Friday, June 11, 2010

City to Discuss MiniDorm Regulation

On next week's agenda is a discussion of mindorms. That's where someone rents out their home to a bazillion families. Conservative San Marco took the issue up recently and decided to impose regulations.

It is a widely used tax avoidance scam to rent out a house to one fellow who writes a rent check for $1500 and then collects another grand from a set of undocumented "sublets", in cash, and the landlord fails to report the cash income to the IRS. Shady or exploitable tenants tend to enter into this scam.


  1. Any possibility this regulation could be used to clean up Little Tijuana at the north end of Hermes? Am I a racist because I dislike that overcrowded enclave of illegals?

  2. More busybody meddling.

    I've got 3-5 adults living in most SFRs around me, and there are more cars on the street than I'd like, but we're in a Depression! What do you expect? I'm not going to beat on my neighbors for taking in tenants or going multi-generational out of economic necessity.

  3. @Rob: Yes, you are.

  4. WC,

    What about if the overcrowding is spilling out and degrading common resources, like parking or sewer capacity?

    I lived next to two places where the occupancy was 4-5 times that of the house I was in. The square footage was the same and we had 2 people per bedroom. It was never quite and the sense of privacy was reduced because the occupants always spilled out into the front yard, street, sidewalk... my yard. It was not realistic for that many people to be cramped up inside their house.

    It reduced the property value of the whole block.

  5. They should move 'em all to the beige colored McMansions that are just a few miles inland. They have plenty of space.

  6. 8:23,

    Fair point. There's always a line.

    I've got good neighbors but would see it differently if I lived next to a clown house.

    As for Rob's north end of Hermes, those are high-density, low-rent apartment buildings, so you kind of know what you're getting in that neighborhood, don't you?

  7. They should just put a big glaring street light up there on the north end of Hermes. High-density dorm-dwellers scatter like cock roaches when you flip the lights on.

  8. Its just natural progressionJune 11, 2010 10:44 PM

    The residents of north hermes are good citizens. I live on Hermes.

    the real fact is because the nature of the area the apartments will eventually convert to higher rent units.

    Leucadia is a gem. By its nature people want to live here and will pay higher rent and costs to live here.

    You can try and keep it a shithole and keep rents down. But the reality is you will have little success.

    Leucadia is awesome. All are welcome. You better just take ownership of your home and community, or you'll be getting my stink eye.

    See you at Grandview.

  9. WC- I like your comments. I am glad your a part of the blog.

  10. Love the photo.

  11. The residents of north hermes are good citizens.

    Good to know, I'll try to adjust my attitude accordingly. I live a few blocks SE of there, and have seen some really shady characters & gangbangers in the area. That doesn't mean they're all bad apples. I'm still conflicted about illegals...I'm uncomfortable with them around...but I'd do the same thing if I were in their situation. I'm really not a bad guy, just don't like sketchiness. Peace.

  12. Oh. I know who your talking about. Her name is Bombshell Mcgee. She is all inked up and looks like a gang chick. But shes simply a whore. Pole dancer and all. If you have money you can own her at least for awhile. That doesn't make her a gangbanger, just another ho.


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