Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beacons in da newz

The Beacons bluff. I really like the dirt switchback nature trail. However, if the bluff suffers a major collapse the community cannot lose access to this important resource.
The obvious solution, build quality stairs at Beacons like at Grandview, D-St and Swamis.

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  1. some stairs would be nice
    then maybe there could be at least a shower.
    isolation would be nice as well.
    i would walk to beacons from stonesteps if i had to... it would be nice and quiet.
    it's not really a "family" beach as it is.

  2. "if the bluff suffers a major collapse"

    Not if but when. You can see a canyon forming toward the north end of the parking lot. At one spot on the sidewalk, you can see light through two of the concrete sections...

  3. Would it be possible to somehow design, get approved, get funded and build a stairway to the far south or far north the parking lot. Then the switchback could be closed and some stress could be removed from the rest of the bluff.
    Sure, a comprehensive long term plan is called for, but it seems inevitable the major collapse will happen long before even any mini-solution could be put in place.
    Is that part of someone's master plan - to have a major bluff failure? At that point for how many months/years is that beach access lost?

  4. Given that the majority of the council rarely takes proactive steps to ensure our safety, most likely an injury or death will need to occur before a simple, inexpensive (compared to a lawsuit) set of stairs is built, after much debate and billing by the city attorney...got to keep him in business.

  5. Are there any predictions about the rate of collapse of the bluff? I am sure that the homes to the North and South have shoring and erosion control to keep the structures in place. If the parking lot starts to disappear and threaten their lots, can they compel the state to stop the erosion?

    I am for stairs and abandoning the parking lot when it gets dangerous if we are going to accept natural erosion. However, if there is going to be erosion control in the end, why not skip the middle and save the parking?

  6. Yup, I avoid beacons. Who needs to tempt fate one more time when grandview and stone steps offer the same reward without landslide dirt-death risk?

    And as Schultz so rightly points out - beacons is not a family place! There are always shady characters, gang bangers and homeless hippies breaking into cars and stealing sunscreen & wax. That just doesn't happen in Carlsbad because hippies are afraid of showers and paved trails.

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  8. i wasn't implying that beacons was full of miscreants...
    watching families try to haul kids and gear down the bluff it becomes clear that this is not a "family" beach.
    i trust my property more at beacons than i would in carlsbad
    homeless hippies? really?

  9. Let it fail. I have stairs. I can't wait to have Beacons less crowded!


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