Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Beacons Money Going to Moonlight

painting by karenvlok

From the mail inbox:

They are using the seawall issue as a reason to pull 2 million from Leucadia and put it towards a concession stand, new bathrooms and a new sheriff substation at moonlight beach.

If you care about your beach, your home value, and quality of life in Leucadia; you had better plan on writing an email to council, calling council or speaking at the council meeting this Wednesday night. Contact info is below. This should get your blood pumping. If you care about the grommets of Leucadia, please Act Now!

The City Staff is proposing to move $2 million in available funding from Improvements at Beacons Beach Access to Moonlight Beach at this Wednesday night’s council meeting.

This is a huge issue for Encinitas, especially Leucadia. Leucadia Mainstreet and SPA should be all over this one. Beacons is 1 of only 3 coastal access points from our mainstreet and all of Leucadia. It is the heart of Leucadia…. Its 33% of our access and by far receives the heaviest use. Why do you think our mainstreet is special? One hint, its not our gorgeous rail road corridor……. As you all know Its the coast and beach access which is why we all live here. The current access from Hwy 101 to Beacons beach is extremely dangerous.

Link to Staff Report:


Just read the staff report. This is insane. It sounds like staff may have presented a seawall was a “must” at beacons and that is why the state is not approving the plan. Many things are needed at Beacons. A seawall may or may not be one of the needed items, but we can all agree that many higher priority items are needed. You could debate the seawall issue for the next 20 years, but we don’t have too… You don’t see a seawall at moonlight beach now do you? Yet our City has spent millions and is proposing to spend Leucadia’s $2 million dollars at Moonlight beach….. One thing for certain is Beacons needs serious pedestrian access improvements, bicycle improvements, and landscaping improvements. Is the state against those improvements and aren’t they in conformance with the Leucadia State Beach General Plan?

$2 million dollars would provide for much needed pedestrian, bike, parking, landscaping and trail improvements. I feel their comment about cost to benefits received is off mark. I believe that comment was made in regards to the extensive cost for the seawall and rebuilding the entire bluff…. If we get a big storm, moonlight will be underwater and will suffer major damage more so than Beacons. Why don’t we push a big berm of sand up in front of Beacons each year, like we do at moonlight?

The beach access from Hwy101 up to Beacons is so dangerous that our family, and many others ,that live less than ¼ of a mile feels we have to drive to the beach to safely transport our children to our local beach. I see many other families doing the same. Even adults drive because they feel the walk is so unsafe.

As I said, the two million dollars could provide much needed access improvements to access Beacons beach. Improve the pedestrian access from Hwy 101 up leucadia boulevard to Beacons beach, improve the pedestrian space, parking and landscaping on the top bluff of beacons and trail improvements to make the trail more functional and stable without proposing a seawall. The access up Leucadia Boulevard is a liability hell hole that is waiting for a disastrous result. Why would they pull much needed money from our Leucadia’s beach with the greatest needs for safe beach access and give it to the City’s most maintained and improved beach access?

The grant was originally approved of the much needed Beacons Access. Don’t let it die do to the never ending debate about the need, costs, and liabilities of seawalls. From the states letter it sounds like staff may not have understood their initial constraints or direction of the grants. Why don’t they propose some improvements at Beacons that the state would approve? What improvements at Beacons beach would the state approve? Have those questions been asked to the state administrators and what’s their answer?

I bet with $2 million dollars of improvements, Beacons will much safer, encourage more pedestrian and bike access to our local beach, and look like a respectable Encinitas Beach similar to any of the other City Beach access points or view overlooks. More pedestrian and bike traffic means less car traffic to beacons, and less pollution to our ocean means a healthier Earth and a better Encinitas.

Lets keep the money at Beacons and ask the state for cooperation and direction on what type of improvements are consistent with the Leucadia General Plan.

I respectfully request Council recommend forming a subcommittee including a few councilmembers, a few parks and recreation commissioners, a few Hw101 Mainstreet Representative, and a few Seacoast Preservation Association members, along with Staff and the State Staff. I know we could provide a functional and feasible project that would meet the beacons state beach general plan and would greatly improve Beacons Access and by doing so would improve the quality of life for all in Encinitas.


  1. City staff have repeatedly shown they cannot be trusted to give the public the full story.

  2. Protect the Groms, ACT NOWJune 08, 2010 7:17 AM

    This IS INSANE. Contact your Council members NOW.

    James Bond
    760 633-2623

    Jerome Stocks
    760 633-2622

    Teresa Barth
    760 633-2620

    Deputy Mayor
    Maggie Houlihan
    760 633-2621

    Dan Dalager
    760 633-2624

  3. Someone should be accountableJune 08, 2010 7:18 AM

    Another complete fuck up from our Parks Department.

    Heads need to ROLE!!!!!

  4. Are people illiterate? Or did you not bother to read the staff report? It makes perfect sense. The money was for a sea wall the state wouldn't approve. Which beach serves more Encinitas residents? The answer is Moonlight. The money isn't Leucadias it belongs to all of Encinitas.

    Get it through your heads, the City is here for all residents not just the few that use Beacons. Start your own fund and raise money from that use Beacons. Then the city can't take it from you.

  5. Act don't whineJune 08, 2010 8:15 AM

    Somebody should be accountable is right BUT read the State's letter to the city....move the (state grant) money to Moonlight Beach by June 30, 2010 or lose it.

    Leucadians tell the council not to abandon Beacon's Beach and set up the sub-committee as suggested in the post.

    Then tell the council to find the money from somewhere else in the budget...new fire stations, Hall Sports Park, employee's salaries....any other suggestions?

  6. WTF
    Park and Rec is standing up, yet again, for inane recomendations. We have parks that the public can not use because they are overrun with dogs, medians lacking mainteence, a planned park with five new Sports Fields planned that the general public can not use for baseball, football, tennis, soccer, volleyball or pick up games and planning for 340 sports field lights on nine story poles.
    And now this.
    Who is running this city and how can we stop this?

  7. anon 809,

    Good point and I read the letter from EARLY OCTOBER 2009. Why does the city wait 'till the last minute and force this down with no options? Too bad this didn't come to public light earlier... but that might have ruined their plans.

  8. The money could go for lots of things but we won't hear about all the alternatives, only this single option. It is not an options when there are no alternatives. Why bother having a city council?

  9. The grant money is for beach access improvements. Not Seawalls. The state was consistant from the beginning, they would not fund seawalls. Why was staff pushing a seawall? There are many other uses for the money at Beacons beside a seawall.

    Someone needs to read the states letter and ask the state administrators some questions. Staff should not be stuck on installing a seawall at Beacons. If they move the money to Moonlight, will staff demand the money be spent on a seawall?

    the money was approved for Beacons, Its in the budget for Beacons, it should be spent at beacons. Let Moonlight find another funding source instead of raping Beacons and Leucadia.

  10. if you think beacons is so dangerous that you move on to the next spot then perfect! I hope more people think that way. lets reverse the mindset that sterilizing everything is a standard of improvement that must be met or else we are all going to complain and fear ever leaving our mcmansions. best beacons ever....cliff collapse (which is a normal sand replenishing event), trail shut down, pumping combo swell, 2 guys out.

  11. More payback because Leucadia didn't go for a Redevelopment Agency.

  12. This certainly was timed to keep the public from having a chance to organize and address the issue. Would be interesting to know when staff was directed to write the report. As I understand it, the Mayor sets the agendas.

  13. Leucadia's money??? Then, I assume the beach belong to the Leucadians.

    I live in this community and all of my friends go to Moonlight. Leucadia needs to consider going back to the county, creating their own city or annexing to Carlsbad. ENOUGH!

    By the way, stay out of our Cardiff Beaches...

  14. Anon 1030

    You are just WEiRD

  15. This is financial rape. The council doesn't know the can of worms they just opened. This is going to be ugly.

  16. When Beacons access closes.June 08, 2010 10:49 AM

    "if you think beacons is so dangerous that you move on to the next spot then perfect! I hope more people think that way. lets reverse the mindset that sterilizing everything is a standard of improvement that must be met or else we are all going to complain and fear ever leaving our mcmansions. best beacons ever....cliff collapse (which is a normal sand replenishing event), trail shut down, pumping combo swell, 2 guys out."

    Yeah... thats great when you have a home on the beach with private stair access near beacons..... for the rest of the 99.999% of Encinitas; this would be the worse day. We would need to park at Stone Steps and Grandview and hike in......

    When there is minor failure beaons will be closed for a minimum of 5 years. A few bluff top owners my score, the rest of Encinitas will suffer.

    SPA and all on Neptune better be concerned, beach access issues are going to get really ugly when beacon access is closed.

  17. WE WILL REMEMBER..June 08, 2010 11:14 AM

    Leucadians pay taxes!! We deserve the same opportunities to have a safe access to the beach as all others beaches in Encinitas.

    We will remember those council members that vote to gut our community!!!

    Vote out all incumbents!!!

  18. Who's in Charge?June 08, 2010 12:04 PM

    Staff is giving the council a no win situation.

    Move the money to Moonlight Beach or lose it.

    Either way Beacons gets nothing.

    Another fine mess Chris Hazeltine has gotten the city into.

    Don't forget he is Phil Cotton's protege...and the boy's lapdog.

  19. Beacon's beach bumJune 08, 2010 1:47 PM

    Looks like a done deal staff didn't design a State approved plan because they failed to follow State guidelines. My question is why didn't they? The City knew sea walls weren't in the State's general plan so why propose them.
    Maybe it' time to lose the parking lot and decrease the angle of slope that way as beach closure isn't an option.

  20. Why not use the money to build a grandview like access stairway? I guess they didn't get thier way on land grabbing...errrrrrrrr redevelopement. avo

  21. The city din't receive the final letter from the state until May 10, 2010. I don't think that anyone is hiding anything.

    I'm glad that the city worked to reassign the funding to Moonlight, so that at least we (Encinitas) got something out of the funding from the state.

    I don't work for the city, and I often find our government puzzling, but this is no conspiracy to give Leucadia short shrift.With the state budget being the disaster that it is, be thankful that the city found a way to hang onto this funding.

  22. BS- The City received the letter about a year ago. The second letter was sent in May warning about losing the funds. Staff inabilty to act, caused the problems. They can't manage themselves or projects. Useless.

  23. dear anonymous cardiff kook -

    i will stay off your beaches.

    which are those again?
    oh yeah, turn right at the fruity statue...

  24. The May letter was the, hey we warned you and you did not act so we are about to take your money away. The city knew last summer that the wall would not comply. They should have known before that if they had done their homework.

  25. I live near Beacons and I think moving the money to Moonlight beach isn't a bad idea at this juncture. As long as they maintain the trail, Beacons is fine for now. Many people like to have a simple beach.
    Moonlight beach has way more visitors and if you need to use the can really bad just head down to surfy surfy their bathroom is nice and you can read a surfers journal while you are in there.

    I don't see the need to head down to city hall with the pitch forks and torches at this juncture. Let me know if that is the plan though, that would be fun.

  26. Cool... surfy surfy has public restrooms. Thanks!!!

  27. Future post. Surfy, surfy looses its closest beach access. Sign reads head north to Grandview.

  28. Free Beacons. Let it go back to the wild. No parking lot. No rest rooms. Just the trail. This beach is a State issue. This is not the first or last time access will be an issue in this community. Global warming is here and everyone west of Neptune is going to lose some beach front in the comming years. If you have lived here for 30 or more years you know how much the high tide has increased. The State of California has left us high and dry again. Do you newbies know that all of our fine beaches belong to the state and we the City have to pay for all the maintenance and lifeguards.They do very little. So just let it go and be thankful you have at least one beach that has it all Moonlight. p.s. If you can't hike in from grandview or steps then you don't deserve to surf with no one out.

  29. Only statement that matters:

    "Are people illiterate"?

    About 99.8%


  30. Sooo clever. You must be one of the .2%. Well.... you must have all the answers. Why don't you run for office?

  31. Do you also know that the only beaches the State cares for is the campground and the piad lots in Cardiff. Soon they will abandon them too and then leave us with the tab to take care of them. So take what you can get and be thankful. Many like to slam the P&R Staff at the City but they have done a pretty good job keeping our beaches clean and safe for all of us, not just Leucadians.

  32. Leucadia provides 60% of the property tax revenue for the city of Encinitas.

  33. If you have lived here for 30 or more years you know how much the high tide has increased.

    Actually, I haven't.

  34. Leucadia provides 60% of property tax revenue. Get real, Olivehain and Cardiff pay the majority of property tax.

  35. Olivenhain and the nice part of Cardiff are great and contibute some serious tax. the difference is the nice part of Leucadia is much bigger than either. The only really ghetto area of Leucadia is only around Hwy 101. The rest of Leucadia is $1,000,000 plus homes....Cardiff ghetto is all east of I5 and Olivenhain low density meaning their not many parcels. Leucadia property tax is the largest in the City, yet they receive the lowest payout in Capital projects.

    The City is starting to address this be providing funding for Hyw101 streetscape. Thank you city council for starting to address the problem.

  36. For a 30 year resident your not very smart. The tides are the same, check the historic tide charts..... the difference is the beach sand level is lower. Check the historic data. This contributes to accelerated bluff erosion and the appearance that the ocean level has risen.

  37. Man with a PlanJune 09, 2010 7:08 AM

    This may be kooky but what about building a tunnel from the roadside park, follow under the road, out to Beacons. Parking can be next to the tracks.

    Time to think outside the box. It would definitly add to the quirky vibe here.

  38. are you also a man with money?

  39. 2 million is a good start for a tunnel and expanded parking at the tracks. I like the idea.

  40. Keep Cardiff GhettoJune 09, 2010 10:12 AM

    WE Cardiff ghetto owners need to stick together.
    Say no to paved alleyways.
    " " " sidewalks.
    Keep Cardiff ghetto!!

    (That is a copyrighted phrase, just like Keep Leucadia funky.) Steal my phrase and I'll sue you!!!!!.

  41. 7:08
    With our luck, Leucadia Roadside Park would be below sea level.

  42. ...Your thinking small. Let's extend the tunnel to El Camino Real so those Carlsbad people can get to our be aces easier. We are building soccer fields for them why not get a great tunnel? Maybe north county transient can put a sprinter train in the tunnel so they don't have to walk.

  43. The real devil in this situation is everyone who has ever supported Surfrider. This is the leading environmental group fighting against seawalls and the reason the state had to take a hard line.

    The sickening part of it is, if any state hiway were in jeopardy, a seawall would go up instantly.

    The notion of 'natural retreat' is just natural stupidity. When our beaches go back to 'Natural', meaning no lifeguard trucks, no low flying 6 ton military aircraft, no over loaded freight trains and no public masses, then such an idea would have merit.

    Educate yourself with knowledge, not policy.

  44. "The beach access from Hwy101 up to Beacons is so dangerous that our family, and many others ,that live less than ¼ of a mile feels we have to drive to the beach to safely transport our children to our local beach. I see many other families doing the same. Even adults drive because they feel the walk is so unsafe."

    I am near speachless when I read inane comments like this. Who are these mutant people, who think and talk like this? Beacons does not need 2 million dollars spent on it! Beacons is absolutely fine the way it is! Why oh why do people insist on trying to fix things that aren't broken? I have walked to Beacons practically every day for 15+ years. From homes on the west side of the tracks and on the east side. It is PERFECTLY safe. So to all you busybodies: please quit trying to screw up a good thing with your pointless and wasteful government projects. Beacons needs nothing, except to be enjoyed and appreciated for the lovely little beach that it is.

  45. They drive to Beacons because they are lazy and want immediate access to everything. What's worse, when they leave the beach they leave behind all their trash in the few cans that we have at the beach, that are stuffed to the gills already. Pack it in, pack it out. We want Beacons to stay the way it's always been. WILD. This is our Trestles, leave it alone. Don't Fuck With BEACONS!


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