Monday, June 07, 2010

Encinitas Interview

Blogger's note: Don't waste your time watching this video. It is just one person's typical, if interesting only because it is raw, take on our town.


  1. who is this and why is she so un-informed?

    "i'm annoyed by the environmentalists"

    shall i start leaving my garbage in your front yard? there's nothing worse than people that want clean air and water, they're always yak yak yak.

    yes, there are poor parts of encinitas... lots of them
    take a trip up arcadia

    encinitas doesn't wish it had the "class" of del mar
    what the F does that even mean?

    sadly there are rapes, robberies, murders in encinitas

    and yeah: F-Carlsbad!

  2. Who did this ridiculous video? Who s this strange woman? Last time I checked, Leucadia was a part of Encinitas. If this is who represents us we are in big trouble.

  3. I got run out of Del Mar for having no class.

    I got busted there for Driving while Poor.

  4. I read the above comments before looking at the video and expected some crazy dolt. She's fairly young, and unsophisticed (as one would expect given her age), but hardly worthy of the attitude above....The "reporter" asked the questions and she responded the best she could.

    How would you have responded??

  5. I wished they would have asks some questions to a super hot looking chick, or one with superior intelligence. At least make it interesting. This is barely worth watching at best.

  6. this is pretty typical of encinitas. They should have interviewed Kristin Gaspar.

  7. Her opinions were excellent except for the killing babies thing.

  8. This is a repost.

  9. no poor parts of encinitas its probly half poor people


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