Congrats.
    Check out the other participating businesses too.
    And thanks L101 and the sponsors and business participants for making this happen.
    It will be a good Leucadia Night.
    Make it so.
    Support our local businesses.

  3. The Santos Art gallery will be a big plus for H101!! Ill be buying soon.

  4. I agree. Santos Art is awesome. So is Surfy Surfy. Its time for Leucadia to realize its true place in our souls.


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