Friday, May 07, 2010

Turko on Nantuket

What the heck? Click here to watch two Turko videos that has something for everybody. It's got McPattinson, Patrick Murphy, Turko hacking the story, Turko not naming council members and saying he doesn't know the the name of the owner of the house that is at the center of the story.

Question: Murphy says the rules have changed and now the low income house has to be built much earlier in the build out. Which council members voted for that change?


  1. Herb PattersonMay 08, 2010 7:54 AM

    A few points on this project:
    The entire neighborhood fought to have the size of these homes reduced and built in accordance with pad height restrictions. Barrett and the City wouldn't budge.
    Part of the fill used to elevate these homes was "donated" by the City from a habitat site with drainage cleanup. There was no written contract and nothing to protect the City from possible liability.
    The unnamed builder of the affordable housing unit was David Meyers - like Pattison, another blight on the community. I never understood the deal to have Meyers build the affordable unit for Barrett.
    The City should be leaning on BofA to finish the rest of the abandoned properties and the affordable units.
    Barrett America was a major contributor to Jerome Stocks previous elections, in fact, Stocks had to return double contributions and the cost of a party thrown by Barrett for him.
    This was done only after a third party made the improper "donations" public.
    This is only a small sampling of many problems with this development and goes to show what political influence means. It works the other way if you don't have an "in'.

  2. Thanks for the post. I don't watch KUSI so I missed these Turko investigations.

    As to the councilmembers Turko spoke wasn't me.

    The policy change was made before I was on council and it could have been an administrative change that did not require council direction.

    Patrick Murphy could answer that question.

  3. The vacant, completed house is just a minor part of the issue. There are several houses on Sheridan and Andrew that Mike Pattison left wrapped in protective paper. They are unfinished and a major blight on the neighborhood. Pattison would like to blame the Bank of America, but in fact, he overextended and walked away without paying his contractors.
    Theresa Barth seems to be the only council member who cares about this neighborhood.

  4. I hope the city sticks to the rules. I, for one, will be watching.

  5. Another example of slimy politics involving Jerome Stocks.
    Stocks is motivated by what is good for Stocks.
    Why is it that Meyers skated on this. Help from Stocks?
    And why the hell were they allowed to raise the pad, to the detriment of all the neighbors and with free dirt from the city?

  6. Wasn't David Meyer the one who had the clown follow Maggie around during one of her reelection campaigns? Another rhetorical question-Why is it that the City helps those who have the money to contribute to certain council members reelection, but doesn't help the "little guy" who cannot afford to "buy" a council member? Ironically, the Council has made many community activists with their blatant disregard for the common folk. I am not referring to Teresa, as she was not on the Council when Marion Ross was allowed to block my ocean view with her 29'6" home that she doesn't even inhabit. That disrespect for me and my neighbors lies directly with the Planning Dept. (namely Kerry Kusiak), Jerome, Jim, Maggie and Christy Guerin. I don't think Danny was on the Council when this took place. Also, to be fair, I cannot remember how Maggie voted. And, the sad thing is, I am just one example of many unfair decisions such as this.

  7. The real villain here is David Meyer. He is the unnamed person that Mick Pattinson mentioned who had the obligation to build the low income unit. Meyer pushed the subdivision map through the planning process, got it approved, and then sold it to Barratt American. He kept the low income unit for himself and placed it in the Ecke Family Trust. He is the brother-in-law of Paul Ecke III.

    Meyer did the same with Nantucket 2. He welshed on both low income units. He gave them back to Barratt American and walked away from the mess he created.

    The other villains are the three men on the city council: Stocks, Dalager, and Bond. They gave Meyer everything he wanted and more. The neighbors unsuccessfully appealed and sued. The council majority supported Mayer and Barratt American the whole way.

    Turko is doing the three men a big favor by not mentioning their names. He did another favor for them when he vilified the neighbors of the Hall property, even after they had successful sued the city for its failure to do an EIR.

  8. 6:25
    Dont forget that redevelopment facilitator and puppet master Kerry Miller who was our city manager at the time. And Christy permitting Barratt to spread thier literture at the city sponsored events. (Sade's "Smooth Operator" music playing....)

  9. Nice to see Barth stopping by.

    I'm getting the feeling she's the only council member worth re-electing.

    Maybe Houlihan too if she apologizes for the gold-plated pensions and endorses pension reform.

  10. houlihan is part of the problem.

  11. At least Maggie voted on the right side the last two times something came up involving David Meyer.

    The first was when the majority voted to try to shift the restriction to another house in Nantucket 1 and put the certificate of occupancy on the now "abandoned" house, owned by a crony of Pattinson and had been leased by Barratt American as a sales office. It backfired and embarrassed the city.

    The second was when the majority voted to uphold the appeal by David Meyer of his subdivision map for the Bahlmann property on Saxony north of the Ecke Ranch. The Planning Commission turned it down, but Meyer didn't hesitate to appeal because he knew he had three votes.

    The post above is right about the bad guys. They are Meyer, Stocks, Bond, and Dalager. Dalager needs to be voted out of office in November, and Barth needs to be reelected. It was Christy Guerin who was on the council when the neighbors' appeal was rejected by the council majority. Not Barth!

  12. David Meyers is a person of no morals and money is the only thing he worships. F That Guy


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