Saturday, June 26, 2010

Falling tree branch kills baby in NY

NY Times article

It's going to happen in Leucadia eventually and we all know if will probably happen to me because the world is cruel.


  1. Kid Hater Dalager a must great threat to your kidsJune 27, 2010 6:49 AM

    A tree branch, being struck by lighting, or being struck by a great whites or dogs, are all minor threats to your kids future.

    The biggest thing that will negatively impact your kids future is the policies that Dan Dalager put it place to raise his pension and everyother pension in the City by 40%. Because of the pensions, the state has no money for education, and the City has no money for services or projects like parks.

    . Dan must either hate your children or be a total Selfish loser.

    Never vote for an incumbent. Especially the kid hater Dalager.

  2. It is unproductive or persuasive to call Danny a "kid hater" when the only thing he stands for is the sports park for the kiddos. kids probably won't be playing under the lights and it will be the adult leagues using the lights, I know.

    You are turning me off and I know Danny is a terrible decision maker and a liar. Stop with the name calling.

  3. Dalager is harmful to kids futureJune 27, 2010 8:08 AM

    When you steal someones future, I call that hating that person. If you don't call him a hater, describe him for his actions.

    Dalager "steals" your kid's future opportunities and gives all the funds to government employees pensions.

    He "Robs" your kids future and gives your tax money to government employees.

    You can call it whatever you like, the fact remains the same.

    A sports park for the kiddos is not all that Dalager stands for, he stands for 40% increase in pensions.

    The unfunded sports park for the adults has no impact on most kids future. The pension issue that Dalager supported has a huge negative impact.

    Your comment really showed me your ignorance. Focus on the number one issue, not on word "smithing".

    Dalager is harmful to kids future.

  4. cut down the trees, close all the roads, no more towers that can fall, no more contact sports. No more risks of any kind.


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