Sunday, May 30, 2010


I eat vegetarian 90% of the time but sometimes I get street tacos from
El Torito market on the Hwy 101 in Leucadia.


  1. a great example of our leucadia culture.

  2. Juanita's is also awesome. It was
    my favorite burrito shop until I went vegan.

  3. WC, why don't you allow comments on your blog??

  4. Anon,

    Thanks! I hadn't realized that anonymous commenting was disabled. I guess that's a Blogger default and I hadn't changed it. Should be fixed now.

  5. i know they're everywhere but...
    standard policy, when i SEE at rat, i stop going to your taco shop.
    thus the end of trips to juanitas.
    i've never seen such casual disregard for a rat in a restaurant.

    so... don't let me down el torito!
    the pollo asado is off the hook!!!

    ps. when is anyone gonna comment on karinas fancy new sign? (there i did) too bad they are still batting last.

  6. No, Karinas sign does sucketh (jamba juice?) but their gizzley carne asada burito is beyond reproach.

    The stretch of 101 along leucadia is blessed with some of the best fish taco destinations on the planet. Carne asada being four legged brown fish.

  7. 8:22
    I like Karina's new custom sign. It's bright, creative and isn't a saggy banner that looks like someone's plastic laundry hanging out to dry. It was the last Karina's sign suckethed. That one was an illluminated white rectangle with a woman facing in the wrong direction on one end. It looked only slightly different from a an auto mechanic's repair table light. Some change is good.

    Too bad the restaurant next door to Karina's has been closed 2 years or more. And too bad the vacant lot next to that is so dismal. On the brighter side, I agree, our Mexican restaurants are hard to beat. Like Tortilla soup at La Especial Norte. Kotija Jr. has some amazing stuff too. Super nice people. I'm afraid of lingua though. Like, how do you know when to stop chewing?

  8. I dig Karina's sign, but it looks EXACTLY like Rubio's.

    Now if we can only get some more lighting on at night...

  9. Only if the same shade of green makes any two signs identicle.

  10. I wish they'd bring back the old sign and lower the price of their wonderful carne asada burrito back to $3.85!

  11. Karina's now has a burrito that has a rolled taco inside it. lol.


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