Sunday, May 02, 2010

New happenings at old digs in Leucadia


  1. Wonderful job to all involved...kept a historic building but gave it a very modern vibe.

  2. Good Luck JP and crew. I remember I opened my business in Leucadia and some old coot came in after 3 years telling me, "well you've been here 3 years, I guess you're going to stick around".

    The Santos art gallery is very nice also, great art.

  3. Awesome opening party J.P.. The building has never looked better, inside and out. Nice paintings in the gallery next door too. Thanks Keith Harrison for preserving and enhancing what's great about Leucadia. And Yvonne St. Pierre for her expertise polishing the stone. Leucadia is lucky to have you all. In the 90's, a couple bought a house built in the 1880's in Del Mar that was going to be destroyed, and moved it to the 1300 block of N. Vulcan. They completely restored it and put a few matching apartments behind it. The owner told me he wanted to do that instead of assault the neighborhood with a big box condo - that he could have built. Nice. I think that's really taking the high road when property owners think that much of the community.

  4. that was one awesome opening. Best of luck with future success. My knew favorite surf shop.

  5. I did not see any photos or reference to the Art Gallery.
    Is that part of Surfy?

  6. Congrats to JP, et al, and partners.
    Great adddition to Leucadia.
    The building looks terrific.
    Good vibes and good luck.

  7. Very nice and best of success with your beautiful new surf shop that adds a lot of charm to Hwy 101. Great evening... BUY LOCAL!

  8. i'm glad you have two jobs now and will surf less,
    al soldano

    just kidding, all my wax, and leash purchases will be at surfy surfy,
    that was a fun opening party


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