Wednesday, June 16, 2010

America's Next Top Managers

The council will be selecting an interim city manager and we are flooded with eligible replacements in our little town.

Chris probably wants to be city manger someday. That would be cool. He does run Parks and Rec and the Hall park is the biggest project of all time so he might as well be in charge.

Maybe the public works director Larry Watt! Before the arborist thing he had a spotless record on the Leucadia blog, and that's hard to beat.

Maybe Jay should be in charge for a while. He knows finance and he knows what's really going on... so we should keep him happy or he'll spill the beans.

It would be all time if they made Gary Murphy interim city manager. His heart is in the right place and he is sure to keep the interest of the city in view. Would sure make things a lot more fun.

Chief Muir could keep the status quo from becoming passe. His cozy ties to the political machine problably make him America's Next Top Top Candidate.

I am also an excellent candidate. I don't have any friends so I can't be accused of giving special treatment bro-deals on the taxpayers dime and I've logged in over 2,200 hours of Sim City. Here is my latest city.


  1. No worries its only your moneyJune 17, 2010 6:04 AM

    Man. thats a great post. Up there with "Our City Council Guide"- The all time best.

    My guess is Larry Watt. Jay is one step away from the coffin and will be retiring soon. They know Chris gets easily caught playing City pocket pool, and Mark Muir likely doesn't want the hassle. I think he makes more than the City Manager anyway.

    Actually, It probably is Muir.... the sausage could care less about protocol and closed session is with negotiation with the fire chief union to backfill his replacement and make sure he gets a huge golden parachute (like way about $200k a year) at the end of a short lived City Manager position. New Chief Scott

    Knowing Muir, he'll probably trim down when he retires so he'll another 20 years and be sure to tap over $5,000,000 of our future tax money. Watch and see.

  2. Why did you leave out the existing Assistant City Manager, Richard Phillips, as a possibility?

  3. If so many people are applying for this cushy job then it must pay too much.

    It's a recession with 10%unemployment. Hopefully, council members will take advantage of their strong position as an employer and make the most of our tax dollars.

  4. This is a much better vision for Encinitas than the Encinitas Commons.

    Oh Wait, that's downtown Cardiff as a result of the new Cardiff Specific Plan.

  5. I think they are going to wait till after elections.

  6. white men . . . big surprise there

  7. While we're still referencing the Cardiff Specific Plan, the whole thing was hijacked by people who have no understanding of architecture or planning, do not own property or live in the Specific Plan area. They actually consider asphalt parking lots as open space. I'm talking about the "Save Cardiff" clique. The building with the Wine Steals is what the CURRENT zoning allows and which the Save Cardiff people were trying to maintain as status quo. Tragic.

    I apologize for the detour, this post is seriously funny.

  8. Talk around the water cooler at city hall is still the same. Richard Phillips is not in serious consideration. Mark Muir is still the number one candidate.

  9. Muir's the logical choice, don't think he would take it!

  10. 715,

    What does sex or skin color have to do with anything?

    Please, do you have any suggestions for the temporary city manager? Explain why she is the most qualified.

  11. The way our pension system works, Muir would be a fool not to take another pay raise and then retire. Pension payments are pegged to staff's final salary, FOR LIFE.

  12. Muir is dirty. He will fit in fine. He runs a dirty program with the FD and has been in bed with the encinitas politicians for years involved with their campaigns.

    He's my choice. We could get the best milage on the blog with either him or Hazeltine.

  13. Muir would not be chief if he didn't get in bed with the wall of sausage. At some point the political bartering for city jobs becomes a perversion of the system. Making a former campaign manager into a city manager would be way past that point.

  14. Phillips knows the job better than anyone, being 2nd in command for the same position. I believe he's honest, level headed, and can proceed with integrity. Anyone else would be groping in the dark for the entire 6 months, taking over for Phil, until some newby hotshot was hired. Likewise, Richard knows exactly what a daunting task the job is and that someone would have to take over for his job at the same time - so it's probably a Catch 22 position for him.

  15. Richard is perfect for the job.

  16. I would support and expect great things from Richard. In a perfect world...

  17. Richard is swell and such a happy man. I support such happy go lucky light hearted well dressed and groomed men.

    Better yet, I support men that have the balls to dress like a woman.

    I want Vicki Estrada for City Manager. Now that would be the all time fun for the blog. Someone please post a picture of Vicki Estrada. PLEASE!!!!

  18. Everyone on the list is balding!

  19. Chris Hazeltine at Parks & Rec. is just so checked out and head-in-the sand that he has no idea that he is largely surrounded by idiots. The competent people in that department go unrecognized, while the incompetent clock-punchers coast along sucking on the budget. Really, Hazeltine needs to be the next to go. I hope they hire an outsider to be city manager, and that whomever that person is, he/she cleans house. Really, enough is enough.

  20. 8:03- What do you expect its called testosterone. Most men bald to some degree.

    If you had balls, you would likely go bald to some degree too.

  21. Vicki Estrada used to be balding until she chopped off her nuts and injected Chicken Hormones to grow tits.

    Now she is beautiful. Please post a picture of our future City Manager. Please!!!


    Mark Muir: AKA; Fuego Chiefo
    Overweight and outta shape, but, by far the smartest and most likable horse on the track. Hometown horse would be a community favorite. But, horse really doesn’t wanta run to the finish line. Soon to be retired to greener pasture, watch horse to make comeback from retirement. Watch for easy favorite to pull himself out of the race.
    Odd: 1-5

    Chris Hazeltine: AKA; Hall Ball
    Strong and young horse that makes many mistakes down the stretch, as the race gets down to the nitty gritty, Hall Ball will get first run on his long-time friends, take the lead at the top of the lane, and have enough to hold off all comers. This horse is a favorite with the current prize winner.
    Odds: 3-2

    Larry Watt: AKA; Arborist Choice
    Arborist Choice, nominated but unlikely, will be trying to prove he fits in company, as a horse raised and taught by the county, may prove to be a poor training ground for this type of race track. Although a quick learner, sideline trees may blur Arborist Choice from even making it to the finish line. Also, not a favorite with the stable hands.
    Odds: 6-1

    Jace Limbaugh: AKA; Moola Green
    Moola Green is an unexpected entry, most likely more concerned with the purse, greenback or prize than the race itself. This low profile horse will bring up the back or fix the race in order to increase his rate of return.
    Odds: 50-1

    Gary Murphy: AKA; Crazy Horse
    Although, this is my favorite, horse has lotta energy, but his lack of experience and wild behavior (kicking and bucking) will most likely cause the horse to not even make it to the gate.
    Odds: Better chance that BP will fix oil spill by this weekend

    Speed bumps, trees, parks, flooding and revenue figures to be prominent in this year race, also key to this race may be the unknown Kentucy imports...

  23. Richard Phillips is Asst TO the City Mgr., not Asst City Mgr. Big, big difference in job descriptions.
    Brett could not have been more wrong. Save Cardiff, pushed, called names & acted ridiculous but all they did at the end of the day was affect the lot size of some mixed use. Hardly a big deal. Brett, on the other hand, dissed view ordinances and height limits at the workshop. That was not nice and was a big deal.

  24. Hazeltin has a strong bias when it comes to the Hall property. Not good in a City Manager who is supposed to be impartial.

  25. Hazeltine has a comment in the NCT that states that 340 nine story lights on the Hall Sports Fields will have less light pollution.
    I don't understand.
    How about NO LIGHTS!!!
    No light polution.

  26. Morgan et al-

    its time to sell your home, eliminate the stress and enjoy your golden years.

  27. WE CAN WIN !

  28. The only hope is all the money is going to the pensions. The City has no money for the Hall sports complex or any other project.

    Staff is rich and getting richer every year until they die. Taxpayers are broke. Go figure!

  29. Give me a break. Most of you live in half a million to million plus dollar homes and your saying your all broke. The average city staff worker can not even afford to buy a house in Encinitas. Encinitas has been managed very well and you know it, that's why you live here.

  30. Encinitas has not been managed well. We put every major project on a credit card and we can't afford to open the Hall park or the Piraeus park. Most people don't purchase a home because they checked on their city's finances. They should.

    The average homeowner in encinitas would be able to purchase the home they live in now, what is your point? On the other hand most city staff can easily afford to live in this city and many purchase homes far away because they CHOOSE to live in a suburban sprawl home instead of a density condo. Check the listings, there are many condos in town that are cheaper than the homes staff purchased.

    Aren't condos more sustainable and green?

    Many folks in town have very little disposable income and many have to sell their homes to make ends meet. Other's ARE CITY employees who live in very nice digs here in town. Just ask our next city manager, Mr. Muir where he lives.

  31. A small sample of city pensions:

    Bob Romero, Fire Dept., $101,111.52
    Darlene Hill, Finance, $101,198.52
    Tom Tufts, Fire Dept., $115,268.04
    Don Heiser, Fire Dept., $144,258.12

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  34. $100,000.00 per year doesn't pay for much these days for a family of four for anybody, anywhere. All you do is hate fire fighters. What's your problem? They put their lives on the line for you and your homes. What's wrong with that? Fire fighting is a special skill set and should pay well. By the way, those that you have listed have college degrees, are not the average City employee. Yes, one could live here in a condo but if you have a family and pets, what then? The park would have been built already if the city didn't have to waste your precious tax dollars on lawsuits.

  35. " one could live here in a condo but if you have a family and pets, what then?"

    Why do you hate smart growth?

  36. I don't hate smart growth. I like smart people in the Fire department. Firefighters don't deserve all of your scorn. If you have a problem with pensions, take it up with the unions. We have the best of the best in our men and women who put their lives on the line everyday. We have the best swiftwater and ocean rescue in the United States. All I'm saying is don't slander the Rank and File, most of the City staff consists of 9-5ers, who work very hard that are just getting by financially like the rest of us. If you don't like the Council, vote them out.

  37. Dalager hates kids.June 24, 2010 10:47 PM

    " We have the best swiftwater and ocean rescue in the United States."

    Big F098709 deal. We live in S. CA with roling waves. We don't live on north Shore. Or tehitti. What the fuck. Life guards and paramedics should not make 2 time the average hard working citiznes. The government is out of wack.

    I agree vote out the scum. Vote out Dalager

  38. Over "$100,000 doesn't pay for much these days with a family of four..."

    What a silly statement. I thought a pension was what you received when your kids are grown and you retire. Oh, but that's in the real world. In the world of city pensions, it's just your first or second or third pension check.

  39. I am not talking about pensions. I was just saying that money doesn't by much in this city. My wife and I make $90,000.oo/yr. and we live month to month here with two kids in school. It doesn't go far beleve me. My kids ask me why are we so poor. I know we are not poor but we can't live the lifestyle that most of you do. If it's about pensions. You are only talking about the 1% of staff that have been at the City for 30 plus years and are in management. There are very few , if any who will be taking home $ 100,000.00/yr pensions. Silly Man

  40. Chicken hormones? For the record, I stopped taking chicken hormones when the eggs got too big.... responding to Anonymous's comment of June 17.... and thanks for the complement!

    Vicki Estrada

  41. Vicki-

    you have balls bigger than any UFC wrestler to go out of the closet with your family and oh so much at stake.

    Its amazing the draw that made you do that.

    Wow. I don't completely understand the cross dressing thing/ switch of identity. But you fully put your heart and soul into it. For driving into what you believe in, I salute you.

    Good luck finding your inner peace. Thats what I believe we are all in quest of.


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