Saturday, June 05, 2010

Encinitas Environment Day Sunday June 6


    The more we learn about the enviornment and what we are doing to it, the better armed we are to act responsibly in protecting it for future generations.
    Big thanks to all the folks in our community that worked to put on this event for our community.
    In a few months we will also have the GREEN EXPO / ROB MACHADO SURF CLASSIC.


  2. The environment on Clark st. off Leucadia blvd was busy with police activity this A.M. at the habitat for humanity house on the corner that is home to several documented gang members(ENC Tortilla Flats), several cars had bricks thrown through their windows along the street.
    The city and Habitat continue to ignore this situation to the detriment of all leucadia residents, although all city council members and city managers have been notified and know that the city is providing one of the last gang households in the area (most of the ENC gang members now live in San Marcos).
    We are trying to get Turko on the story as to how the city can't evict people who have clearly broken the Habitat for Humanity contract they agreed to. The sheriffs have arrested these people selling drugs down at moonlight beach among other crimes and yet they still enjoy their lovely home near the beach bringing crime and vandalism into Encinitas.

  3. Sketchy segue

  4. What does the house have to do with the environment? Can't we just once stay on topic? Besides it is the sheriff's job. not councils.

  5. Actually it is the city councils job, and habitat for humanities job to enforce the contracts agreed to buy families that recieve these houses with our tax dollars. part of the agreement is no gang activity, drug dealing, etc and you get a 600,000 dollar home for the price of a 200,000 dollare home. This house has been actively engaged in criminal and gang activity, and the sheriffs don't have the power to make them move out although they have been very helpful in arresting and reacting to the crimes committed from this household.
    The city and habitat for humanity do need to step up, evict this family, and find a decent low income family to move in to that house in order to help improve our neighborhood not drag it down.
    sorry for the hijack of this thread but we have been butting heads against a brick city hall/wall for years with this and last night was another example of the criminal activity going on sponsored by the city of Encinitas.

    p.s. we do support the Encinitas Environment Day and will attend with our family and friends.

  6. Here is a link (also on the front page of the Leucadia blog) to what happened last night on Clark Ave. I would assume that the 8 gang members who beat and stabbed the resident of the Habitat for Humanity house on Clark Ave are from Eden Gardens. You can read about how they crashed there car after being chased from Leucadia by the police.
    Maybe this will be a serious enough incident for the city to begin eviction proceedings.

    If not I guess a class action lawsuit is the neighborhoods next step.

  7. This post is about environment day, not gangs. Thanks for hijacking it.

  8. Ha Ha,
    I can see the Turko Files story now
    "I think the city should provide gang housing in all areas of Encinitas not just Leucadia, it ain't right!"

  9. Put all the low cost housing on Lone Jack Road.

  10. If you missed the fair at least check out this video.

  11. W.C.-Great video. Thanks for posting it. Makes sense.

  12. the house on clark is definetly not going to help encinitas gang problems and the gang hasnt moved to san marcos


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